Digital | Curation | Centre Supporting Digital Curation to safeguard research data: adding value today and ensuring long-term access Dr Liz Lyon, DCC Associate.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Digital | Curation | Centre Supporting Digital Curation to safeguard research data: adding value today and ensuring long-term access Dr Liz Lyon, DCC Associate Director Outreach Director, UKOLN, University of Bath, UK Funded by: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 JISC Conference March 2006 Slide 2 Digital | Curation | Centre 2 Overview Digital curation and the e-Research cycle UK Digital Curation Centre Development activity Research agenda Advisory services Outreach programme Chemistry exemplar projects maintaining and adding value to a trusted body of digital information for current and future use Slide 3 Digital | Curation | Centre 3 UK Digital Curation Centre Development activities Research agenda Delivering services Outreach Programme Slide 4 Digital | Curation | Centre 4 DCC people (some of them) Management &amp; Co-ordination Director Chris Rusbridge (University of Edinburgh) Community Support &amp; Outreach Led by Dr Liz Lyon (UKOLN, University of Bath) Service Definition &amp; Delivery Led by Professor Seamus Ross (HATII, University of Glasgow) Development Led by Dr David Giaretta (Astronomical Software &amp; Services, CCLRC) Research Led by Professor Peter Buneman (University of Edinburgh) Slide 5 Digital | Curation | Centre 5 (Very simple) e-Research Cycle and Data Curation Formulate hypothesis / ideas, test, experiment, observe: data creation, collection &amp; capture Adding value: Data linking, annotation, visualisation, simulation (New) knowledge extraction: data mining, modelling, analysis, synthesis e-Infrastructure Open access Collaboration Scholarly communications: data disclosure, publication, citation, discovery, re-use Data management storage &amp; validation: description, deposit, self-archiving, preservation, certification Data processing This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Slide 6 Digital | Curation | Centre 6 Data capture &amp; integration into research workflows R4L Repository for the Laboratory Project (JISC-funded) automated data capture from instrumentation, deposit of results (chemistry) SMART TEA electronic Laboratory notebook + annotations Slide 7 Digital | Curation | Centre 7 Disciplinary data-centres Slide 8 Digital | Curation | Centre 8 eBank UK Project Two key themes: Open access to datasets Linking research data to publications and to learning UKOLN, University of Southampton, University of Manchester e-Science application Combechem : Grid-enabled combinatorial chemistry + National Crystallography Service Resource Discovery Network / PSIgate physical sciences portal Slide 9 Digital | Curation | Centre 9 A data repository entry Slide 10 Digital | Curation | Centre 10 Access to the underlying data: complex objects Slide 11 Digital | Curation | Centre 11 Data descriptions Validation, publication &amp; discovery of data models &amp; schema Metadata packaging standards METS MPEG 21 DIDL Semantic descriptions Formal controlled vocabularies High-level and domain ontologies Inter-disciplinary discovery Informal approaches Web 2.0 folksonomies Slide 12 Digital | Curation | Centre 12 Audit &amp; certification: trusted digital repositories DCC Development &amp; Services teams Draft Audit Checklist for Certification August 2005 Research Libraries Group RLG-NARA Pilot audits planned Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) JISC Digital Repository projects? Institutional repositories? Revised Checklist based on feedback and pilot audit outcomes Slide 13 Digital | Curation | Centre 13 Development: Representation Information Registry DCC Approach to Digital Curation based on the Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS); ISO standard, 14721: Development of a Representation Information (RI) registry/repository (DCC-RR) Prototype demonstrator: based on 2 key concepts to facilitate sharing of the curation effort Curation persistent ID Descriptive label (structural, semantic, other metadata) Development of tools and interfaces for creating, using and re-using representation information for details of Wiki and email list Slide 14 Digital | Curation | Centre 14 Persistent identifiers for data citation Warwick Workshop research issue Schemes: DOI, Handle, ARK, PURL Global identification: express as http URIs eBank data citation policy (human and machine-actionable) Domain identifiers: e.g. International Chemical Identifier (INChI) codes Slide 15 Digital | Curation | Centre 15 Discovering data: Coles, S.J., Day, N.E., Murray-Rust, P., Rzepa, H.S., Zhang, Y., Org. Biomol. Chem., 2005, (10),1832-1834. DOI: 10.1039/b502828k Domain identifier: International Chemical Identifier (INChI) code Google molecule using INChI Slide from Simon Coles Slide 16 Digital | Curation | Centre 16 Adding value: eBank linking data to publications Slide 17 Digital | Curation | Centre 17 Linking research to learning - embedding eBank aggregator service in a science portal for student learners Slide 18 Digital | Curation | Centre 18 Adding value through annotation DCC Research at the University of Edinburgh Scientific databases: Annotation scoping report AstroDAS: distributed annotation servers in astronomy New annotation model + prototype MONDRIAN: top- ranked demonstration at recent DB conference Slide 19 Digital | Curation | Centre 19 Supporting the community: Services legal - technical guidance Curation Manual 45 chapters planned, Briefing Papers Case studies Slide 20 Digital | Curation | Centre 20 DCC Case Study published: Wide Field Astronomy Unit Slide 21 Digital | Curation | Centre 21 Supporting the community: Outreach &amp; Services Workshops: LOCKSS 6 April Warwick Archiving e-Mail 24 April, Newcastle Associates Network 17 May, NeSC, Edinburgh Digital Curation Policies, June, Oxford tbc Data dictionary for Preservation Metadata (PREMIS), July tbc Information Days 2006 Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester 2 nd International Conference 21-22 November Glasgow Keynotes: Hans F. Hoffmann, CERN, Clifford Lynch, CNI Call for papers deadline 3 rd April Slide 22 Digital | Curation | Centre 22 Associates Network Goals: Develop understanding, share best practice, advance research, promote recognition, develop consensus 376 Members and growing. Benefits: Early access to R&amp;D outputs, advisory services, training, input to definition and design, community participation Discussion Forum Topics: formats at risk, Creative Commons, digital archives and digital libraries Meeting 17 May @ NeSC, Edinburgh Please join us! Slide 23 Digital | Curation | Centre Thank you. Questions? Join the DCC Associates Network at </p>


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