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1 00:00:01,000 --> 00:00:04,074 Subtitles downloaded from Podnapisi.NET 2 00:03:31,691 --> 00:03:38,995 Badi Ma, Dwijdas, Kumud, Padma, Dharamdas, where's everybody? 3 00:03:39,499 --> 00:03:45,267 Look, here's Devdas' letter. Devdas is returning from London. 4 00:03:45,705 --> 00:03:48,105 Really? Happy tidings! 5 00:03:48,441 --> 00:03:53,071 Dwijdas! You hear? Devdas is coming! - I don't think so. Ma is lying. 6 00:03:53,413 --> 00:03:56,314 You're lying, Ma. - Here's the letter. 7 00:03:56,650 --> 00:03:58,948 Show me the letter. 8 00:04:00,654 --> 00:04:04,454 Shubhankar! My Devdas is coming! - Really? 9 00:04:04,791 --> 00:04:06,986 Give your brother the good news. 10 00:04:07,360 --> 00:04:10,659 Badi Ma... Badi Ma... my Tempest is coming home. 11 00:04:13,433 --> 00:04:14,457 Thank God. 12 00:04:14,768 --> 00:04:20,001 Compliments, lady! - Not in tears Dharamdas. 13 00:04:20,373 --> 00:04:23,342 I want a promise. I am going... to receive Devdas. I alone.

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100:00:01,000 --> 00:00:04,074Subtitles downloaded from Podnapisi.NET200:03:31,691 --> 00:03:38,995Badi Ma, Dwijdas, Kumud, Padma,Dharamdas, where's everybody?300:03:39,499 --> 00:03:45,267Look, here's Devdas' letter.Devdas is returning from London.400:03:45,705 --> 00:03:48,105Really? Happy tidings!500:03:48,441 --> 00:03:53,071Dwijdas! You hear? Devdas is coming!- I don't think so. Ma is lying.600:03:53,413 --> 00:03:56,314You're lying, Ma.- Here's the letter.700:03:56,650 --> 00:03:58,948Show me the letter.800:04:00,654 --> 00:04:04,454Shubhankar! My Devdas is coming!- Really?900:04:04,791 --> 00:04:06,986Give your brother the good news.1000:04:07,360 --> 00:04:10,659Badi Ma... Badi Ma...my Tempest is coming home.1100:04:13,433 --> 00:04:14,457Thank God.1200:04:14,768 --> 00:04:20,001Compliments, lady!- Not in tears Dharamdas.1300:04:20,373 --> 00:04:23,342I want a promise. I am going...to receive Devdas. I alone.1400:04:23,677 --> 00:04:30,480Yes, but wind the clocks once againAfter so many years! My son is back.1500:04:30,817 --> 00:04:36,255Winding clocks won't make time move,nor any faster brings the son home.1600:04:36,690 --> 00:04:40,490I know Kumud! But lookhow my heart throbs.1700:04:40,827 --> 00:04:43,694Oh when will the day give wayto the night?1800:04:44,431 --> 00:04:48,492Drum up the cheer!Let the music play.1900:04:51,705 --> 00:04:56,301What joyous Tempest stirs myheartstrings! Drum up the cheer.2000:04:56,643 --> 00:05:01,637Let the music play!- Welcome the onset of Tempest.2100:05:10,123 --> 00:05:14,321All day I'm hollering at everyoneto get ready, and no one listens.2200:05:14,661 --> 00:05:18,654The house has been spruced up.- Devdas' room is ready.2300:05:19,032 --> 00:05:26,666Dharamdas has tethered the horses.- Badi Ma decided who wears what.2400:05:27,407 --> 00:05:28,465Happy?2500:05:29,442 --> 00:05:33,674Once you get your baby, you'll knowWhat joy is in seeing him come home.2600:05:34,381 --> 00:05:37,350Kaushalya Didi. (Didi: Sister)- Goodness! Here comes the actress.2700:05:37,684 --> 00:05:40,676In she traipses and,"Ei Kaushalya Didi...2800:05:41,021 --> 00:05:43,012sweet Shondesh for you."2900:05:44,891 --> 00:05:50,022Ei Kaushalya Didi, lookShondesh for you.3000:05:50,397 --> 00:05:54,356Sumitra! Lovely timing!- Sumitra-Kaki's timing!3100:05:54,701 --> 00:05:59,138AIways opportune.And your Shondesh is famous!3200:05:59,472 --> 00:06:02,441Hear that Didi?- Let her talk. Guess who's coming?3300:06:02,776 --> 00:06:05,404I know! Mr Chattopadhyay?3400:06:07,447 --> 00:06:12,646Silly! You won't believe this!My Tempest, my Devdas is coming!3500:06:12,986 --> 00:06:15,181Really Didi?- Yes, yes, really!3600:06:15,522 --> 00:06:17,114Thank Goddess Durga.3700:06:17,457 --> 00:06:22,724My compliments, Didi!- I'm seeing my son after 10 years.3800:06:23,530 --> 00:06:28,263What might he look like? What mighthe sound like? What will he tell me?3900:06:29,135 --> 00:06:32,036How am I going to survivetonight, Sumitra?4000:06:32,739 --> 00:06:39,110How I wish I wouldn't blink!What if he walks in right then?4100:06:39,512 --> 00:06:45,314I only remember Devdas, the boywho'd walk up to my house...4200:06:45,752 --> 00:06:50,746peep around the door to ask me...- Kaki-Ma, is Paro in?4300:06:52,559 --> 00:06:55,153There she goes, into the act.4400:06:56,229 --> 00:07:00,495And when Dev stormed out,I'd send Paro to find him.4500:07:00,834 --> 00:07:04,361Found him always in guava orchards.- And Dharamdas would haul him in...4600:07:04,704 --> 00:07:10,370by his ear! Some friendship!- And when Devdas was leaving...4700:07:10,710 --> 00:07:16,046going abroad for his studies,how my Paro ran after his buggy...4800:07:16,382 --> 00:07:18,850as if possessed. "Arre O'Deva."4900:07:19,219 --> 00:07:21,187"Arre O'Deva."5000:07:21,521 --> 00:07:25,389In that scorching sun, her feetblistering on the gravelly soil...5100:07:25,725 --> 00:07:32,028yet she ran on, screaming,"I'm going with Dev."5200:07:32,732 --> 00:07:37,431I'm going abroad too!- Are you out of your mind?5300:07:40,173 --> 00:07:44,542Send her abroad? My silly girl.5400:07:48,414 --> 00:07:50,439She owed Dev three Rupees.5500:07:50,750 --> 00:07:55,687Let me go. I got to give himhis 3 Rupees.5600:07:58,458 --> 00:08:02,121A lamp lit for a loved onedraws the wayfarer home.5700:08:02,462 --> 00:08:06,057For 10 years, in that beliefshe kept that lamp alight for Dev.5800:08:06,399 --> 00:08:12,861Not once she let the lamp go out!I must tell her, she'll be glad.5900:08:15,508 --> 00:08:18,033She will be overjoyed.