Document-Based Question: Who Killed Reconstruction?

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Document-Based Question: Who Killed Reconstruction?. Directions: Groups of People Chart. Emancipation Notes/Freedmens Bureau Jigsaw Page 548. Pages 554-555, 558. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Document-Based Question: Who Killed Reconstruction?</p> <p>Document-Based Question:Who Killed Reconstruction?Directions: Groups of People ChartUsing your America: History of Our Nation textbook and class notes, add notes about the following groups who played a key role in the Reconstruction period. Try to come up with 2-3 more points for each group by answering some (or all) of the questions on your worksheet. For freedmen, refer to your Emancipation Notes &amp; Freedmens Bureau Jigsaw. You should have 4-5 for the KKK see page 557 in your textbook! In the Additional Notes box, add information about the end of Reconstruction from your Chapter 16, Section 3 Cornell Notes. </p> <p>Emancipation Notes/Freedmens Bureau JigsawPage 548Page 555Ch. 16 Sect 2 Reading GuidePage 555Ch. 16 Sect 2 Reading GuidePages 554-555, 558Page 557Ch. 16 Sect. 3 Cornell NotesPage 558-559</p>


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