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  • 1. Conduct your own research. 1. Who was the Cinematographer for Dredd? 2. What other films have they worked on? Read this interview with VFX Supervisor Jon Thum and answer the questions below: http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/motion- graphics/interview-dredd-3d-vfx-supervisor-jon-thum/ 3. Where did production take place? Anthony Dod Mantle was the cinematographer for Dredd. Anthony Dod Mantle has also worked on films like 28 days later, Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours and Rush. The production for Dredd took place in South Africa. This is because filming in a location like this instead of America saves money. If they were to film in America it would have cost a lot more money because this is where people would typically think a film like this would be located. They started basing their Mega City on parts of Johannesburg and Cape Town. The concepts help true to the final shots on film.

2. 4. Who was the writer, Alex Garland, in regular contact with? 5. How did the production team create the effect of people being shot? 6. How was the Slo-Mo effect created? 7. What was the total shot count for the film? How many were VFX shots? The total shot count for the film had close to 300 VFX and had a total shot count of 650 shots. 4000 frames - the slo-mo effect was developed over a period of time and consisted of separating out the colours and objects in the same scene and taking them in different directions with hue and saturation. They then added some sparkles in the highlights and some heightened stereo. The writer, Alex Garland was in regular contact with John Wagner, the Judge Dredd creator. The production team created the effect of people being shot by using VFX. They used this for the blood and gore when people were being shot. For reference, they fired bullets at blood bags and prosthetic skin, and noticed the stringy nature of the blood and the shock wave impact of the bullet reaching the skin. They shot in layers as much as possible so they could control the action and in VFX they added particles in the air to add depth to the stereo.