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  • Double Dutch

    Cabaret & Kindervoorstelling

    Double Dutch

    Fresh drinking water with Dutch technology

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    Dutch Business Association Vietnam

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  • colofon Double Dutch is a magazine of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam. It appears 3 times a year.

    Editors Janneke Dufourquet Hilde Hoogwaerts Design Margriet Kruse Translation Marleen Sprik Advertisement Deadline next issue: January 15th 2008 Subscription for non members 20 USD per year

    DBAV New members can con- tact Mireille Kodden at

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    Postal address: C/o Consulate General of the Netherlands Saigon Tower 29 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City

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  • Summer holidays are over. HCMC is crowded again and even more crowded than before, because the last months have been very fertile for the DBAV! Derk Schep, parting Chairman of the DBAV, became the proud father of Frederique (born on 25 July) and our Secretary Mireille Kodden gave birth to a handsome little boy named Ayden (born on 28 August). Congratulations to you both! On behalf of the DBAV I wish the proud parents and the newborns all the best.

    Before I will discuss the theme of this Double Dutch issue, I would like to welcome Bertus Postma who will act as secretary of the DBAV while Mireille is on maternity leave, and Marjo Vaessen as the contact person for the NLV. Please join me in welcoming Bertus and Marjo and providing them with your support and cooperation. Not only the role of secretary is in other hands at the moment. Derk will return to The Netherlands at the end of September and therefore resigns as Chairman of the DBAV. Since March this year, Derk has put a lot of effort and energy in the DBAV, initiating and organizing several events and further professionalising the DBAV. On behalf of the Dutch business community in Vietnam, I would like to thank Derk for his enthusiasm and good work and wish him a very good new start in Rotterdam! We are going to miss him.

    In this issue of Double Dutch ‘water’ is the central theme. Without water, there would be no life. More than 1,1 billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water. This is 20% of the world population. The United Nations want to reduce by half the proportion to 10% by 2015. Sustainable access to safe drinking water is part of the 7th Millennium Development Goal. A lot has been improved since 1990, especially in our region (South- Asia). But that does not mean that water is not an topic anymore. Water stays the source of life. Read about our Crown Prins Willem Alexander known as Chair of the United Nations-General’s Advisory Board on Water & Sanitation. This year water will play the leading part during the Holland Days (from 17 October to 23 October). On the 19th of October the official opening ceremony will take place. Not only of the Holland Days, but also of a photo exhibition, which shows photo’s of famous Dutch waterworks and of other typically Dutch aspects. On the 23rd of October a university contest will be held. Top students from selected universities will compete to find the best solution for a presented case study on ‘Water Management’. On pages 8 and 9 you will find the full program of these important days for the Dutch business community in Vietnam. Bram Willems, intern at the Dutch Consulate in HCMC, wrote an article about his academic research on water supply in Vietnam (p. 10). Of all the people in the world the Dutch know that water can be a lot of fun too.

    I would like to thank and compliment the editors and contributors who made this issue of Double Dutch possible. Have fun reading this new Double Dutch issue and hope to see you at one of the upcoming events!

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    Mark van den Assem

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    Chairman & Eurocham representative Mark v.d. Assem

    Website & Board of governers Eurocham Marieke Nieuwaal

    Nederlandse Vereniging Marjo Vaessen

    Vice president & Board of governers Eurocham Tau van Ngo

    Secretary Bertus Postma

    Treasurer & Alumni Peter Kerckhaert

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    4 DOUBLE DUTCH 2007│3

    my company water supply holland co.

    Truong Ngo Fresh drinking water with Dutch tecnnology

    For 15 years I worked in the water supply company WMO, now called Vitens, in the province of Overijssel, The Netherlands. After that, I worked with DHV, a consultancy and engineering company.

    Nowadays I am founder and advisor of Water Supply Holland Co. Ltd. (WSH), a small water supply company south of the small city Can Giuoc in Long An province, situated some 30 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Our purification plant has a capacity of 1500 m³ per day. It is true Dutch technology and was built with assistance of my former colleagues at Vitens. The purified water has drinking-water quality and is drinkable straight from the tap, like in The Netherlands.

    The local government doesn’t have means to provide an adequate infrastructure in this particular service area. For this reason experts have been granted the right to produce drinking-water and supply areas where at present the water is not drinkable. This area is popularly known as an area with “brackish and alum water”. Most people who live in this area are farmers. They are either not connected to water mains or buy their water off vendors, accepting high prices and low water quality.

    It is possible to have a private enterprise delivering drinking

    water to a local company because Vietnam allows bulk deliveries from ‘experts’ to vendors and public water supply companies. At present WSH delivers drinking water to a few hundred households, eight vendors and the local public water supply company. Together with the water supply company, WSH ensures the availability and reliability of drinking water to the customers in the city of Can Giuoc.

    During my 25 years of study and work in The Netherlands I built up many relations. In Vietnam I know the language and the culture. Through several seminars within the drinking water branch, WSH is the local advisor and I act as an expert for two Public Private Partnership projects between Vitens-Evides International bv on the Dutch side and the Danang water supply company and the Saigon Water Corporation of Ho Chi Minh City on the Vietnamese side.

    WSH is the consulting agency and supervises the construction of a 5000 m³ per day surface water purification plant in Coa Lanh in Dong Thap province. This is the so-called Perfector-R, that has been developed by the provincial water supply company Noord- Holland. New in this technique is the optimization of the system, in order to use less valves and minimal chemicals and

    energy, during which the best drinking water quality will be produced. The construction of this installation is done 100% locally. Water Fund Holland has commissioned this construction. The project works on the basis of ‘Revolving Funds’.

    The Stichting Water Opleiding is establishing a training centre for Vietnamese Water Supply and Sewerage Association Southern Branch, with my guidance. This project is financed by Aqua for All. Two pilot trainings were organized in Vung Tau. Twenty- four future trainers of eighteen southern water supply companies have been trained to be a trainer in the centre. Next to above mentioned activities, WSH is active in consultancy and implementation for local water supply companies and industries in the field of ground- and surface water purification.

    Nowadays, I’m still hoping to realize my dream and I’m definitely on my way. However, there are still many steps to be taken. One thing I know for sure, though: with Dutch knowledge and technology we will contribute to a better water supply in Vietnam and more people will have access to drinking water.

    Since the beginning of the nineties, I’ve had this dream to once return to my home country and contribute to improving the water supply. My dream came true in 2003. I gr