- Yes Sumitra, go.6000:08:21,714 --> 00:08:25,377It's your son who's coming homeand she is the happier for it.6100:08:25,718 --> 00:08:29,051Why not? She's our neighbour.Paro and Devdas...6200:08:29,389 --> 00:08:32,381Were childhood friends.- What's left of that childhood?6300:08:32,725 --> 00:08:36,718Both are grown ups now...Kaki-Ma's Shondesh?6400:08:53,680 --> 00:08:57,480What's up Kaki-Ma?- Manorama, where is Paro?6500:08:57,851 --> 00:09:01,343Where else? Must be in her room,talking to her lamp.6600:09:01,688 --> 00:09:04,282Not lamp!- Devdas.6700:09:04,691 --> 00:09:07,387Oh God.- What's the matter?6800:09:07,827 --> 00:09:12,025The news I have for herwill drive her mad with joy.6900:09:12,398 --> 00:09:14,389What news?7000:09:15,201 --> 00:09:17,362Paro, Devdas is coming.7100:09:17,804 --> 00:09:21,365Really?- Yes, Devdas is coming.7200:09:21,708 --> 00:09:26,372They're preparing for a welcome!Kaushalya-Didi is nearly going mad.7300:09:26,713 --> 00:09:29,204The whole house isin raptures...7400:09:30,516 --> 00:09:32,507Silly, are you crying?7500:09:32,819 --> 00:09:36,050Let not tears of joydouse the lamp before Dev arrives.7600:09:36,389 --> 00:09:40,849No power on Earth can put outthis lamp.7700:09:41,527 --> 00:09:45,930Shall we put the mighty lampto test?7800:10:18,364 --> 00:10:21,197At season's change...7900:10:21,701 --> 00:10:24,397comes...8000:10:25,271 --> 00:10:28,104cloudwaves.8100:10:32,078 --> 00:10:32,373A waft...8200:10:33,713 --> 00:10:35,374will come...8300:10:35,715 --> 00:10:38,115to blow out this lamp.8400:10:42,522 --> 00:10:48,722This longing I didn't let die.8500:10:59,672 --> 00:11:05,668This longing I never let die.8600:11:06,546 --> 00:11:10,676This lamp, my love...8700:11:12,685 --> 00:11:19,215will never be extinguished,this flame of my love.8800:11:19,859 --> 00:11:24,694My love, come to me my love.8900:11:26,599 --> 00:11:31,696Now come to me.9000:11:34,474 --> 00:11:37,375As this lamp burns...9100:11:37,710 --> 00:11:42,010I'm burning in my every poreand my heart.9200:11:42,515 --> 00:11:45,712Now come to me.9300:11:47,420 --> 00:11:52,722Come to me, my love.9400:12:39,906 --> 00:12:42,500Distance parted us...9500:12:43,709 --> 00:12:46,769there was the pain of parting.9600:12:47,113 --> 00:12:50,276My eyes yearned...9700:12:50,716 --> 00:12:55,176but there you were...9800:12:55,655 --> 00:12:59,056glittering, glowing...9900:12:59,392 --> 00:13:01,257awash in joys...10000:13:02,528 --> 00:13:05,395while here...10100:13:05,765 --> 00:13:08,666I burned...10200:13:09,469 --> 00:13:14,338while here, I burned.10300:13:18,077 --> 00:13:21,137Once again, clouds thunder...10400:13:21,481 --> 00:13:24,678raining in thunderous rhapsody.10500:13:25,017 --> 00:13:27,485Tempest strikes again...10600:13:27,854 --> 00:13:31,688but my lamp is never doused...10700:13:32,225 --> 00:13:34,352my love, my flame...10800:13:34,694 --> 00:13:40,599no matter how much the rains,tempest and thunder torment you.10900:13:42,835 --> 00:13:48,467Come now, come to me, my love.11000:13:49,809 --> 00:13:54,337Come, my love.11100:14:01,454 --> 00:14:04,150She's crazy.11200:14:04,657 --> 00:14:07,649She's naive.11300:14:08,394 --> 00:14:14,196Oh yes, with a gust of windwill come the one you seek.11400:14:14,667 --> 00:14:15,998My love...11500:14:16,402 --> 00:14:19,667come to me my love.11600:14:21,874 --> 00:14:27,938The passion,she will never let die.11700:14:28,381 --> 00:14:33,683My love, this lamp is you.11800:15:05,518 --> 00:15:09,318Hurry! The buggy is here!Kaushalya, quick.11900:15:09,655 --> 00:15:12,988Devdas is here!- Coming.12000:15:13,326 --> 00:15:17,160I was lighting the welcome-lamp.Tell Badi-Ma.12100:15:17,830 --> 00:15:21,231If you take so much time,Devdas will give himself a welcome.12200:15:21,601 --> 00:15:24,468Give himself a welcome?Today, I'm welcoming him.12300:15:24,804 --> 00:15:30,936Wait a minute! I get to see Devdasfirst. Everyone shut your eyes.12400:15:32,345 --> 00:15:34,677For my sake.- All right?12500:15:35,381 --> 00:15:40,341Lady! I don't believe! Could theworld change so much in ten years?12600:15:40,686 --> 00:15:46,352Deva is as tall as my shoulders,my very shoulders he sat upon.12700:15:46,692 --> 00:15:51,061See him and you'll forget to blink!- Don't torment me! Where's my Dev?12800:15:51,397 --> 00:15:54,696Got off on the way. Said, he willbe back after seeing My Paro.12900:15:56,502 --> 00:15:59,938Should be here any moment.13000:16:00,373 --> 00:16:03,865Chhoto-Ma, you wanted to be the firstto set your eyes on Devdas?13100:16:04,844 --> 00:16:06,835Will it be Paro's eyes now?13200:16:10,650 --> 00:16:12,641Chhoto-Ma, what to do with this?13300:16:26,465 --> 00:16:27,727Paro.13400:16:28,434 --> 00:16:30,402I think it's Devdas.13500:16:40,880 --> 00:16:42,142Devdas...13600:16:42,748 --> 00:16:46,741how have you been? Fine?Come in son, welcome.13700:16:47,753 --> 00:16:49,550Bless you, son.13800:16:49,889 --> 00:16:55,054You look just like an Englishman!We've been so eager to see you.13900:16:55,394 --> 00:16:58,795Kaushalya-Didi is dying to see you.- Where is Paro?14000:16:59,465 --> 00:17:02,400She was here a moment ago.14100:17:03,436 --> 00:17:06,166She said, let Devdas comeand I'll do this and I'll do that.14200:17:06,505 --> 00:17:11,306I'll fight with him and scratch him.Now you're here and she's hiding.14300:17:11,644 --> 00:17:12,372Ei Paro.14400:17:12,712 --> 00:17:16,079Can I go upstairs?- Yes son, go on.14500:18:35,861 --> 00:18:37,886How have you been Paro?14600:18:42,535 --> 00:18:46,266Won't you turn to see my face?We're meeting after so many days.14700:18:46,605 --> 00:18:50,234Days? For you, maybe.For me...14800:18:50,543 --> 00:18:54,47910 years, 6 months,4 days and 6 hours.14900:18:55,815 --> 00:18:58,477You never missed me?