Developing your School's WOM Marketing Plan, TAIS 2012

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Workshop presented at the TAIS Biennial Conference in Memphis on how to develop your school's word of mouth marketing strategy.


  • 1. Rick Newberry, 2012 Enrollment Catalyst

2. During this session we will discuss howyou can develop your word of mouthmarketing strategy for enrollment successat your school. 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 3. FamilyBlogCoaching 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 4. 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 5. Enrollment Catalyst partners with schools toprovide coaching for school leaders in their schools enrollment management and marketingsystems and strategies needed to reach their goals. 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 6. Word of Mouth is the numberone reason how prospectivefamilies discover your school. 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 7. Do you remember the old Faberge OrganicShampoo TV commercial? Complete with 80s hair, a young modelappears on the screen and begins by saying:I told two friends about Faberge OrganicShampoo with pure wheat germ oil andhoney. She concludes by saying: You will tell twofriends, and theyll tell two friends, and so onand so on and so on. 8. We rely upon word of mouth in our ownbuying decisions. 9. Think about the top twoways that parents find outabout your school 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 10. 1. Word-of-Mouth Consistently ranks as the number one way that families hear about your school.2. Web The first place a parent looks when they hear about your school through a word- of-mouth referral is your schools website (as well as other info on the web). 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 11. Word-of-mouth is the numberone marketing strategy for enrollment success. 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 12. Trust is Key to WOM If your customers wont talk about your stuff,you have to pay newspapers and TV shows to do it for you.But when people trust you, they are willing to put their words on the line for you.Please them, inspire them, and theyll bring their friends to you. Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 13. It comes down to trust. And people dont trustyour company; people trust people.People they know. People whose opinions and recommendations they seek out and have faith in. Phillips, Cordell, & Church: Brains on Fire 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 14. We will apply the 5 Ts of WOMto your schools marketingstrategy to ensure enrollmentsuccess. 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 15. Parking LotFace to Phone FaceParentChurch/ Talk Starbucks ClubEmailWeb 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 16. Blogs SocialFacebook Media SitesWebTalkGreat Google SchoolsOnline Reviews 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 17. What is Word-of-Mouth Marketing?So what is word of mouth marketing? In thisbook, I define it as Giving people a reason totalk about your stuff, and making it easier for that conversation to take place. Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 18. 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 19. It builds credibility from satisfied customers. It produces better results than traditionaladvertising. It makes your brand stronger and moretrusted. It can reach your target audience throughyour parents much better than you can. Its your number one marketing strategy foryour school! 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 20. Todays marketing is about remarkablecontent and joining in the conversation. Your marketing focus must be on telling theremarkable story of your school. Your marketing strategy should facilitate andbuild word-of-mouth in person and online. Your goal is to inspire a movement ofpassionate ambassadors for your school. 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 21. Are you giving your parents areason to talk about yourschool? 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 22. Word of mouth marketing only works if youhave good products and services. It onlyworks if people like you and trust you. Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 23. Are you giving your parents any stuff that they can talkabout? 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 24. Word of mouth is natural conversation between real people. Word of mouth marketing isworking within this conversation so peopleare talking about you. Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 25. How can you make it easier for the conversation to take place? 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 26. Word of mouth marketing isnt about marketingat all. Its about great customer service thatmakes people want to tell their friends aboutyou. It about fantastic products that peoplecant resist showing to everyone. Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 27. Is word of mouth marketingpart of your strategy? 