Digital Discipleship

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PPT for the Digital Discipleship Workshop sponsored by Pflaum Publishing.

Text of Digital Discipleship

  • With Caroline Cerveny, SSJ, D. Min.

    Your aspiring Digital Storyteller

    a Digital Immigrant . . . in the company of many other

    Digital Immigrants and Natives!

    a story about my digital

    footsteps! 1983!



  • New Technologies, New Relationships

  • Research and Information Fluency


  • Web Search Exercise 20 minutes

    1. Pick a topic Baptism, Jesus, etc.

    2. Choose a search engine.

    3. Locate 1 website using the 5 steps listed on page 9 of your handout.

  • Communication and

    collaborationWhich tools?

  • Web 2.0 Options And there are many!

  • Learn (at least) one in each of the categories listed on your handout pg. 10

  • Tools Exercise 20 minutes

    1. Register for a DELICIOUS Social Bookmarking Website.

    2. Add your researched website to this website.

    3. Network yourself with others.

    4. Pick a category and register and learn more about one tool that you are not familiar with.

  • Creativity and Innovation

    stories tell us something

  • Matt's Story (Digital Storytelling Workshop at Youth UpRising)

  • Digital Storytelling - "Bring The Painted Dragons to Life by Putting

    Pupils in Their Eyes", a Chinese Proverb.

  • a developing Digital Storyteller

    my first digital video after some practice

  • Digital StorytellingCreative Commons

  • Web 2.0 Digital StorytellingSee Page 11 !

    Choose any of the Web 2.0 tools Animoto, Scrapblog, etc. and create a story.

  • Critical Thinking,Problem SOLVING,

    andDecision Making

    2008 CJC

  • Springboard to BEST Practices

    2008 CJC


  • SpringBoardProjects


    Web 2.0 in

    Education, pg. 13

  • Page 14

  • iMovie Storyboard - Handout

    Available at

  • Tips for Making Your Movie - Handout

    Available at

  • Photo and Music Options


    Creative Commons

  • iStockPhoto

    Stock Xchng

    Stock Vault



  • DigiTales Image Resources

    More Image Resources

  • Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.

    It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.

    Download Audacity

    Download the LAME MP3 encoder to export as an MP3

    Audacity Tutorials and Installation Instructions

    Record and Remix Audio


    Compose Original Music


    Terms of Service If you are using Freeplay Music for: Personal Non-Commercial Use (Non-revenue generating). This

    excludes broadcast use of any kind, including, without limitation, web, blog, and podcast use; or

    Educational, Non-Commercial use (this is limited to student use on school grounds for in classroom projects- non broadcast)

    Then Freeplay Music's compositions and recordings may be used without a fee.

  • Free Music Project


    PodSafe Music Network

    Podsafe Audio


    Music Resources

  • DigiTales Music and Sound Resources

    More Sound Resources

  • Software and Internet Applications

  • Rubrics for Digital Stories

  • iMovie

    Windows Movie Maker

    Microsoft PhotoStory


  • If you dont want students to use their own e-mail addresses to register for the following Internet applications, try using the Gmail trick.

    G-Mail Trick

    Gmail Trick for Student Registration

  • Web 2.0 storytelling applications:

    Image Editors

    Video Editors

    Media Mashup and Creation Tools

    Media Publishing

    Storytelling 2.0

  • Picnik




    Image Editing


    Avatar Options

  • Jaycut

    Movie Masher

    Video Editing

  • Animoto







    Image/Video Mashups

  • xTimeline



    For more interactive media timelines visit:

    Media Timelines

  • MakeBeliefsComix





    Comic Strip Generators

  • Moonk




    Publishing Stories


  • Digital Catechesis -

  • Send E-mail to:

    Send to

    Subject Digital Catechesis Network

  • Questions

  • Is brought to you through the

    gracious sponsorship of Pflaum

    Publishing Group The Place Where Faith Grows

  • To Tell Your Story What is the gift?Credits

    By: Katie M. Christo

    Links By: Jennifer Carrier Doorman

  • Thank you for attending

    Digital Discipleship

    For Additional Resources

    Katie Christos Wiki -


    Creative Commons from Flickr

    Caroline Cerveny 2007-2008

    Caroline Cerveny, SSJ, D. Min.