- I did.15000:18:58,851 --> 00:19:03,686Lies! Only 5 letters in 10 years?There are four seasons in a year.15100:19:04,690 --> 00:19:11,254Couldn't you write once a season?- Makes sense. You're a big girl.15200:19:12,398 --> 00:19:13,695Takes time?15300:19:14,033 --> 00:19:16,365The desire to meet the seaturns the stream into a river.15400:19:16,702 --> 00:19:19,227Then why take timeto show your face?15500:19:19,572 --> 00:19:24,703Like sighting the Moon after ages,I fear I'll leave you breathless.15600:19:27,313 --> 00:19:32,717Not even the Moon is as vain.- But the Moon is scarred.15700:19:33,786 --> 00:19:39,190Till moonrise spare the Moon,to see which leaves me breathless...15800:19:39,625 --> 00:19:42,719the Moon's radiance?Or your vanity?15900:19:48,734 --> 00:19:53,171Paro, I hate the thoughtof someone else touching you.16000:20:03,682 --> 00:20:06,344Look, Devdas is here!- Let him come.16100:20:06,685 --> 00:20:08,676Don't be cross.- I don't want to talk to him.16200:20:09,021 --> 00:20:11,148Tell him to go away.- But Ma...16300:20:11,490 --> 00:20:13,481I said, I don't want to...- Ma.16400:20:19,698 --> 00:20:22,030Go, I don't want to see your face.16500:20:22,701 --> 00:20:25,693Why, what's so uglyabout my face...16600:20:26,405 --> 00:20:29,374that neither Paronor you want to see?16700:20:29,708 --> 00:20:33,371After 10 years of waiting,the neighbour gets to welcome you?16800:20:33,712 --> 00:20:35,703Go back to your Paro.16900:20:37,716 --> 00:20:41,277Won't you open your eyes?- I won't.17000:20:43,589 --> 00:20:46,387Won't see me either?17100:20:49,295 --> 00:20:54,358Very well, I'm going away.- Where?17200:20:54,767 --> 00:20:56,758Where are you going, Dev?- Dev, stop.17300:20:57,836 --> 00:21:00,669Why did you let him leave?I was just joking.17400:21:01,674 --> 00:21:03,471I was joking too.17500:21:15,588 --> 00:21:21,993My prodigal son returns a lawyer.But no let up on the mischief?17600:21:24,463 --> 00:21:28,365Babu-ji? (Babu-ji: Father)- He left for his chambers early...17700:21:28,701 --> 00:21:31,192something urgent.- I know, I know.17800:21:34,607 --> 00:21:36,097Complaints every day!17900:21:36,442 --> 00:21:40,435Dev and Paro never went to school.Dev caught smoking.18000:21:40,913 --> 00:21:43,882All day tramping around the villagewith that Paro.18100:21:45,217 --> 00:21:47,708Not another momentfor you in this house.18200:21:50,723 --> 00:21:53,658The day I left,he wasn't at home.18300:21:54,526 --> 00:21:58,053This day I return,he still isn't here.18400:21:59,365 --> 00:22:02,459You know, the British governmentis knighting him.18500:22:03,168 --> 00:22:06,228I see!- And he'll be so glad to see you.18600:22:06,572 --> 00:22:10,008Really?- Glad he is, at work.18700:22:10,376 --> 00:22:15,336In my home, fathers welcome sonsreturning home after years...18800:22:15,681 --> 00:22:19,014With arms outstretched.- Same here, child.18900:22:22,688 --> 00:22:24,679Come to me, my darling.19000:22:30,095 --> 00:22:34,031I told you to get mea nice foreign watch.19100:22:34,366 --> 00:22:36,095Have you brought it?19200:22:37,403 --> 00:22:40,702No, but I bring fortuitous times.19300:22:43,609 --> 00:22:44,701Look...19400:22:46,478 --> 00:22:49,709over here... but I can't evenmake out clearly.19500:22:51,417 --> 00:22:55,649They use only paper?- And sometimes, not even that.19600:22:55,988 --> 00:22:57,785I never shook hands.19700:23:01,660 --> 00:23:03,389What are you upto?19800:23:03,729 --> 00:23:09,190Give my box back to me.19900:23:09,668 --> 00:23:11,795Give it to me.20000:23:13,672 --> 00:23:15,663What's happening?- Nothing.20100:23:16,775 --> 00:23:19,835Watching Devdas?How do you find him?20200:23:20,579 --> 00:23:22,342I'm not telling.- Tell me...20300:23:22,548 --> 00:23:25,210how do you find him?- Like a fool.20400:23:26,385 --> 00:23:29,354What did he say when he met you?- I didn't show him my face.20500:23:29,688 --> 00:23:31,485Swear that by your mother?- I swear.20600:23:31,690 --> 00:23:34,989Poor thing, must've been pining.- Let him pine.20700:23:35,494 --> 00:23:37,359Don't make him suffer so.20800:23:37,696 --> 00:23:40,062Else, he'll come peepingaround the door...20900:23:40,399 --> 00:23:43,891and ask me,Kaki-Ma, is Paro in?21000:23:49,708 --> 00:23:53,303Only in the moonlighthe gets to see my face.21100:26:38,543 --> 00:26:42,411Card three and I win.- Damn.21200:26:43,749 --> 00:26:46,411Lost by a whisker.- You always lose by a whisker.21300:26:46,752 --> 00:26:52,019Kumud, so what if he wins once?- Wrong, today's Shubhankar's day.21400:26:52,357 --> 00:26:56,691No one else wins, here comes Parobut she can't win either.21500:26:57,262 --> 00:27:01,699You bet?- Beware! She'll loot you.21600:27:03,635 --> 00:27:09,369Well Paro, what have you brought?- Shondesh for Devdas. Ma sent it.21700:27:11,777 --> 00:27:16,714Where's Devdas?- The London-returned gentleman?21800:27:17,049 --> 00:27:21,713Where else but in his room,training his binoculars on London?21900:27:33,665 --> 00:27:38,398Saw? Earlier, she'd greet you first.Up she climbs, our beauty...22000:27:38,737 --> 00:27:44,733straight for Devdas.- One too many a sweet message.22100:27:49,281 --> 00:27:54,275What brings the Moon down to Earth?- To take your breath away.22200:27:57,255 --> 00:27:59,815What are you doing?- Seeing how good my guess was.22300:28:00,759 --> 00:28:03,489Accurate?- Could never be wrong.22400:28:04,429 --> 00:28:06,488How come?- Known you for ages.22500:28:10,702 --> 00:28:12,636What's this?- Platter.22600:28:12,871 --> 00:28:16,705I know. But what's on it?- My excuse.22700:28:18,510 --> 00:28:20,705Shondesh for me?- See for yourself.22800:28:23,248 --> 00:28:25,716Empty?