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Digital Transformation …. Better Business through Improved Operations. Return on Investment- 135% *Study done by Deloitte for one of Newgen Customers. Exception- Missing Documents. Digital Transformation. Omni Scan. Phase -1. Physical Document. Secured Storage. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Transformation Better Business through Improved Operations1

Return on Investment- 135%

*Study done by Deloitte for one of Newgen Customers2Exception- Missing Documents


Digital Transformation


Physical DocumentNewgen Enterprise Scanning SolutionPhase -1Phase -2

OmniDoc Server

ApprovalDocument ApprovalOnlineArchivalMonitoring, Tracking & ReportingSecured StorageScanned Documents along with Indexed Data is Uploaded to OmniDocs (Document Management System)Approvals for Scanned Documents along with Exception Handling (Omni Flow) & Monitoring (BAM)ScannedDocumentEmailPhysical DocumentVerifyDocumentDiscrepancy Resolution3Products in Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management and Customer Communication Management.No 1 in India.Global footprint in 50 countries1200 people strong 20 years old organization40 Patents for its own productsNewgen Overview4IndiaUSACanadaUAESingaporeOffices

BPM and ECM MQ recognition 2011 Wave Report for DOCCM (Document Output for Customer Communication)

Decision Matrix for BPM, 2011 Top 3 Value for Money BPM Vendor2013 Global Software Leaders Report

2011 Market Share Report

2011 Market Share Report4Some of Our Prestigious CustomersBanking & Finance


BPO & Shared Services



5Common Thoughts on top of your mind6

Growing Customer Expectations, Customer LoyaltyAcquire & retain Customers, Customer Life time ManagementOptimize Channels, Maximize ROI Tap Hidden Market Potential, Deploy Revenue Generating Services.Boost Retention rates, More Personalized ServicesWhat is most important to you as a business? YOUR CUSTOMERS !You need to maintain quickly available information about your customers, your products and processes.Digital transformation, digitizes the information and helps you move information at a very rapid pace. It maps your existing processes, automates the processes, keeps provisions for managing exceptions. It reduces human intervention as much as practically possible.You need to make sure that you deliver on time to your customers so that they stay with you for the long term. It is always more profitable to work with an existing customer then acquire a new one.You need to acquire new customers through faster processes before your competitors can tap them.You need to deploy revenue generating services more quickly.6Pain Areas Process Management7

Risk of damage or loss, when files are physically moved between locationsUniform Distribution of work Exception HandlingLeakage of Information&Duplication CostsReal Time Monitoring (Current status of data or resources)7Newgen Product Suite8

8Advantage of Digital Transformation9Fill in Forms/Generate DocumentCheck documents for CompletionExecutive at BranchHead OfficeInitiate the ProcessProcessCourier documents to Central Head OfficeManual Document HandlingParallel RoutingRule based RoutingCan view electronic images for referenceImage Assisted Data EntryAutomatic escalationsAutomatic Archival of DocumentsSLA Management Exception ManagementUpdate the Process OnlineAs Is ProcessDigital TransformationSend Physical Files to CentreValidations & Checking the details Approval ProcessExceptions handled at this stageVerification becomes easierDocuments scanned and uploadedVisibility at Head OfficeIndex the documentsImages sent to Central Head OfficeProcess MonitoringNo Physical movement for resolutionsAutomatic Document ArchivalReduction in Turn Around TimeValue Adds9Newgen Phase I Solution Approach10End To End Newgen Solutioning Phase I11Scanning (OmniScan)

Archiving (OmniDocs)

Physical Tracking Of Documents (RMS)Powerful Document Scanning Support &Simplified integration with DMS and Workflow solutionsPhysical Document Tracking with Retention and disposition Policies& Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Centralized Conceptual Document Repository with various operations&Secured User & Rights Management

Newgen Phase II Solution Approach12

End To End Newgen Solutioning - Phase II13

Scanning (OmniScan)Workflow automation (Omni Flow)

Archiving (OmniDocs)Business Activity Monitoring Real Time Reports

To Sum it up14Timely access to information Improved use of informationGreater collaborationAssociated cost benefits Faster turn around times Greater compliance No redundancies Elimination of non value add tasks Improved cost of operations Greater compliance & governance Adoption of right and optimized processes Reduced training time and costs , Quick on-boarding Faster expansions Leaner operations Greater control on operations Effective use of resources Substantial cost benefits Greater focus on value add task Leverage on best cost-quality model Leaner operations Greater focus on business Highly productive organizationDigitizeAutomateStandardizeCentralizeOptimizeCase Studies15Challenges:Reduction in Bill Payment CycleAuditory ComplianceCost ReductionEfficient utilization of capital assets and infrastructureTracking and monitoring of workProcess Automated:Accounts PayableBenefits:Seamless integration of Workflow with SAPResource Optimization with a headcount reduction of 60%Turn around time brought down from over 5 days to under 3 days135% ROI achieved over 3 yearsAdditional benefit in retrieving documents for Auditory Compliance

135% ROI achieved over 3 years16Challenges:Serving multiple entities across the globeDeveloping an integrated framework with multiple ERP systems - MFG Pro, BPCS etc, for three way match, cost codes verificationFulfill country specific localized version needsProcesses Automated:Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Vendor BillsFreight BillsPurchase Order Purchase Requisition Benefits:Centralized processing of transactions in 3 locations for 25 countries Major Cost Reduction of transactionsCountry specific processes automated on single platformComprehensive auditing facilities Implementation in English and Chinese language

Multi Lingual Implementation for SSC across 25 countries17

18Lets make a difference togetherThank You_____________________________________________________________Contact us to know more on Digital Transformation

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