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DIE AND MOULD DIE AND MOULD DIE AND MOULD · PDF fileDIE AND MOULD DIE AND MOULD DIE AND MOULD ... high performance injection moulds for: ... Make AG Schützenstrasse 19

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    Punching and bending tools

    Process supporting systems



    Surface technology


    Advaltech Foboha (Switzerland) AG Pilatusring 2 CH-5630 Muri

    Design and manufacturing ofhigh performance injection moulds for: Medical applications Special closures Optical applications Thinwall applications

    AGATHON AG MaschinenfabrikGurzelenstrasse 1CH-4512

    Leading manufacturer for standard parts: Guide elements Centering systems Die setsFrom stock or according to draw-ings/customer specifications

    Blsch AGMoosstrasse 68, CH-2540 Grenchen

    Surface treatment center

    Bohrbchsen AG Schulgssli 34 CH-3627 Heimberg

    Manufacture customized products and standard parts

    Brm Gebr. AG Lerzenstrasse 4 CH-8953 Dietikon

    Developmentpartner for tools, dies and ultra-precise components

    Bchler, Reinli & Spitzli AGWilerstrasse 98 CH-9230 Flawil

    Innovative high performance injection and die casting moulds in Swiss precision. Service & revisions. Special precision components

    Eifeler Swiss AGIndustriestrasse 2CH-4657 Dulliken

    Wear resistant PVD coatings for forming, punching and glancing tools as well as for plastic moulds, cutting tools, surgical instruments and wear parts.

    Erowa AG Knutwilerstrasse 3CH-6233 Bron

    Workpiece holding, measuring machines, robots and software for process control. More than you expect.

    Etampa AG Solothurnstrasse 172CH-2540

    Leading international company in the stamping and fine blanking sector.

    Feinstanz AGGrnfeldstrasse 25CH 8645 Rapperswil-Jona

    Innovation and precisioncompetence in fineblanking- forming technology

    Feintool Technologie AG LyssIndustriering 3 CH-3250 Lyss

    Technology leader in fineblanking and forming

    Fostag Formenbau AGKaltenbacherstr 28 CH-8260 Stein am Rhein

    Design and manufacturing of high performance injection moulds for medical, thin wall packaging and closure applicationsv

    Fribosa AGFreiburgstrasse 71 CH-3280 Murten

    Tooling, precision parts

    Gressel AGSchtzenstrasse 25 CH-8355 Aadorf

    Innovative Swiss market leader in high-quality clamping devices

    Hydrel GmbH Hofstrasse 40 CH-8590 Romanshorn

    Manufacturing of demanding fine-blanking parts and assemblies

    IEPCO AG Hofstrasse 21CH-8181 Hri

    Manufacturer of microblasting sys-tems and filter systems for the pro-duction of defined surface geome-tries

    Jehle Werkzeug- und Formenbau AG Bntenstrasse 180 CH-5275 Etzgen

    Sheet metal forming in high-end quality

    KATZ Schachenallee 29 CH-5000 Aarau

    Training and technology center for plastics and moulds

    Landtwing Werkzeugbau AG Gutschweg 19 CH-6300 Zug

    Manufacture of interlocking dies

    Make AG Schtzenstrasse 19 CH-3627 Heimberg

    Manufacturer of high-precision bushings, drill jig bushings, guide bushings, nozzles, pins and bolts as well as high-precision special components

    Meylan Frres SA Rte du Planoz 31 CP 110 CH-1348 Le Brassus

    Blanking, bending and stamping of micro-mechanical components (material thickness 0.02 1.5 mm)

    Mikron Agie Charmilles AG TU System 3R Wilerstrasse 98CH- 9230

    Tooling, automation and software for modern production.

    mould2part GmbH Bleichi 27CH-9043 Trogen AR

    Specialised in rapid tooling for high-level prototypes pre- and small series in plastic and silicon

    Oerlikon Balzers AGIramali 18FL-9496 Balzers

    Coating service for tools and components

    Oskar Regg AG Buechstrasse 18CH-8645 Jon

    Production of metal molding parts and assemblies

    Otto Hofstetter AGZrcherstrasse 73 CH-8730 Uznach www.otto-

    Injection moulds for the production of high-grade plastic packaging articles

    Pfister Werkzeugbau AG Isenrietstrasse 1 CH-8617 Mnchaltorf

    Qualified supplier for injection moulds and plastic components with outstanding technologies and experienced staff

    ProFin Progressive Finish AG Staldenhof 7CH-6014 Luzern-Littau

    Offering by the FLAKKOTING process a very precise solution for the machining of edges, contours and surfaces.