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 28. Unsurprisingly, I found that 63.4 percent felt that over half their business came by way of referrals. But of that same group, 79.9 percentreadily admitted that they had no system of any kind to generate referrals. This is somewhatpuzzling. How can a business owner know that word of mouth is so powerful and then do solittle to take advantage of it? John Jantsch, The Referral Engine 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 29. We need a framework for ourword-of-mouth marketing plan 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 30. 1. Talkerswho will tell their friends about you?2. Topicswhat will they talk about?3. Toolshow can you help the message travel?4. Taking Parthow should you join the conversation?5. Trackingwhat are people saying about you? 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 31. Find people who will talkabout your school 32. Employees Parents (Current and Former) Students (Current and Former) Alumni Grandparents Vendors School administrators Pastors and clergy Anyone 33. A satisfied or an unsatisfied parent,grandparent, alumni, donor or friend. A happy or an unhappy employeeyourfaculty, staff, and coaches. Someone else that heard something, whetherpositive or negative, about your school. 2011 Cherry+Company 34. Talkers Talk Face-to-FaceMore than 90 percent of the conversations aboutproducts, services, and brands that take placeevery day in America happen offline, according to research the will be revealed in the chapters ofthis book. Keller and Fay, The Face-to-Face Book 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 35. Talkers Talk Face-to-Face One of the great misconceptions about word of mouth marketing is that its all happeningonlineonly about 20 percent of word of mouth happens online. When it does play a role, it usually sparks the 80 percent of word of mouthconversations that actually happen face-to-face. Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 36. Passion for your school Credibility among their peer Connections at school and in the community Opportunity to be involved 37. New parents can be the best resources foryour school to reach out to their previousschool, church, neighborhood or other group. 38. Identify the parents that are positive aboutyour school. Meet with them to give them things to talkabout. Individual or small group meetings. Quarterly breakfast or lunch meetings. Share stories of students, faculty, alumni andsuccess! Encourage them to share stories about yourschool. Share your schools vision for the future. 2011 Cherry+Company 39. Recruit a team of parents to help you in yourenrollment effort by: Presenting tours of campus. Hosting new family desserts in their homes. Mentoring a new family throughout their firstschool year. Calling and/or writing personal notes to parentsand welcoming them to your school. Posting online reviews. 2011 Cherry+Company 40. Provide a card inyour admissionspackage thatincludes thenames, child gradelevels, phonenumbers andemail addressesof your parentambassadors. 2010 Cherry+Company 41. Identify the parents that are positive aboutyour school. Meet with them to give them things to talkabout. Individual or small group meetings. Quarterly breakfast or lunch meetings. Share stories of students, faculty, alumni andsuccess! Encourage them to share stories about yourschool. Share your schools vision for the future. 2011 Cherry+Company 42. A Great School Will Create WOMThis is the foundation of buzz: in order to get people talking about your product or service,you must provide a great experience. Rosen, The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 43. Give people a reason to talk 44. Anything and everything about your schoolthe good and the bad! Their own experiences. The experiences of others. What theyve heard along the way. What youve told them. What you want them to talk about (that is, ifyouve told them what to talk about!) 2011 Cherry+Company 45. Most school leaders havent considered thisquestion as a key part of their marketingstrategy. We need to begin asking thequestion: What do you want them to talk about? 2011 Cherry+Company 46. Produce Great Content When you offer great contentsuch asdetailed how-to articles, expert interviews,case studies, and videosthat focuses onhelping other people solve their problems, youll experience growth. Stelzner, Launch: How to Quickly PropelYour Business Beyond the Competition 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 47. Produce great stuff, and your customers will come to you. Produce really great stuff, andyour customers will share and disseminateyour message for you. More than ever before,content is king! Content rules! Handley and Chapman, Content Rules 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 48. Key stats Stories faculty, students, parents and alumni Your vision for the future How your school is remarkable How your school makes a life-changingdifference in students Your USPs in story form Educational topics Parenting topics 49. 2011 Cherry+Company 50. Something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting. Its a Purple Cow. Boring stuff is invisible.Its a brown cow. Seth Godin, The Purple Cow 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 51. 2011 Cherry+Company 52. We live in a story. We relate to stories. We listen to stories.We can see ourselves in a story. 2012 Enrollment Catalyst 53. Stories are real. Slogans are made up.Stories pull you in. Slogans try to push out a message. Stories are deep. Slogans are shallow. Stories are personal