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Digiconta Kobra Guide To Choose Your Kobra Shredders Pt

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Guia orientador na escolha da solução adequada à destruição de documentos

Text of Digiconta Kobra Guide To Choose Your Kobra Shredders Pt

  • 1. Specifications in this publicationare subject to change without noticeAll items are built withthe highest quality materialsaccording to ISO 9000 standardsAll shredders are builtaccording to CE standardsand carry the most internationalrecognized safety marks Guide to choose your shredderVia Gorizia, 920030 Bovisio Masciago (MI), ItalyTel +39 0362 593584Fax +39 0362 MADE IN ITALY
  • 2. WHY CHOOSING A SHREDDER WHY CHOOSING A SHREDDER Protects sensitive information SUPER POTENTIAL POWER SYSTEM against identity theft. Special carbon hardened steel gears and metal chain drive systems Reduces the useless ensure operatonal reliability and reresistance to stress and mis-use document high volume CONTINUOUS DUTY MOTORS 24 hour continuous duty motor for long shredding operationsYour information is vulnerable. Protecting sensitive information is your best defence againstidentity theft. Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information andposes as you in order to make financial transactions or carry out illegal activities in yourname. The thief could ruin your credit, damage your reputation, commit fraud or othercrimes in your name. Its crucial to take every precaution to safeguard all the important "ENERGY SMART" SYSTEM: ZERO CONSUMPTIONinformation at hand, from names and phone numbers to social security numbers, credit cardnumbers, bank account information, credit reports, financial records, addresses, employees IN STAND-BY MODEand customers identities. Companies are held responsible for protecting information. Save Energy, protect the Environment Saves up to Euro 20,00* of electrical energy a yearThe best way to dispose of documents that contain your personal information is to shred them. Reduces by 65 kgs the carbon dioxide (CO2) thatShredding sensitive information before throwing it out is the key to preventing it from would have been introduced into the atmosphere a yearfalling into the wrong hands. Shredders maximize your security ensuring that the data * Electrical costs vary in each countrycannot be reassembled. Thieves cant steal what they cant read! This guide helps you to choose AUTOMATIC REVERSE SYSTEM 100% jam proofthe most suitable shredder meeting your shredding requirements First choice is the type of cut most suitable to the shredding needs: SEPARATION OF SHREDDED PAPER Straight Cut FROM PLASTIC SHREDS A special removable double waste bin, with no need of plastic bags, Higher number of sheets shredded in one pass allows the separation of shredded paper from plastic shreds Higher speed of CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks and credit-cards No lubrication of cutting knives Shredded paper can be re-cycled as packaging material The narrower is the width of the stripe, the higher is the Security Level Cross Cut or Confetti Cut Higher security Level of shredded paper Higher bulk reduction of shredded paper increases capacity of waste containers The smaller is the shreds size, the higher is the Security Level and the bulk reduction of the shredded material. MADE IN ITALY
  • 3. STRAIGHT-CUT SHREDDERS CROSS-CUT SHREDDERS SMALL OFFICES PERSONAL USE Kobra S-30 Kobra S-50 Kobra S-100 Kobra+1 Kobra +1 Kobra+3 2 distinct integrated removable bins for separating shredded paper and plastic. Does not require plastic bags Kobra +2 2 distinct integrated removable bins for separating shredded paper and plastic. Does not require plastic bagsSTRAIGHT-CUT CROSS-CUT Kobra S-30 Kobra S-50 Kobra S-100 Kobra+1 SS4 Kobra+1 SS7 Kobra+2 S4 Kobra+2 S7 Kobra+2 SS4 Kobra+2 SS7 Kobra+1 CC4 Kobra+3 C4 Kobra+3 CC4Throat width mm 220 220 220 230 230 230 230 230 230 Throat width mm 230 230 230Shred size Paper 3,9 mm 3,9 mm 3,5 mm 3,8 mm 7,5 mm 3,8 mm 7,5 mm 3,8 mm 7,5 mm Shred size Paper 3,5 x 40 mm 3,5 x 40 mm 3,5 x 40 mm CD -ROM/DVD/cc 22,5 mm 22,5 mm 22,5 mm 22,5 mm CD -ROM/DVD/cc 22,5 mm 22,5 mmSheet capacity (A4 70gr. m2) 4/6 4/6 10/12 17/19 24/26 17/19 24/26 17/19 24/26 Sheet capacity (A4 70gr. m2) 12/14 12/14 12/14

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