    Schttli AG Industrie Grossholz CH-8253 Diessenhofen

    High Performance Injection Molds and Systems for medical applications. Engineering, Prototyping, Moldmaking and Global Services from one partner

    Sulzer Mixpac Systems

    Sulzer Mixpac AG Rtistrasse 7 CH-9469 Haag SG

    Technology leader for dispensing, mixing and agitating of one and multi-component-materials for in-dustry and healthcare applications. Manufacturing of moulding tools.

    Tanner Formenbau AG Haldenweg 2CH-8245 Feuerthalen

    High-Performance Injection Molds for Medical, Diagnostic and Laboratory Applications

    Veralit AG Wagistrasse 7 CH-8952 Schlieren

    Veralit is committed to highly developed systems of tribologically functional layers and to repair worn parts of machines of those ones with faulty machining

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  • Swiss manufacturers of the plastics machinery and die and mould industry number among the leading manufacturers of complex customized solutions and are found in industries such as medical, food, packaging, automotive and other highly sophisticated applications. What makes these companies leaders in their sectors? They deliver systematic customer focused, very innovative solutions, using the latest state of the art technology, not to mention the traditional Swiss precision and quality. The companies are extremely export-focused and present in all major markets.



    Bernex Bimetall AG Industriestrasse 211CH-4600 Olten

    Leading company for plastification units for barrels and screws in the plastic industry

    bfa solutions ag Industriestrasse 1CH-8117

    MES provider. Solutions for the optimization and data collection in injection molding plants

    Burckhardt Compression AG Im Link 5 | Postfach 65 CH-8404 Winterthur

    Reciprocating compressors for polyolefin production

    Buss AG Hohenrainstrasse 10 CH-4133 Pratteln

    Global leader in Kneaders for demanding compounding solutions

    Burckhardt of Switzerland Pfarrgasse 11CH-4019 Basel

    Global leading partner for hot&cold perforation and fibrilla-tion perforating tools & machines perforating service & pilot runs fibrillating of PP-tapes

    ef coolingErnst H. Furrer AG Httenwiesenstrasse 8 CH-8108 Dllikon

    ef cooling provides the optimum cooling system for each plastic production plant, worldwide

    HB-THERM AG Spinnereistrasse 10 (WU 3)CH-9006 St. Gallen

    Temperature control units for water and oil variothermal control flow meters units for cleaning and water treatment

    HYDAC Engineering AG Allmendstrasse 11 CH-6312 Steinhausen

    Hydraulic power units and subsystems at the latest state of the art

    KATZ Schachenallee 29 CH-5000 Aarau

    Training and technology center for plastics and moulds

    Maag Pump Systems AG Aspstrasse 12CH-8154 Oberglatt

    Worldwide leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing systems, filtration systems and pulverizers for demanding applications in the plastics, chemical, petrochemical, and food industries

    Maillefer S.A. Avenue du Tir-Fdral 44CH-1024 Ecublens

    Manufacturing solutions for wire & cable and pipe industries

    murex technik ag Frauenfelderstrasse 37CH-9545 Wngi

    We are manufacturer of screws, barrels and grooved feed bushes

    Netstal Maschinen AG TschachenstrasseCH-8752 Nfels

    High performance and high precision injection moulding machines

    Priamus System Techn. AG Rheinweg 4CH-8200 Schaffhausen

    Entire process monitoring, real-time and online control sys-tems for the quality assurance in injection molding

    Promix Solutions AG Technoparkstrasse 2 CH-8406 Winterthur www.promix-

    Static mixer solutions Mixing Nozzles Melt Blenders Foam Ex-trusion Systems Melt coolers The experts for cost savings and quality improvement in plastic processing

    Regloplas AG Flurhofstrasse 158CH-9006 St.Gallen

    Temperature control units for water up to 230 C and thermal oil up to 350 C

    Rsler Schweiz AG Staffelbachstrasse 189CH-5054 Kirchleerau

    Specialist for surface treatment and deflashing

    Stubli AG Seestrasse 238CH-8810 Horgen

    Industrial robots Quick connectors

    Maschine components

    Temperatur control systems

    Machines and equipment

    Process control


    Swissmem Pfingstweidstrasse 102 CH-8037 Zrich Phone +41 44 384 41 11 [email protected]

    For more information:

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