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Visual news from COP 15


<ul><li><p>Draw the LineA visual update with reflections, comments and explanations. COP 15, 08. Dec 09</p><p>Leaders from around the world have the unique opportunity in Copenhagen to act on calls of tens of millions of hopeful people who asked for a fair cli-mate deal that can help save this planet from a devastating threat.</p></li><li><p>ADDITIONALITY</p><p>OBSERVATION:</p><p>For the poorest countries, climate change comes on top of many other prob-lems - but industrialized nations refuse to pay extra. Promises on development assistance are already be-ing broken, and now these funds may be hollowed even further. </p></li><li><p>WWF is deeply concerned about the attempt of three EU countries, Austria, Sweden and Finland, to present their forest cover as an excuse to reduce emissions less deeply than necesary.</p><p>The great loophole</p><p>COP OPENING</p></li><li><p>w w w . b i g g e r p i c t u r e . d k</p><p>Contact info: Vivan CintronAdministrator</p><p>Mobile: +45 29 90 42 47 Email: v.cintron@wwf.dk</p></li></ul>