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  • The Formwork Magazine


    Lotte World Tower The height of elegance page 4

    World Trade Center Rebuilding Ground Zero page 6

    Sama Beirut The tallest tower in Lebanon page 14

    Closer to the clients Highrise Center in Singapore page 15

    Super-highReach for new heights with Doka

    Highrise edition

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    Lotte World Tower

    CMA Tower

    Sama Beirut

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    Doka News

    The first automatic climbing project in PolandNeptun, Poland's newest landmarking Highrise project in Gdansk will reach 83 m height when it is ready. Doka is supporting the construction works with Xclimb 60 climbing formwork for maxi-mum safety.

    Landmark project won: Minerva Tower in India Named after the ancient Roman diety of wisdom, the super-highrise Lokhandwa-la Minerwa building is to be constructed with Doka formwork in Mumbai. The prestigious building in 82 storeys will be one of the most luxurious addresses in Mumbai.

    World's tallest A-shaped pylon completedIn September 2012 Vladivostok hosted a summit meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum (APEC). By this time the volume project had been finished accord-ing to scheduling, on time and opened for traffic welcoming the participants of the prestigous ecomomic forum.

    Highrise, a Doka competence for worldwide projects 3

    Lotte World Tower: the height of elegance at 555 m 4

    Rebuilding Ground Zero: World Trade Center in New York 6

    Tour Carpe Diem: rapid construction progress amid tight space constraints 8

    Tough assignment at CMA Tower 10

    Twin Towers Qatar: Double impact on Doka climbing tasks 12

    Sama Beirut: surging toward completion 14

    Closer to the partners: highrise centre in Singapore 15

    Dear Readers;

    The highrise sector is one of the construction industrys fastest growing worldwide markets. On skyscrapers with complex structure geometry, normal applications technol-ogy soon reaches its limits. For work to proceed smoothly on projects like these, wide-ranging know-how, tried-and-tested solutions and com-prehensive services are all absolutely essential. Here, experienced Doka specialists are on hand to support con-struction firms throughout the world with powerful, depend-able formwork solutions. Our experts are also completely familiar with the diverse con-struction methods common-ly used in different markets, and provide the input needed for developing market-spe-cific formwork systems. Over the past decades, Doka has been involved in the building of very many highrise towers all round the globe. The huge experience this has given us is a competitive advantage that cannot be copied.

    This issue of Doka Xpress brings you a round-up of sev-eral of the most interesting highrise projects that we are currently working on. Join us on a trip from Seoul to New York and from Paris to Riyadh, where we and our customers are rising to tough challenges on some exceptional projects.

    We hope youll enjoy reading this highrise edition!

    Yours, Josef KurzmannChairman of Executive Management, Doka Group Impressum: Doka Xpress is a publication of the International Doka Group. Publisher:

    Doka GmbH, Josef Umdasch Platz 1, A 3300 Amstetten, Austria. Editor-in-chief: Jrgen Reimann. Duty editor: Zsolt Kovacs. Editors: Katharina Ebetshuber, Sonali Maheshwary, Diana Sanicki. Layout design: COMO GmbH, Linz, Austria. In some cases the site photos show the situation during formwork assembly and are therefore not always complete from the point of view of safety.

  • 3December 2012

    During this long period, Doka has done more than just amass huge experience: time and again, it has enhanced its capabilities with innovations that ena-ble Doka Climbing Technology to offer cost-effective and safe solutions for the highrise sector of the construction industry. At the Formwork Experts cor-porate headquarters, more than twen-ty experienced specialists provide sup-port for the worlds premier highrise projects. The services we provide are truly comprehensive, starting right from the planning phase and providing full support throughout the whole construc-tion process.

    Our goal is to help our partners suc-ceed, and so we aim at understanding the challenges that they face, and at putting together the most suitable solu-tions, exactly tailored to the individual situation and to the requirements of the project. Throughout the whole build, the Doka Highrise Team keeps in constant touch with the client, ensuring the relia-bility and safety of the planning. Among a number of services, 3D planning, a site supervisor and ongoing consulta-tion between Doka and its partners are the markers of shared success. Doka branches regularly offer mandatory SKE training certification for customers decision-makers and site crew, lead-ing to the award of a certificate allow-ing personnel to operate our systems on site. Maintenance of client-owned and Doka rental-park SKE equipment, with a particular focus on the hydraulic systems, is a key service offered by the Doka Reconditioning Service at many Doka branches.