- That's the excuse, silly.22900:28:28,520 --> 00:28:30,511Goodness!What a temper!23000:28:30,822 --> 00:28:33,120You make a fine exampleof how to lose temper.23100:28:33,458 --> 00:28:35,187You're the same.23200:28:38,730 --> 00:28:41,722You too, are justlike you were.23300:28:42,434 --> 00:28:45,028Like what?- Unsophisticated.23400:28:45,737 --> 00:28:50,731Naturally, after all,you're London-returned.23500:28:52,144 --> 00:28:56,808London's a big city, isn't it Dev?- London's entirely different.23600:28:57,382 --> 00:29:01,011Great personalities, great debates.Huge thoroughfares, huge edifices.23700:29:01,353 --> 00:29:05,449London's Trafalgar Square,pigeons, doves...23800:29:07,125 --> 00:29:08,114The Queen's Palace.23900:29:08,393 --> 00:29:10,384And milling crowds,everywhere.24000:29:11,696 --> 00:29:14,688Londoners live in a worldof their own.24100:29:15,200 --> 00:29:16,189You too?24200:29:22,641 --> 00:29:29,240Say, you never missed the village?- Never, never, except...24300:29:31,716 --> 00:29:35,709When I was fed up of the food atthe hostel, I missed Ma's dishes.24400:29:38,790 --> 00:29:41,725And back in London,when someone screamed at me...24500:29:42,727 --> 00:29:46,185I was reminded of my father.No one else.24600:29:47,732 --> 00:29:51,725On evening walks, I contemplatedDharamdas and his buggy.24700:29:52,737 --> 00:29:56,070On sleepless nights,grandmother's gentle pat.24800:29:58,176 --> 00:29:59,336Nothing else.24900:30:06,084 --> 00:30:07,676Dev... and...25000:30:11,223 --> 00:30:12,815And?- I?25100:30:13,158 --> 00:30:15,490Never. Or was it once?25200:30:18,563 --> 00:30:22,124No, you never came to mind, Paro.- I never came to mind?25300:30:22,467 --> 00:30:25,493Matters that come to mindare matters that matter. But...25400:30:26,705 --> 00:30:32,371you don't matter, Paro.- True Dev, only you matter.25500:30:33,712 --> 00:30:40,7095 letters, 5 times a day. How manytimes did I read them each year?25600:30:43,488 --> 00:30:44,785And how many times in ten years?- Multiplied by?25700:30:46,124 --> 00:30:51,32318,250 times.That's how much you matter...25800:30:51,730 --> 00:30:57,396and ten years to the day, I havekept alive the flame I lit for you.25900:30:58,370 --> 00:31:03,069How many hours has it been burning?- If I were to count...26000:31:03,408 --> 00:31:10,67887,600 hours. So much you matter,every second I remembered you.26100:31:11,683 --> 00:31:16,677How many seconds to a day?- I know, I'll tell you...26200:31:19,457 --> 00:31:21,357You're bad at arithmetic.26300:31:25,163 --> 00:31:30,032There were times when I missed you.- When?26400:31:32,470 --> 00:31:34,700Whenever I breathed.26500:31:37,709 --> 00:31:42,510For them, reminiscences,those who can be forgotten. Silly.26600:31:43,415 --> 00:31:46,714So effortlessly you counted offthose seconds?26700:31:47,586 --> 00:31:49,713Without as much as a thoughtto every passing second...26800:31:50,055 --> 00:31:52,046that carried me away?26900:31:53,458 --> 00:31:57,656In the flame of the lamp thatyou lit, it was I who burned.27000:32:13,678 --> 00:32:15,37387600.27100:32:19,684 --> 00:32:20,673Pity.27200:32:22,320 --> 00:32:27,690Shall I tell you what'son my mind for sometime?27300:32:28,360 --> 00:32:31,921Two names on your mind.Paro and Devdas.27400:32:32,831 --> 00:32:36,267Mr Landlord! How did you make out?27500:32:37,402 --> 00:32:40,701Kumud was saying, Dev and Paroare upto new antics.27600:32:41,506 --> 00:32:43,497For hours they stare at each otherthrough binoculars.27700:32:43,708 --> 00:32:48,771Shondesh is her excuse forcoming over. I don't like it.27800:32:49,581 --> 00:32:53,745And Sumitra is daydreamingof Paro's wedding to Devdas.27900:32:54,519 --> 00:32:58,979Daydreams never come true.Neelkanth married an actress.28000:32:59,324 --> 00:33:03,192Disgraced himself. In an alliancewith a disgraced family...28100:33:03,561 --> 00:33:06,689am I to bringmy family to ridicule?28200:33:07,032 --> 00:33:11,992Right, but you know Sumitra.She shoots off her mouth.28300:33:12,337 --> 00:33:15,670What if she storms in somedayproposing an alliance?28400:33:16,007 --> 00:33:20,944The answer will beno- Why will the answer be no?28500:33:21,413 --> 00:33:26,180A knight and a landlord. And theroof over our heads is leaking.28600:33:26,685 --> 00:33:27,674Leaking?28700:33:30,255 --> 00:33:33,691Even my postal address has changed.- Really?28800:33:35,694 --> 00:33:39,027Neelkanth Chakraborty,Old Mansion.28900:33:42,467 --> 00:33:46,801What's lacking in our Paro?She's pretty, she's literate.29000:33:47,138 --> 00:33:49,368I only got to spread the word.Tens of boys will be ready...29100:33:49,708 --> 00:33:52,871to pay a bride-price for Paro.- Really?29200:33:53,211 --> 00:33:56,772Yes. You are worrying too much.29300:33:57,649 --> 00:34:00,880Someday we will get a proposal...from them. You'll see.29400:34:01,386 --> 00:34:05,049Till then, I leave you toyour musings. I'm off for my nap.29500:34:11,663 --> 00:34:16,896Mr Landlord! Have a care!Your old mansion is crumbling.29600:34:18,470 --> 00:34:20,301Broke my back.29700:34:29,814 --> 00:34:35,013All this jewellery! All for me?- You will give me a grandson.29800:34:35,353 --> 00:34:37,253Won't I give you something?29900:34:37,489 --> 00:34:40,356Badi-Ma has opened up hertreasure trove. Loot her.30000:34:41,593 --> 00:34:42,685I must!30100:34:43,194 --> 00:34:46,925Badi-Ma! How exquisite!I must wear this.30200:34:47,265 --> 00:34:51,702No, that one isn't for you.- Then, for whom?30300:34:52,036 --> 00:34:55,733For my Devdas' bride.