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Do you know what I know?. About Us. Baldwin County Commission Call Center was a consolidation of 3 “courthouse switchboard” operators from around the county. Went live in July 2004 Average well over 25,000 calls per month. Handle calls for over 200 Government Offices, Agencies and Departments. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who has the Knowledge in Baldwin County, Alabama?

Do you know what I know?1Baldwin County Commission Call Center was a consolidation of 3 courthouse switchboard operators from around the county.

Went live in July 2004

Average well over 25,000 calls per monthAbout UsJust give a little background talk about importance of telephony software that lets us see exactly how many calls we get in call center and which queues they came in on. 2Handle calls for over 200 Government Offices, Agencies and DepartmentsNot quite as clear cut as a typical 311 call center (if there is such a thing) or one that starts from scratch. We are a consolidation of courthouse switchboard and then the County Commission wanted us to begin serving as full service call center for Commission departments. However, they did not mandate that all departments use us so we are still very much in transition and evolving all the time. Needed a software that would evolve with us. 3CHALLENGESThese were the challenges we were facing when we began talking about consolidating. 4Establish a knowledge base in order to answer calls consistently, correctly and efficientlyGenerate service requests directly in the call center in order to minimize transfersExpand knowledge base to include a directory for all local government agenciesGOALS5Typical desk before addition of Lagan Knowledgebase post its and papers everywhere. No consistency.

BEFORE CRM IMPLEMENTATIONDid not make this up, this was actual CSRs desk with the sticky note service request and information storage system. 6AFTER LAGAN

After Implementation of Lagan - No more notes, everything kept in knowledge.This is that same call takers desk7SERVICE REQUESTSWe use the Script Flow portion of the CRM application primarily for Service Requests. Although you can certainly use a combination of scripting and knowledge, we felt it was easier to primarily use knowledge if we knew the caller was just calling to get information. Knowledge gives us a wider range of information and doesnt force us to make choices on a decision tree then go back if their question changes. 8

Select Options at beginning of Interaction (Displays County Homepage). My hope is to VPN in to our live system and just demonstrate some of the options but if that fails, screen shot to display scripting on left hand side of screen9INFORMATION REQUESTWe basically have 3 types of knowledge in Lagan.

Lagan (Our CRM system) knowledge this is an out of the box eform created in the workstation can have start and end date, includes links and phone numbers, primarily used for FAQ type questions.

Call Center Created HTML pages we hoped that we would only use Lagan knowledge and links to existing websites but soon discovered that the answer to a question wasnt always contained on one other webpage, it may be a combination of information from multiple agencies. This information was also too complex to be adequately handled through a simple FAQ style form. In order to be able to index, search and have results returned with the key words highlighted, we discovered the best thing to do was create our own html documents and store them on their own Windows Website that only the call center has access to.

Finally we did index in our County website as well as the websites of our surrounding municipalities and State and Federal Agencies that we often get calls for.10

Search Results11

Lagan Knowledge notice links which take you to other knowledge documents or the Revenue website as well as extension in case we still have to transfer them. 12

One of our HTML pages - Directory Search Hope to do a live exampleGive Hours of operation, extensions to transfer to, links to website, mailing and driving directions. 13

Were cheaper than Onstar or TomTom - Address & Directions Notice link to mapquest. Call takers found the mapquest link sometimes difficult to navigate through so we also have added directions from the North/South/East/West along with landmarks to help better guide them 14

Typical Lagan Knowledge. FAQ type Question and Answer Phone number to transfer to if they need to be transferred as well as place for link to website. This piece of Lagan knowledge also included the ability to go straight from knowledge to a service request. 15EFORM ACCESSED THROUGH KNOWLEDGE

Example of the New Service Request created straight from knowledge. 16Activity Report by Community200920101st Qtr. 2011Total Times Knowledge was Accessed242,524219,58655,359Total Cases Created10,0579,2412,606Total Cases Created and/or Knowledge Accessed252,581228,82757,965Total Calls Answered317,632295,26276,223% of Calls that Generated SR or Knowledge Used80%77%76%Do we really use it? We are using our CRM software on over 75% of all calls and remember we get lots of hang-ups or callers asking for the number to Walmart. I hesitated to show this statistic because our percentage of calls that we are using the CRM has declined slightly. I think it can be justified by maybe we just are getting more hang ups or more people asking for odd information that isnt in our knowledgebase and shouldnt be. But it is also a good reminder to us, as managers, that your knowledge base needs to be a living application that is constantly updated. It needs to be something that is very quick and easy to make adjustments to so it doesnt become stale and outdated. If it is outdated, your customer service reps will not take the time to use it.