DNA Replication What is it? How does it happen? Why does it happen?

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  • DNA ReplicationWhat is it?How does it happen?Why does it happen?

  • What are the major functions of DNA?Controls our cellular activitiesDetermines our traits Protein Synthesis

  • DNA Structure ReviewDouble HelixBase Pairs

  • DNA ReplicationDefine Replication:A copy or reproduction

  • How does the structure of DNA allow for replication to occur?

    Each strand of DNA has all the information needed to reconstruct the other halfStrands are called Complementary

  • DNA Replication:

  • The Process1. Special enzymes move along the DNA strands unwinding and unzipping the DNA

  • 2. Other enzymes add new nucleotides to create the two new strands from each original strand of DNA3. The two DNA molecules wind up

    How do these new nucleotides line up?

  • Where do the free floating nucleotides come from?Our digestive and circulatory systems!Nucleic Acids are digested into individual nucleotides and transported to body cells(Vegetables and Dairy)

  • The Final ProductTwo identical DNA strands each has one old strand and one new strandSemi-Conservative

  • Why do we need two sets of genetic information?CELL DIVISION!!!

  • Lets Review Replication!DNA Replication Animation


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