Dog Training Mistakes - The Top 3 Worst Mistakes You Can Make While Training Your Dog

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These are the big three no-no's when it comes to training your dog. Your dog's emotional well being is at stake, so be sure to take these three dog training mistakes to heart.


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    Dog Training Mistakes - The Top 3 Worst Mistakes You Can Make

    While Training Your Dog

    By []John C.

    If you own a dog then you know how difficult your furry friend can be at times. However, with the

    proper training and a whole lot of patience, your dog can start behaving the way you want him to.

    Before you start training your dog, there are several common mistakes that many people make when

    they begin training. I will be going over the top 3 most common mistakes, so pay attention!

    1. Don't make it a habit of always "punishing" your dog when you call him. What I'm talking about is

    doing something to him that he doesn't enjoy. For example, it's not a good idea to call your dog and

    then clip his nails. Don't make it a habit of calling your dog and then tying him up. Make sure you

    occasionally call your dog just to talk to him in a cheerful voice, pet him, and tell him what a good dog he

    is. You don't want him to always associate bad things when you call for him, or he won't want to

    continue coming when you call!

    2. Don't simply ignore your dog's bad behavior because you think he will eventually grow out of it,

    because he won't. Instead, make it a point to teach what is, and what is not, appropriate behavior.

    3. Don't ever hit your dog or cause him physical pain as method of training. This will only make your

    dog aggressive, or at the very least, a submissive wetter. It's always more effective to reward your dog

    for good behavior instead of punishing him. After all, your dog's goal is to please you!

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