- Let's see.30400:34:56,641 --> 00:35:00,475Give it all away to Devdas' bride!I want none of this.30500:35:01,446 --> 00:35:03,437Here's your elder daughter-in-law.30600:35:03,648 --> 00:35:05,980And everyone's all agog aboutsomeone who's yet to come.30700:35:06,384 --> 00:35:10,150Nice bracelet, isn't it?It'll look great on your arm.30800:35:10,655 --> 00:35:13,351In my father's housemaids wear bracelets like these.30900:35:13,758 --> 00:35:16,921Then consider yourself a maid,right Badi-Ma?31000:35:17,395 --> 00:35:22,059Yes! I'm maidservant in this house.My brother-in-law! AIways after me.31100:35:24,369 --> 00:35:28,362You're making a mountain outof a molehill. I was joking.31200:35:28,740 --> 00:35:32,369If you disapprove, I won't even marry.- I hate being ridiculed.31300:35:33,678 --> 00:35:37,341Why rib her all the time?Badi-Ma you could've said yes...31400:35:37,682 --> 00:35:41,345if only to please her. You knowher nature. And she's pregnant.31500:35:41,686 --> 00:35:44,678And you've brought her to tears.Now I got to placate her. Woe betide.31600:35:48,393 --> 00:35:54,491No matter how much honey you add,neem is always bitter.31700:35:56,367 --> 00:35:58,699How do you like this bracelet?31800:36:01,372 --> 00:36:05,103Just like you. Exotic.- Whom are you giving it to?31900:36:07,712 --> 00:36:09,509You want to see?32000:36:13,485 --> 00:36:15,385Take this.- And do what?32100:36:15,720 --> 00:36:19,713Look through it. This braceletis for whoever you see in it.32200:36:25,730 --> 00:36:27,721Goodness! Sumitra?32300:36:30,535 --> 00:36:35,837Is she the one? Are you mad?- Yes, but not entirely. Look up.32400:36:37,542 --> 00:36:39,533That's Parvati.- Nice?32500:36:39,878 --> 00:36:45,748Yes nice, but I see her every day.- Do you see her as my bride?32600:36:47,619 --> 00:36:49,746Wretched girl!- Now what's up?32700:36:50,655 --> 00:36:53,419Staring at me through binoculars!- Goodness.32800:36:54,692 --> 00:36:58,492She's gone hiding.- She must be embarrassed.32900:36:59,697 --> 00:37:04,691Been chatting over binoculars?- Yes Badi-Ma.33000:37:05,036 --> 00:37:07,869Take a look,what's the wretch upto?33100:37:09,007 --> 00:37:13,706Goodness! She's watching meout of the corner of her eyes.33200:37:14,612 --> 00:37:16,307Ran.33300:37:18,416 --> 00:37:20,714Have you run in too, Dev?33400:37:39,537 --> 00:37:40,868Wretched boy.33500:37:43,808 --> 00:37:47,835How to make mountainsout of a molehill...33600:37:48,212 --> 00:37:52,740I'll show my mother-in-law.Chhoto-Ma...33700:38:00,391 --> 00:38:04,760So you got caught peeping.- You got caught too.33800:38:05,096 --> 00:38:08,497And I was sentencedto punish you.33900:38:11,703 --> 00:38:12,829For you.34000:38:13,204 --> 00:38:15,104What?- Gift.34100:38:15,506 --> 00:38:17,269You might as well put it on me.34200:38:18,409 --> 00:38:20,377So many bangles.34300:38:21,412 --> 00:38:22,401Silly.34400:38:22,614 --> 00:38:23,410Forget it.34500:38:23,715 --> 00:38:26,707Tell me, where is London?- Way west.34600:38:27,051 --> 00:38:29,952Where sets the Sun?- In the west.34700:38:30,288 --> 00:38:32,722The Sun rises over Londonfive hours late every day?34800:38:33,224 --> 00:38:35,385Yes- Is that why you're late...34900:38:35,727 --> 00:38:37,718about understanding everything?- Yes...35000:38:39,397 --> 00:38:42,389Dolt from London! Can't eventake my bangles off.35100:38:42,734 --> 00:38:44,725How will you ever make me weara bracelet?35200:39:09,694 --> 00:39:15,360My cruel lover is heartless.35300:39:19,871 --> 00:39:24,899My cruel lover is so heartless...35400:39:26,444 --> 00:39:31,381he doesn't even know how I pine,he's just a ruthless slaver...35500:39:31,716 --> 00:39:33,707oh cruel, please...35600:39:36,487 --> 00:39:42,289How do I say this,whom do I tell?35700:39:42,727 --> 00:39:48,290God, he doesn't know how I hurt...35800:39:48,733 --> 00:39:50,530he knows not...35900:39:53,337 --> 00:39:55,805how heartless.36000:40:30,408 --> 00:40:34,139You were far away,yet so close,...36100:40:34,479 --> 00:40:38,040now you're close,yet distant.36200:40:38,449 --> 00:40:40,713I don't know,yet I know.36300:40:41,085 --> 00:40:47,422You were far away, yet so close,now you're close, yet distant.36400:40:50,495 --> 00:40:51,484Come...36500:40:51,729 --> 00:40:52,991to me.36600:40:53,664 --> 00:40:58,829Adorn me with the bangle- Let me read your palm.36700:41:00,438 --> 00:41:02,429Don't tease me- Lots of money.36800:41:02,673 --> 00:41:05,801Now don't...- Your marriage.36900:41:06,144 --> 00:41:08,339Do my bidding- You'll marry an old man.37000:41:08,679 --> 00:41:11,671How do I say this...- About your wedding.37100:41:12,016 --> 00:41:14,348Whom do I tell... God- You'll never marry.37200:41:19,924 --> 00:41:24,258Fool, he doesn't even know...37300:41:24,695 --> 00:41:28,096he just doesn't know.37400:41:29,901 --> 00:41:31,027Shame!37500:42:23,588 --> 00:42:28,082You see how the childhood loveblossoms into youthful romance?37600:42:29,427 --> 00:42:33,022For all Sumitra's Shondesh,do send a sweet message to Sumitra.37700:42:33,698 --> 00:42:37,361Tell her, Paro has come of age.37800:42:40,705 --> 00:42:42,696What are you upto?37900:42:47,511 --> 00:42:49,502What am I upto?38000:42:51,449 --> 00:42:55,818What's up? What's wrong with Ma?- Your mother has gone mad.38100:42:56,354 --> 00:43:03,658Yes! Mad with joy. Because no morewill I dream the dream I dreamt.38200:43:04,161 --> 00:43:07,096And why?- Because it's coming true.38300:43:07,431 --> 00:43:11,333Ma, what dream?- Which dream? Silly!38400:43:11,669 --> 00:43:15,469I'm invited to a huge mansion.- I know, Kumud has conceived.38500:43:15,806 --> 00:43:21,676Also, Kaushalya-Didi wants to seeme. She says, Paro has come of age.38600:43:22,013 --> 00:43:25,346We ought to thinkabout Paro's wedding.38700:43:29,420 --> 00:43:33,356True Paro, when you step intothat house in bridal finery...38800:43:33,691 --> 00:43:38,822there will be dreams in your eyes,under the veil drawn over your face.38900:43:39,563 --> 00:43:44,023But we'll listen in joyous rapturefor the chime in your anklets.39000:43:55,646 --> 00:44:03,212Mr Landlord! So how do I look?