Dribbling a Basketball By: Fabio Pawlus. What is Dribbling in Basketball? Dribbling in basketball is a controlled bouncing of a basketball. Dribbling.

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Dribbling a Basketball

Dribbling a BasketballBy: Fabio Pawlus

What is Dribbling in Basketball?Dribbling in basketball is a controlled bouncing of a basketball. Dribbling allows the basketball player to move freely up and down the court.

Shoulder RotatorsPectoralis majorSub-scapularisDeltoidLatissimus dorsiTeres majorInfra-spinatusTeres minorShoulder Extensors and FlexorsPectoralis majorSub-scapularisDeltoidLatissimus DorsiTeres MajorInfra-spinatusTeres minorShoulder AbductorsBiceps Brachii Long HeadBiceps Brachii Short HeadTriceps Brachii Long Head

Shoulder AdductorsTriceps Brachii Long headElbow and Wrist FlexorsFlexor carpi radialisPalmaris LongusFlexor Carpi ulnarisFlexor digitorum superficialisFlexor digitorum profundusFlexor pollicis longus

Elbow and Wrist Extensors Triceps Brachii Long HeadTriceps Brachii Lateral HeadTriceps Brachii Medial HeadAnconeusExtensor Carpi UlnarisExtensor Carpi Radialis BrevisExtensor Carpi Radialis LongusExtensor DigitorumExtensor Digiti MinimiExtensor Pollicus LongusAbductor Pollicus LongusForearm SupinatorsSupinatorBiceps Brachii Long HeadBiceps Brachii Short HeadBrachio-radialis

Forearm PronatorsBrachio-radialisPronator teresPronator QuadratusFlexor Carpi RadialisExtensor Carpi Radialis Longus

Wrist Supinators

Abductor Pollicis LongusExtensor Pollicis LongusExtensor Indicis

Extension and Flexion of DigitsFlexor Digitorum SuperficialisFlexor Digitorum ProfundusFlexor Pollicis LongusExtensor Digitorum Extensor IndicisExtensor Digiti MinimiExtensor Pollicus LongusExtensor Pollicus BrevisAbductor Pollicus Longus

Basketball DribblingBody Actions In Basketball DribblingRotation of shoulderExtension and flexion of shoulderAbduction of shoulderAdduction of shoulderExtension and flexion of elbowSupination of ForearmPronation of ForearmExtension and flexion of wristSupination of wristExtension and flexion of digits

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