Dirty Bass Bundle BY DERREK - Reveal BSQ It's Fair FX FX Drum Support FX PC Warning FX Pitch Bling FX

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Text of Dirty Bass Bundle BY DERREK - Reveal BSQ It's Fair FX FX Drum Support FX PC Warning FX Pitch Bling...

  • Dirty Bass Bundle BY DERREK

    Get 4 bass-heavy-soundsets for a special price in one bundle!

  • Patch List: Essential Dubstep Vol. 2 Arps ARP Drop Background 1 (Amaj) ARP Drop Background 2 (Cmin)


    BA A Bee BA Acidub 1 BA Acidub 2 BA Announce The Drop BA Bottom BA Browub BA DID (Var) BA DID BA Drop 1 BA Drop 2 BA Dub House BA FM 1 BA FM 2 BA FM 3 BA Holy Scream BA Knock Stab BA Mr Bad Guy BA Oi BA Peasant BA Pitchbend 1 BA Pitchbend 2 BA Ruff Screech BA Screechy Bar End BA Standard BA Take Down BA Ultra Clean Yoy BA YOOOY BA Yoy BA Zomb

    Bass Sequences

    BSQ Bass Tape BSQ FM Loop 1 BSQ FM Loop 2 BSQ It's Fair


    FX Drum Support FX PC Warning FX Pitch Bling FX Vox Shot


    LD Death LD Drop Chord (min) LD Drop Chord (maj) LD Future Like LD Gameboy LD Jumping C64 LD No Identity 1 LD No Identity 2 LD Screaming Baby LD Static LD Synced Phone LD Trancer LD Utilizer LD Wrong Note


    PD First Wave PD Warmness


    PL Dubarp PL Intros Like PL Saw Strikes PL Spikes PL Stars


    SY Advanced Skrillas SY Browubble SY Skank 1 SY Skank 2

  • Patch List: Heavy Trap Vol. 1 Bass

    BA 808 BA 808 2 BA 808 3 BA 808 4 BA Knarzer BA Aggressive House BA Brass! BA Brass! 2 BA Eddy Goes BA Gimme BA Graf BA Knockin' BA MF BA No Friends BA Sharp

    Bass Sequences

    BSQ Rollercoaster BSQ Dont Save


    SEQ Bottle Game SEQ Bottom Heart (G#m) SEQ Wildfell


    PL Atonal Block 1 PL Atonal Block 2 PL Essentials 1 PL Essentials 2 PL Gangster Bell PL Hit Me Up PL Lead Hit PL Mario PL Santas Bell PL Talking Waves PL Welcome PL Wup Break


    FX Bubble Up FX Hats FX Hip-Hop FX Hyper Hyper FX JackU Snare 1 FX JackU Snare 2 FX Jay FX Police Incoming FX Wobble Up


    LD Auh LD Belina LD Bro Drop LD Freak LD Future Bass LD Harmir LD Hey Mate LD High LD Holla In LD Housomatic LD Hyper Hit LD Light Me Up LD Lil Saws LD Passed LD Sing LD Stamp LD Wild LD Worth


    PD Cello Swell


    SY What SY 2011 Trap SY Back To Regga SY Hell

  • Patch List: Essential Dubstep Vol. 1 ARPs ARP Reggae Offbeat ARP Fill The Space 1 ARP Fill The Space 2 ARP Vocal Chop 1 ARP Vocal Chop 2

    Bass BA As Aways BA Dropper BA Knock BA Pop BA Subboom BA Wuper BA Bark BA Damn Cat BA Display BA Dope BA Down Under BA Hopper BA Modern Growl BA Not Again BA Screechless BA Supergrowl BA The Growl 1 BA The Growl 2 BA The Growl 3 BA The Growl 4 BA The Robot BA Wubber

    Bass Sequences BSQ Do It! BSQ Lazers BSQ Wambba

    Drums DR Trap (F#)

    Sequences SEQ My Parents

    Pads PD Wet And Great PD The Pad Plucks PL Foreground PL Power PL A Real Guitar PL Say Cool PL Square Face PL Tiny Spider

    Synths SY The Reggae SY A Pluck SY Skrillas SY At Least One

    FX FX Trickle FX Dublift FX The Lift FX Dangerous FX Counter Bell FX Thaplift

    Leads LD Slave LD AC LD Clean Chords LD Eight Lions LD High Layer LD Mids Layer LD Trap Siren LD Casino LD Focus Me LD Killer LD Screech It LD Scary Teddy LD Scrabble LD Single High

  • Patch List: Complextro & Electro House Vol. 1 ARP

    ARP Gater ARP C64 ARP Talk 2 Me ARP Proud Intro ARP Three Tree


    BA Oiauh BA Lead On Top BA Benny BA Complextro BA Digital Pluck BA Ding Dong BA Groooowl BA Hammer BA Huge Growl BA Creechstep BA Pegboard BA Perfect Sub BA Remake This BA Robots BA Screamy BA Screech Wobble BA Simple 1 BA Simple 2 BA Play It Deep BA Talking Saw BA Wet Drop BA Endboss BAYayayaya BA Fiction BA Little Hole

    Bass Sequences

    BSQ Complex Electro 1 BSQ Complex Electro 2 BSQ Complex Electro 3 BSQ Complex Growl BSQ Creamy


    FX Dying Robot FX Break FX Drop It FX Lift To Mars FX Noise FX Noise Lift FX Pitch Rise FX Lazer Delay


    LD So Nice LD Chords To Go LD Complextro Chords LD Half Scream LD Synced LD Milly LD Whoop LD Midsaw


    KEY Small Piano


    PD Trance ST Synthesized Strings


    SY Dub Hoover 1 SY Dub Hoover 2 SY Scary Monster


    PL A Dead Maus PL Arp Me! PL Glide

  • BSQ Dica Dance BSQ Drone BSQ Pegboard Seq BSQ Scream Me Down

    *This sound set features remakes from artist such as Skrillex, Zomboy, Eh!de, Gutter and more. All melodies used in the demo are copyrighted to the respective owners*

    Please Note: Reveal Sound Spire 1.1.3+ required

    Feedback and requests for upcoming packs: derrek-music@outlook.com