- Where's Paro? Isn't she going?39100:44:03,654 --> 00:44:07,454So long she awaited this evening,she was dressed and raring to go.39200:44:07,825 --> 00:44:11,454In time to leave, she shies away.Off to the lake to fetch water.39300:44:11,829 --> 00:44:14,320Why?- Silly girl, she's afraid...39400:44:14,665 --> 00:44:17,657that I might discuss her marriageright in front of her.39500:44:18,336 --> 00:44:22,932Don't you raise the topic Sumitra- The auspicious time runs out at 7.39600:44:23,274 --> 00:44:25,834By then if she hasn't raisedthe topic, I shall.39700:44:27,678 --> 00:44:33,981But don't worry. The answerwon't be a no. Bless me.39800:44:35,987 --> 00:44:39,252The guests are all here.Where is Sumitra-Kaki?39900:44:39,690 --> 00:44:44,354Dreaming of Paro's wedding.To Devdas. You know...40000:44:44,695 --> 00:44:47,687I've found a nice match for Paro.- Who?40100:44:48,699 --> 00:44:51,497Old Mr Chattopadhyay.40200:44:56,340 --> 00:44:59,901My compliments, sister!Best wishes for a grandson.40300:45:00,244 --> 00:45:03,975Don't overdo it, Sumitra.There's still time to go.40400:45:04,315 --> 00:45:07,113Only a few months, no?40500:45:07,451 --> 00:45:10,648Then the baby's wailswill resonate through the mansion.40600:45:11,655 --> 00:45:16,319Not sister, I'll call you grandma.- You should get Paro married soon.40700:45:16,660 --> 00:45:22,656I'd like to call you grannie too.- That's what I'm here to discuss.40800:45:23,100 --> 00:45:28,367I must discuss something too. Girlsin your family fetch a bride price?40900:45:28,773 --> 00:45:34,075No, that was olden custom.We will give our Paro away.41000:45:34,445 --> 00:45:39,314So it's final. I'll give Paro awayin wedding. All the expense is mine.41100:45:39,683 --> 00:45:43,346Paro is my daughter too.- No, giving the daughter away...41200:45:43,687 --> 00:45:47,487is a dream every parent dreams.About the expense, we can share it.41300:45:47,858 --> 00:45:51,316Then it's decided, Sumitra.- Really Didi?41400:45:51,695 --> 00:45:54,357Yes, really.- Therefore Kaki-Ma, you will be...41500:45:54,698 --> 00:46:00,364the master of ceremonies tonight.A stunning dance for the guests?41600:46:00,704 --> 00:46:03,036Oh no, not I...- Why not? Don't you belong...41700:46:03,374 --> 00:46:09,142to a family of theatre dancers?- Yes Didi, but that was ages ago.41800:46:09,480 --> 00:46:15,385No Kaki-Ma, no excuses.Tonight you sing and you dance.41900:46:15,719 --> 00:46:20,383No dear, not I...- Are you embarrassed? Just imagine.42000:46:20,724 --> 00:46:25,718You're dancing at Paro's wedding.- Now I can't refuse, can I?42100:46:26,630 --> 00:46:30,225So be it. Radha and Krishnaand love divine.42200:46:30,868 --> 00:46:36,329Dearest love.42300:47:41,739 --> 00:47:43,707The Moon alone...42400:47:44,041 --> 00:47:45,941in night's embrace...42500:47:51,749 --> 00:47:55,685in moonlight vigil,night's desire...42600:48:10,868 --> 00:48:13,359sang run-jhun run-jhuna breezing gust...42700:48:13,704 --> 00:48:16,002into a radiant night...42800:48:16,440 --> 00:48:20,433rode in fireflieson a palanquin of stars...42900:48:20,844 --> 00:48:26,043as the word playedon stilled lips.43000:48:26,450 --> 00:48:28,441Then to the cadenceof drums and cymbals...43100:48:28,719 --> 00:48:30,710the duffle was struck...then...43200:48:31,055 --> 00:48:33,046into the rhythm swayed...43300:48:33,390 --> 00:48:35,381my lovely Radha.43400:48:35,726 --> 00:48:40,425Into the rhythm Radha swayed.43500:48:40,764 --> 00:48:45,724Then he came from nowhereand he said... I love you.43600:48:46,837 --> 00:48:49,738Dear love...43700:48:50,808 --> 00:48:54,471oh but I'm afraid.43800:49:26,644 --> 00:49:29,112Oh dearest love.43900:50:07,685 --> 00:50:11,678No, not my wrist...44000:50:12,690 --> 00:50:16,683oh, how shameful.44100:50:19,763 --> 00:50:21,697Leave me...44200:50:22,700 --> 00:50:24,827I beg of you.44300:50:27,404 --> 00:50:30,862No, don't force me...44400:50:32,710 --> 00:50:34,371spare me.44500:50:34,712 --> 00:50:36,703Dear love.44600:50:37,414 --> 00:50:39,279No...44700:50:39,717 --> 00:50:41,708I'll curse you for this.44800:50:42,052 --> 00:50:43,713Madman! Go away.44900:50:44,054 --> 00:50:45,180Don't torment me.45000:50:45,522 --> 00:50:47,319Oh dearest love...45100:50:48,492 --> 00:50:50,926dear love...45200:50:52,496 --> 00:50:55,659oh but I'm afraid.45300:51:08,345 --> 00:51:11,075Love me.45400:51:14,351 --> 00:51:16,342On the banks of the Yamuna...45500:51:16,687 --> 00:51:19,155Krishna and Radhain the Dance of Love.45600:51:24,228 --> 00:51:26,219Of desire in their heartsrose a song to their lips.45700:51:26,563 --> 00:51:28,588Krishna and Radhain the Dance of Love.45800:51:33,337 --> 00:51:35,362Thirsting in every breath,searing passion in their hearts...45900:51:35,706 --> 00:51:37,697Krishna and Radhain the Dance of Love.46000:51:42,112 --> 00:51:46,412The word on stilled lips,Krishna and Radha are in love.46100:52:06,837 --> 00:52:08,327What is this?46200:52:08,672 --> 00:52:10,663The token of betrothal...46300:52:11,475 --> 00:52:15,377of my daughter to your son.Paro and Devdas.46400:52:20,417 --> 00:52:25,252Are you in your senses, Sumitra?I invited mother and daughter...46500:52:25,689 --> 00:52:29,216to entertain my guestswith some melodrama.46600:52:30,394 --> 00:52:32,385Instead, you are outto work magic?46700:52:33,697 --> 00:52:40,034Kumud, you were right!Sumitra-Kaki's timing is opportune.46800:52:41,104 --> 00:52:44,369She does knows how totake advantage of opportunity.46900:52:45,409 --> 00:52:48,708As a child, her daughter stoleguavas from our orchards.47000:52:49,713 --> 00:52:55,879Now she sets her sights on my son?