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<ul><li><p> Document Management Williston ND </p><p>Imaging Services </p><p>At MIS we offer 10 different imaging services that can all independently or together greatly enhance the efficiency of any company. </p><p>Equipment Products </p><p>We only use the best hardware from leading companies like Kodak, Canon, and Fujitsu, to deliver the best product to all clients. </p><p>Other Services </p><p>By offering so many different management services we are able to benefit all departments of your company, and increase overall organizational productivity. </p><p>Company Background </p><p>Modern Information Systems, Inc. (MIS) started business September 1984 as a microfilm service bureau. We would film records for clients and sold the related microfilm </p></li><li><p>equipment, such as reader printers. Over the intervening years MIS has become a true Records Management Company. </p><p>Our original goal was to be able to help our clients with whatever solution would be best for their specific needs. Therefore, if paper format is the best for the client we help them with filing systems, storage of records, and shredding of paper records. If the goal is to reduce space needs, improve retrieval times, etc. then we work with the client on microfilm or electronic storage of information. </p><p>The manufacturers included in the MIS product line set the standard for quality. MISs ability to match the best product for the application is based upon our extensive knowledge of document management and our unequaled product line. Since MIS represents many manufacturers products, we are able to custom design systems that exactly address the needs of our clients. </p><p>Paper to Digital </p><p>Streamline the way you manage your records by converting your documents to digital images to get more effective storage and access. </p><p>Do you have paper records taking up too much space and are hard to access? Do you have records on microfilm or microfiche in need of easier, faster access? </p><p>Do you have documents for: </p><p> Financial or Accounting Records Medical Records Government Records Human Resource Files Insurance Records ANY Business Records </p><p>Engineering Drawings </p><p>Move your Engineering Drawings Into the Electronic Age! </p><p>Take Advantage of the Latest Technologies! </p><p>For over twelve years, Modern Information Systems has specialized in scanning engineering drawings, maps, paper documents, and film. Our people, processes, and emphasis on quality control set us apart from other scanning services. We adapt our scanning services to your needs whether it be a single drawing or thousands, large or small, whatever your requirements demand. You can move from a crowded environment that consists of thousands of paper drawings, that all have to be accessed manually, to just a few CDs that give you a multitude of benefits. We can give you CDs that contain not only your </p></li><li><p>scanned documents but also the search, view, and print software you can use to access the drawings. </p><p>ApplicationXtender </p><p>EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender: Imaging and Report Management on Windows </p><p>ApplicationXtender provides out-of-the-box capabilities that allows you to quickly create an electronic file cabinet for: </p><p> Information Organization Delivery of images Documents Reports Other business-critical information </p><p>Built on a central repository system, ApplicationXtender provides specific capabilities for high-speed image capture and storage which is designed for quick deployment. With ApplicationXtender, you quickly access information from a universal desktop interface, enabling: </p><p> Greater control over business documents Enhancing the quality of decisions Increasing customer service levels Improving employee productivity </p><p>You can quickly deploy ApplicationXtender without programming or extensive customization, saving a substantial amount of time and money for your organization. Using web-based tools, administrators can centrally configure and manage application resources such as: </p><p> Application templates Repository parameters Storage devices Business rules </p><p>Remote management and monitoring services offer a central view of the application environment, enabling proactive management of application services and related resources. </p><p>For more information please visit </p><p> </p></li></ul>