Doom Rider

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  • 8/6/2019 Doom Rider


    Doomrider, Prince of Slaanesh 400pts

    The Doomrider is Daemon Prince of Slaanesh who is oen summoned by cults dedicated to that god in mes of

    upriaing, where they wish to breach the defences of their enemies. He bursts forth from the Immaterium riding a

    monstrous, twisted bike , spewing Plasma and Melta re while scything down opponents with a ickering Daemon

    Sword, causing panic and mayhem before disappearing back into the Warp, leaving a burning trail of mangled,

    charred bodies in his wake, his maniacal cackle echoing over the baleeld long aer he leaves.

    UNIT: Doomrider

    TYPE: Monstrous Creature

    Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv

    7 5 6 5(6) 4 6 4 10 3+

    SPECIAL RULES: Fearless, 5+ Invulnerable Save, Eternal


    DAEMONIC GIFTS: Aura of Aquiesence, Soporic Musk,

    Transxing Gaze.


    Doomriders Steed

    The Daemon Sword Blissgiver

    Twin-linked Meltagun

    Plasma Pistol

    Mark of Slaanesh (included in prole)


    Doomriders Steed:

    The Steed is an ancient, twisted motorbike infused withthe energies of chaos. Although he is a Monstrous Crea-

    ture, the Steed allows Doomrider to move like a Jetbike

    (he retains the Move Through Cover rule for being a Mon-

    strous Creature)

    The Daemon Sword Blissgiver:

    See Codex: Chaos Space Marines. In addion, Doomrider

    may choose to exchange all his close combat aacks for

    one Strength D aack

    He comes, He goes:

    Doomrider is deployed a if he were a Lesser Daemon pack.

    In addion, roll a D6 at the end of every turn, modied asfollows:

    Doomrider did not move this turn: +1

    Doomrider took more wounds than he caused: +1

    Doomrider used the Turbo-boost rule: -2

    Doomrider arrived this turn: -4

    On a 6 he is removed from play for the rest of the bale,

    but does not count as being destroyed. If the modied die

    roll is a 1, Doomrider may use the Strategic Redeployment

    asset in the next turn.

    Speed Daemon:When Doomrider uses the Turbo-Boost special rule, he

    gains a 3+ Invulnerable save in addion to the cover save

    granted by the Turbo-Boost rule

    Any Apocalypse Chaos Space Marine army may take Doomrider as long as it contains more models with the Mark

    of Slaanesh (Including Doomrider himself) than any other mark. Owing to his origins as a Chaos Space Marine, he

    may not be taken in Chaos Daemon armies


    This datasheet is designed to be used

    with a converted, monstrous version

    of Doomrider. If you wish to use it

    with the ocial, smaller model make

    the following adjustments:

    The model costs 300pts

    Change Type from Monstrous

    Creature to Bike Infantry

    Reduce Strength, Iniave,

    Wounds and Aacks by 1

    Oh great Lord Slaanesh, send forth your servant,the Daemon Prince Doomrider!

    Let our enemies tremble in raptured awe before hisfearsome visage

    Grant them exquisite death crushed beneath the

    flaming wheels of his chromium steed!

    - Exerpt from the Cancle of