- No Didi, that isn't true.47100:52:56,653 --> 00:52:59,451Devdas and Paro werechildhood sweethearts.47200:52:59,790 --> 00:53:02,384They are in love, they can't livewithout each other.47300:53:02,726 --> 00:53:08,460In a large family, maybe you nevernoticed. But I know how they yearn.47400:53:09,766 --> 00:53:13,998Please do not refuse Didi,even if it means...47500:53:14,371 --> 00:53:16,362that you will have nothing moreto do with me afterwards.47600:53:16,673 --> 00:53:22,669Why draw water from poisoned wells?You may not betray the traits.47700:53:23,013 --> 00:53:26,039But your genes remain the same,that of the dancing girls.47800:53:26,383 --> 00:53:28,374Yes, we landlords eat fish...47900:53:28,719 --> 00:53:31,347but we won't let bonesstick in the gullet.48000:53:31,688 --> 00:53:35,681For one, you are a neighbour.Worse, as a family, disgraced.48100:53:36,026 --> 00:53:41,692Even if you may momentarily forgetyour disgrace, but your standing?48200:53:42,199 --> 00:53:45,225Don't you try to palm offyour bad coin.48300:53:45,569 --> 00:53:51,701Chhoto-Ma, let it pass Chhoto-Ma.We can always talk Dev out of it.48400:53:53,343 --> 00:53:59,213Which leaves Parvati. If she can'tcontain herself, send her to Dev.48500:53:59,650 --> 00:54:02,175Honour among landlordsisn't sullied by such affairs.48600:54:02,653 --> 00:54:08,455Unbecoming of a landlord's woman!Don't interfere when elders speak.48700:54:09,326 --> 00:54:13,660Enough! Replying to youis beneath my dignity.48800:54:15,365 --> 00:54:20,667My sister you were.From now on, merely Kaushalya.48900:54:21,138 --> 00:54:27,134And Kaushalya, you too sangthe day my daughter was born.49000:54:28,378 --> 00:54:31,677Remember Badi-Ma? She tookmy daughter from my arms...49100:54:32,015 --> 00:54:37,009saying Paro was her daughter!With a smile, I had even said yes.49200:54:37,387 --> 00:54:40,356Little did I know that evenin the big landlord's mansion...49300:54:40,691 --> 00:54:44,354a lady of the house could beso narrow-minded...49400:54:44,695 --> 00:54:48,392as to count guavas stolenfrom one of her orchards.49500:54:48,732 --> 00:54:53,692Count, how many guavas didmy daughter steal? Tell me.49600:54:54,338 --> 00:54:58,968Counting guavas?By the count of it...49700:54:59,309 --> 00:55:04,804I've fed your son many more timesthan your count of stolen guava.49800:55:06,350 --> 00:55:07,908Stolen.49900:55:08,452 --> 00:55:14,186And the disgrace?Yes, we do sell our daughters.50000:55:14,524 --> 00:55:19,325But you trade too, Kaushalya.We sell our daughters, openly.50100:55:19,663 --> 00:55:22,655But you swallow the dowriesand the daughters too.50200:55:24,668 --> 00:55:31,198Good or bad, the coin is known byit's tinkle. But you wouldn't know.50300:55:32,376 --> 00:55:37,336Because you're deaf enoughnot to know your son's heart.50400:55:37,681 --> 00:55:41,777Blind you are, that youdo not see their love.50500:55:42,152 --> 00:55:46,919Now soon you will stand dumbstruckin witness your son's ruination.50600:55:50,360 --> 00:55:58,267I swear, my daughter will marryinto a family richer than yours.50700:55:58,702 --> 00:56:05,699In a week. If I fail, then come,mourn my death on day eight.50800:56:06,710 --> 00:56:11,374I came to wish that you would begeta handsome son.50900:56:11,715 --> 00:56:18,712But all I can wish is to seethat a daughter you be given.51000:56:37,741 --> 00:56:40,403I hear your motheris giving you away...51100:56:40,744 --> 00:56:44,544into a rich family.Do you know your husband's name?51200:56:45,849 --> 00:56:49,114Devdas.- Even after all that happened...51300:56:49,453 --> 00:56:51,978Will Dev marry you?- I'll ask him and I'll tell you.51400:56:52,322 --> 00:56:57,259Is there anything left to ask?She was insulted so gravely.51500:56:57,694 --> 00:57:01,687Dev didn't insult her, did he?- Will you walk up...51600:57:02,032 --> 00:57:04,796to ask Dev to marry you?Won't that be embarrassing?51700:57:05,135 --> 00:57:08,696Why be embarrassed about askingfor what is yours?51800:57:09,940 --> 00:57:17,005You're married, yet you don'tknow what a husband means?51900:57:47,444 --> 00:57:49,241Who?- I.52000:58:17,507 --> 00:58:19,270Are you all right?52100:58:20,777 --> 00:58:23,041So late at night?In the dark?52200:58:24,714 --> 00:58:29,378Weren't you afraid?- No, now I'm afraid of no one.52300:58:29,719 --> 00:58:33,712Not even of being maligned?- No, when I am with you...52400:58:34,057 --> 00:58:38,824I don't even care about gettinga bad name.52500:58:40,463 --> 00:58:45,196Why... here... now?- Why does the river head to sea?52600:58:45,735 --> 00:58:48,295Why does the sunfloweralways face the Sun?52700:58:48,738 --> 00:58:51,730And why comes Paroheedless of her dignity?52800:58:52,075 --> 00:58:55,340Why unheeding my family honourdo I venture out in dark of night?52900:58:55,679 --> 00:59:00,673Why do I seek refuge at your feet?To all questions, a single answer.53000:59:01,451 --> 00:59:05,683For the same reply, far too manyquestions asking to be answered.53100:59:06,389 --> 00:59:09,358There are no questions,not as long as we're together.53200:59:10,327 --> 00:59:14,696That's what they don't want.- What do you want?53300:59:15,365 --> 00:59:17,026Happiness, for you.53400:59:19,569 --> 00:59:22,697But my father won't look at itfrom our perspective.53500:59:24,207 --> 00:59:26,198We'll win him over.53600:59:30,413 --> 00:59:32,278What if he doesn't relent?53700:59:32,716 --> 00:59:38,018Where there's love, there's no fear.- Where there's smoke there's fire.53800:59:38,588 --> 00:59:43,150In fires of attrition,I don't want us...53900:59:43,593 --> 00:59:46,528to be consumed.