    'Safe. Fast. Efficient' the motto of Doka Climbing Technology character-ises the partnership from the project-development phase all the way through

    No matter how high your requirements Doka climbing systems take you to new heights. Over a period of more than 50 years, Dokas capability in the highrise sector has devel-oped enormously.

    to project close-out. The construction industry looks to formwork engineer-ing to deliver innovative solutions that are designed to maximise cost efficien-cy and are fully compliant with strin-gent safety standards. The modular climbing-formwork solutions from Doka are the answer to all these super-high requirements. The Doka HQ Highrise Team is strongly backed by the experts of our Business Development Unit, with their huge experience and specialised technical knowledge, when it comes to supporting Dokas key-account part-ners. This unit adds its construction and project-management know-how to the technical know-how of Dokas central Competence Centres and local branch-es to ensure professional support for all super highrise projects throughout the world.

    p The experts at Dokas High-rise Competence Centre and its Business Development Unit sup-port partners all the way through the project, from the planning phase until close-out.

    No matter how high your requirements Doka climbing systems take you to new heights. Dokas new worldwide com-munications campaign aims to convey its highrise capabilities to the customer.

  • 4 Doka Xpress

    On completion, the 555 m Lotte World Tower will be the tallest

    building in East Asia.

  • 5December 2012

    The Doka formwork solution fielded here uses SKE100 and SKE50 plus automat-ic climbers and the Protection screen Xclimb 60, and is ensuring swift, safe construction progress. In a formwork-engineering first, the Formwork Experts are using telescoping protection screens and platforms to deal with the structures continuous taper.

    The Lotte World Tower is a project on a superlative scale. Once this skyscraper is completed, its 123 storeys will house not only shops, offices and small apart-ments (known locally as officetels), but also a 7-star luxury hotel. The top ten storeys, with a viewing platform and caf on the rooftop terrace, will be giv-en over to public use. According to this megabuildings architects Kohn Peder-sen Fox, the visual design of the gently tapered tower, with its uninterrupted cur-vature, was inspired by elements of tra-ditional Korean ceramics, porcelain and calligraphy. The client, the Lotte Group, is incorporating photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, exterior shading devices and rainwater harvesting systems into the building. Elegance of form was one of the prime objectives. The facade will be clad in light-toned silver glass accent-ed by a filigree of white lacquered metal.

    Keeping time with automatic climbersFor the formwork of the immense rein-forced concrete core, which has now (early November 2012) reached a height of 140 m, Doka is again deploying know-how that has seen many such meg-aprojects through to a successful con-clusion: 132 SKE100 automatic climb-ers, combined with Large-area formwork Top 50, are being climbed ahead of the floor-slabs, in casting sections that are 4.5 m high in the typical storeys. Another

    Lotte World Tower: the height of eleganceThrusting skyward in the South Korean capital Seoul is what will soon be the tallest building in East Asia the 555 m Lotte World Tower, which will add a striking new facet to the citys skyline.

    twelve SKE100 automatic climbers are being used to raise the three concrete placing booms in sync with the form-ing cycles. Eighty SKE50 plus automatic climbers carrying Large-area formwork Top 50 are being used to construct eight 318 m tall, solid-cross-section mega-columns on the outside of the structure, to give it extra stability and safety. Work has been progressing very satisfactorily, says Doka Project Manager Klaus Eck-stein: Despite the tight timeframe, we finished all the planning work in good time. The formwork deliveries all went to plan and work on the site is moving ahead well.

    Telescoping protection screenAt present, the work platforms are enclosed with netting and tarpaulins. A 20 m high Protection screen Xclimb 60 will soon be providing a gapless enclo-sure around the top four and a half sto-reys at any one time, probably from the beginning of 2013. All operations can then be carried out sheltered from c