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DLITEDigital Literacy and Innovation for Tomorrows Education

IntroductionDavid Hiddleston Lecturer and Project leader | DLITEdavid.hiddleston@edinburghCollege.ac.uk

Richard Bisset LecturerRichard.Bisset@edinburghcollege.ac.uk

Edinburgh CollegeWith over 26,000 students and 1,200 staff, Edinburgh College combines the existing strengths of the four campuses to serve Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian.The College is developing a broad curriculum based around five key hubs, which will underpin the development and sustainability of the Edinburgh and Lothians key economic sectors, working hand in hand with industry.

DLITE Digital Literacy and Innovation for Tomorrows Education

DLITE Partnership

Aims and ObjectivesTo work collaboratively to develop a digital literacy skills programme.Engage learners, teachers, employers and stakeholders in the UK and India

Three significant challenges.Engage teachers and learning assistants in rethinking their practice.Engage learners to develop digital learning literacies.Engage employers and other stakeholdersDigital Literacy Tools and Resources

Teachers and LearnersTeachers and Learners (UK and India) will visit each other institutes to explore, gain experience, knowledge and understanding of Digital Literacy.

This week We will deliver a four day workshop Digital Literacy for Teachers

Starting point..Establish prior knowledgeComplete worksheet - Individual

Group TaskIn your groups discuss the following:

Q1.What does digital literacy mean for your organisation?Q2.What support is available to support digital literacies inside and outside the classroom?Q3.What support do teaching staff have for developing their digital skills with a view to embedding digital literacies into their teaching and learning practice?Q4.How do you think you learners currently develop their digital capabilities?

Next step.Produce a Presentation based on the given group task:

Slide 1: Title - Digital Literacy for TeachersSlide 2: IntroductionSlide 3: Q1Slide 4: Q2Slide 5: Q3Slide 6: Q4Slide 7: SummarySlide 8: Q & A/ Thank you

12Introduction to PowerpointAreas to be covered:NewNew SlideFont and ParagraphInsert DesignTransitions and AnimationsSlide ShowSave and Print


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