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  • Hidden Treasures Uncover the real value of Office 365 and Dynamics

  • Interestingly named?! (Typical Microsoft)

    Create and Capture

    Intelligent Data Usage

    Faster Business Process Cycles

    Aggregation of Multiple Data Sources

    Integration with Other Services

    Better Process Automation

    Microsoft’s Power Platform

    Analyse. Act. Automate

  • Solution built on SharePoint

    From booking and tracking to approval and installation

    Managed using a series of PowerApp forms, Flow workflows, SharePoint lists and Power BI dashboards

    Audit of over 2,000 properties to

    determine whether the heating and

    domestic water systems and controls

    needed improving or even replacing

  • SharePoint lists were used as the data store

    Ensured the data was secure and met relevant compliance requirements

  • PowerApps allowed mobile workers to

    capture audit information.

    Flow triggered different stages of the

    process dependent on data captured

  • PowerBi dashboards

    show audit stage,

    progress and

    completions, along

    with cost analysis

  • “We are almost at the

    point of achieving the holy

    grail of a ‘paperless office’

    on this project.” George, IT Manager, H. Malone and Sons

  • Replacement of

    paper-based tenant

    on-boarding process

    with prompts, gated

    steps and complete




  • Integrated with the HMS to pull through core tenant and property details

    Guides the Housing Officer through each stage of the process

  • Dynamic Outlook Calendar lookup

  • Automated document generation and integration with

    SharePoint for EDM/ERM, providing a fully

    integrated end to end solution built on Office 365

  • “The expertise of team TSG has been invaluable in translating our

    process design into reality, integrating Office 365 tools with our

    housing management system to transform an unwieldy and

    inconsistent paper-based process into a fully digital solution. We’re

    certainly on track to achieve our target of 50% savings in time for

    onboarding new tenants.”

    Julian, Director of Transformation, Trafford Housing Trust


    Linked with Dynamics NAV to manage job-cards for 150 teams across the UK and capture critical completed documentation

    Massive savings on postage

    Massive savings on labour

    Impact on accuracy and

    regulatory paperwork

    Impact on invoicing and


  • Job-cards created in Dynamics NAV

    and synced with SharePoint

    Standard document types held in

    library and pulled through for each job

  • Teams using PowerApp on tablets

    Linked with email address to sync up relevant job-cards

    Shares and captures key information relating to jobs

  • Information captured triggers Microsoft Flow to load

    documents into relevant libraries based on metadata

    Can be direct through PowerApp or via email

  • Back office teams monitor and verify captured documents

    Further requirements synced via the PowerApp until job is marked complete

  • Energetics spotted by Microsoft telemetry and named as a

    ‘Firestarter’ on the basis of their O365 consumption data

  • “The digital job management solution has delivered

    significant back office savings in time, resources and

    costs. However, what’s been more satisfying is the

    response of our team managers and the impacts

    they’ve reported on their daily operations.” Maureen, Business Systems Associate Director, Energetics

  • Supporting Home Group on their ‘digital first’ journey for some time

    Award winning knowledge management solution guiding customer services

    through repair calls

    Huge impact on training and error rate

  • Flexible and

    agile approach

    to development

    Integration with

    front end, back

    office and legacy


  • Managing sites,

    plots and property

    types through

    various phases

    Live information

    fed through to


  • Managing customers through the sales cycle and

    through to aftercare for defect and case management

  • My Home Account provides a bridge between legacy

    HMS and customer portal for those with a digital account


    Aiming to stop siloed working habits and ensure the right people are working on projects at the right time

    Training Teams Champions

    Dual language support

    Targeting user adoption

  • High-level documentation for Microsoft Teams adoption

    Best-practice guide and templates for CCG’s Microsoft

    Teams sites

  • Detailed definition of how structured data should be stored

    within SharePoint Online

    Simple, easy to maintain ‘Teams

    Champions comms site’

    Training of ‘Teams Champions’ as

    power users

  • 18 month plan to

    drive adoption

  • "From the very beginning of the project, TSG fully

    understood what we wanted to achieve during our

    initial roll out of Office 365. They fully aligned

    themselves with our needs, requirements and

    available resources to partner with us on rolling out

    Teams across CCG.

    They, like us, understand that Teams is currently the

    best launch window and most beneficial app of the

    extended Office 365 application stack. They have

    been a pleasure to work with and I am very pleased

    with our progress together."

    Geraint, Business Systems Manager, CCG


    Unlock the value of

    SharePoint as your fully

    governed, enterprise-grade

    electronic document

    management solution

  • More organisations are adopting Office 365 and want

    to drive maximum value from their investment

    Most Non-Microsoft Business Applications (e.g. SAP,

    Oracle, HMS’s etc) have none, or limited SharePoint


    Organisations now want to automatically store the

    documents produced from their business applications

    (e.g. invoices, bill of materials, tenancy documents, gas

    certificates, etc.) in Office 365, i.e. SharePoint

    The challenge is how do we provide a method of

    integrating such applications to Office 365 in a

    consistent, reliable manner


  • Hosts the Vendor (e.g. SAP,

    Oracle) API elements to

    which the application routes

    documents and metadata

    SharePoint document library

    location definitions

    Administration, document /

    routing history & audit


    WHAT IS? TSG DOC-CONNECT comprises 3 main components all based on core

    Microsoft Technologies

    Custom DOC-CONNECT

    Flow actions to route

    documents submitted to the

    Azure Portal to SharePoint

    Your Office 365 SharePoint

    environment architected

    how you want it, with your

    EDM, ERM, governance,

    classification, configuration,


  • Single integration method for multiple vendors / business applications

    100% Microsoft Technology Platform

    Low risk

    Futureproof as the Microsoft Stack is further developed with

    additional features

    Extend the solution to meet your specific requirements by using the

    inbuilt Microsoft Flow actions.

    Standard Office 365 Compliance Centre features such as classifications,

    policies, etc. combine withOffice 365 SharePoint EDM/ERM features

    Flexible, enterprise wide EDRM solution that will benefit

    from ongoing Microsoft investment in Office 365

  • GDPR and

    Data Security

    Customer documents or data are not retained.

    We remove any data about the documents or the original

    metadata once a document has been processed in Azure

    All user provided credentials are stored in Azure Key Vault and

    removed when the user removes connections

    Customer documents, held for a brief period of time during

    processing, are encrypted at rest in an Azure Blob Storage

    Each customer has their own Azure database to hold information

    about their documents

    Telemetry data is anonymised, removing all references to people

    We don't store or use system wide passwords to access the Azure

    resources within our application

  • ‘External Submissions’

    is the Vendor API to

    which they submit documents

    ‘Housing TENANTS’, ‘PORTAL’, etc. are SharePoint locations into



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