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Digital Photography. …a little understanding goes a long way. By Stuart Hasic. Introduction. Are Film Cameras Dead? Positives and Negatives of Digital Still Cameras The minimum stuff you need in a digital camera The Megapixel Mystery Photo capture memory Optical Zoom vs Digital Zoom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Digital Photographya little understanding goes a long wayBy Stuart Hasic

  • IntroductionAre Film Cameras Dead?Positives and Negatives of Digital Still CamerasThe minimum stuff you need in a digital cameraThe Megapixel MysteryPhoto capture memoryOptical Zoom vs Digital ZoomWhy are you taking these photos?Printing your digital photosEditing your digital photosPermanent storage of digital photo files

  • Are Film Cameras Dead?You can still buy film camerasThe biggest film camera market by far is the disposable type, but even that is decliningKodak is closing its only Australian film, photo paper and chemicals manufacturing plant in Melbourne on 26/11/04 a loss of 600 jobsWorldwide, Kodak is shedding 20% of its staff some 15,000 peopleYou can still buy LP turntables today. Film cameras are heading the same way

  • The Positives and Negatives of Digital Cameras (pun intended)POSITIVESInstant viewing of photoSimple reviewing / deletionNot restricted to 24 or 36 shotsVarious memory capacitiesVarious picture quality settingsSome can take 1,000s of shotsCan also capture short moviesCan apply photo effects - B&WEasy transfer to computerIf you dont print your photos, there is almost zero on-cost

    NEGATIVESMore expensive to purchaseShutter lag bad for action shotsSpeed shot cameras are costlyPersonal printing costs are highCant do long exposure shotsFilm cameras last longerDigital cameras are fragileObsolescence is rapidBattery-life is an issueMemory cards can fail

  • The Minimum Stuff you need with a Digital CameraDont buy any camera that uses disposable batteries or has in-built, non-removable memoryYour camera should have a built-in flash and battery chargerIt should take various memory card capacitiesIt should offer an absolute minimum of 2MPBuy at least one extra rechargeable batteryBuy at least one extra memory card of 128MB+Buy an external USB memory card readerBuy a collapsible tripod

  • The Megapixel Mystery* JPEG Compression at fine quality

  • Photo Capture MemorySeveral different and incompatible types:Compact Flash (CF)Secure Digital (SD)XD Developed by Olympus/MinoltaMemory Stick Developed by SonyType of memory is dependent on cameraNo real difference in speedYou can get clone cards at cheaper pricesYou should have minimum of 128MB cardsMost cameras only come with 16 or 32MB cards

  • Optical Zoom vs Digital ZoomOptical Zoom means the lens physically moves in order to producing zooming effectDigital Zoom means the camera uses a processor to increase the size of pixels and smooth the image to produce the zoomDigital zoom can be applied to any photo using a computer, making it useless on a camera

  • Why are you taking these photos?When taking photos, think first about what you want to use the photos forIf you (ever will) want to print your photos in high quality (rivaling film quality), they should be taken with the camera set to at least 2MP qualityIf you only want to use the photos on a computer (Powerpoint, webpage, Word etc) or on a TV, then anything more than 1MP is wasting spaceREMEMBER: You can decrease an existing photos quality, but not increase itSchools should aim at keeping photos in digital form

  • Printing Digital PhotosYou can print photos yourself, but be aware of the costs associatedInkjets using photo paper produce the best results, but may cost well over $1 per printPaper jams and faulty ink cartridges add to the cost through wastageTake your memory card to Big W or Harvey Norman and get 4x6 prints for 38c eachPhoto printing is a very competitive market and prices will continue to drop but not necessarily in the DIY space

  • Editing your digital photosFree software for editing/manipulating digital photos:Most cameras and scanners come with OEM photo editing softwareGIMP - (Mac OSX & Win)iPhoto (bundled with Mac OSX)IrfanView (Windows)PhotoPlus 5.5 - (W)Commercial software:Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop ElementsMacromedia Fireworks

  • Permanent storage of photo filesMany people save their photos on a hard diskIf the hard disk fails, photos are lost foreverCDs and DVDs are the best media for long-term storage of photosThey can then be catalogued for future useMemoriesOnTV is excellent because as well as making a movie of your photos, the original JPEG files are also stored on the CD or DVD

  • A Great Camera for SchoolsSONY DSC-W15.1 Megapixel32MB Mem StickVideo mode2.5 LCD3x Optical ZoomBuilt-in FlashExposure settingShutter settingLong battery lifeRRP $699 (11/04)

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