- I'm doomed, in any case.54000:59:46,897 --> 00:59:49,730Be it with you, or without you.54100:59:54,371 --> 00:59:58,137Let me drop you home.- You're coming with me?54201:00:00,377 --> 01:00:02,345Without fear of censure?54301:00:18,695 --> 01:00:22,495Even the cur is wary of the doorit's kicked out of.54401:00:23,600 --> 01:00:27,696What you can't get away with bylight of the day, you try by night?54501:00:28,338 --> 01:00:30,704Why don't you, mother and daughterstart a brothel?54601:00:37,514 --> 01:00:41,473Not even a pimp would advisehis daughter to do that.54701:00:53,663 --> 01:00:57,827With the lamp,I saw you burn for Devdas.54801:00:58,668 --> 01:01:04,004I treasure your feelings. Were youto have asked me before leaving...54901:01:04,341 --> 01:01:09,335I would not even mind if you wereto have been a whore for a night.55001:01:09,679 --> 01:01:13,672Ma, I just went to ask him!- And received what in reply?55101:01:14,985 --> 01:01:20,946Not alone, you carried with you,the honour of our family.55201:01:22,425 --> 01:01:25,917Have you left your honour behind?55301:01:28,598 --> 01:01:33,695Let it pass Babu-ji. Why makea mountain out of a molehill?55401:01:34,104 --> 01:01:37,369By the way, what to doabout Paro's shawI?55501:01:37,707 --> 01:01:41,700Tell him to return it.This marriage isn't happening.55601:01:42,212 --> 01:01:44,203I shall do no such thing.55701:01:46,716 --> 01:01:49,514You forget whom you are addressing.55801:01:53,757 --> 01:01:58,353A hot-headed landlord who will sendhis fellow-man's daughter...55901:01:58,762 --> 01:02:02,323to a brothel.- Gentlemen's daughters...56001:02:02,665 --> 01:02:06,328never steal out ofneighbours' rooms at 2 am.56101:02:08,571 --> 01:02:13,338So great was her compulsionand it was you who compelled her.56201:02:15,211 --> 01:02:18,544I will brook no argument from you.- Nor do I wish to talk to you.56301:02:19,582 --> 01:02:21,015It's decided.56401:02:25,688 --> 01:02:28,384Our family ranks far higherthan theirs.56501:02:31,694 --> 01:02:36,688Yet, it's the same food we eat?- Our hierarchy, status, standing.56601:02:38,701 --> 01:02:41,397Even the British governmentis informed of us.56701:02:43,506 --> 01:02:46,964Yet, the same soil we tread upon?- The bird that soars...56801:02:47,310 --> 01:02:51,246can never have any relationshipwith fish in the waters.56901:02:51,581 --> 01:02:55,642Yet, man on Earth relatesto God in Heaven?57001:03:15,772 --> 01:03:17,467Stop Dev.57101:03:17,807 --> 01:03:20,674Dev, everything can be resolved.I'll talk to Babu-ji.57201:03:21,010 --> 01:03:23,376But don't leave the house.- No Dwij.57301:03:23,746 --> 01:03:25,304Childishness!57401:03:25,682 --> 01:03:28,014Over something so trivial?- Trivial for you, not for me.57501:03:28,318 --> 01:03:30,343Not for me a life prayingfor every breath.57601:03:30,687 --> 01:03:33,417Dev, we'll talk to Babu-ji...- Stop Dev.57701:03:33,756 --> 01:03:37,021Dev stop.- Stop! Listen to me.57801:03:37,393 --> 01:03:39,156Stop him, Kumud.57901:03:40,363 --> 01:03:42,695You aren't going anywhere. Yourmother is talking to the master.58001:03:43,032 --> 01:03:45,023Everything will be fine.- No Dharamdas.58101:03:45,368 --> 01:03:48,235The tempest ought to pass.If I stay on, much will be undone.58201:03:48,571 --> 01:03:49,560Listen to me.58301:03:49,839 --> 01:03:51,033Lady...58401:03:51,407 --> 01:03:53,136Dev is leaving, Paro.58501:03:54,344 --> 01:03:59,179It's as much his test as it isyours. See for yourself...58601:03:59,582 --> 01:04:03,313What he cares for, you or family?Is he taking you with him?58701:04:03,653 --> 01:04:06,315Or is he deserting you?If he isn't taking you along...58801:04:06,656 --> 01:04:09,819then you shall doyour mother's bidding.58901:04:11,661 --> 01:04:14,027Stop Deva! I won't let you leave!59001:04:14,364 --> 01:04:17,458Stop.- Out of my way.59101:04:41,391 --> 01:04:44,383That night, all senseof reasoning deserted me.59201:04:44,761 --> 01:04:47,355I was left vacillatingas if between pendulous scales.59301:04:47,697 --> 01:04:51,861You wouldn't want me to displeasemy father to make you happy...59401:04:52,702 --> 01:04:54,636Would you?59501:04:55,638 --> 01:05:01,440Why does the river go to sea?Why the sunflower gazes at the sun?59601:05:02,545 --> 01:05:07,346Instead of hunting answers,why not let the question pass?59701:05:08,084 --> 01:05:14,148What was between us, was no morethan childishness. There's no love.59801:05:14,657 --> 01:05:17,319From now onwards,you are the girl next-door.59901:05:17,660 --> 01:05:19,821And I, your friend.60001:05:20,163 --> 01:05:25,658Paro, get dressed, come downstairs.Hurry. Your in-laws are here.60101:05:36,446 --> 01:05:40,974My love! Oh why did youleave me smouldering?60201:05:41,684 --> 01:05:44,380Why did you snub out the flame?60301:05:50,393 --> 01:05:52,020Ei Dev...60401:05:52,495 --> 01:05:59,128Friend, you aren't asleep yet?Are you a stranger in my home?60501:06:01,571 --> 01:06:06,702I told you before, this isas much your home as it's mine.60601:06:07,443 --> 01:06:10,537Nothing of the sort, Chuni Babu.I'm just not feeling sleepy.60701:06:13,449 --> 01:06:15,713Drink up...60801:06:18,721 --> 01:06:21,918You know I don't drink.- Then what gives?60901:06:22,258 --> 01:06:26,194If h is for happiness in life,why are you so looking so harassed?61001:06:26,529 --> 01:06:31,967So harried as not to feel at home?- Nothing of the sort.61101:06:32,302 --> 01:06:33,394But something surely is!61201:06:33,736 --> 01:06:37,263The h that makes a homeis the same that spells hurt.61301:06:38,408 --> 01:06:40,740Fought with your parents?- No.61401:06:41,811 --> 01:06:43,904Or are you nursinga wounded heart?61501:06:48,618 --> 01:06:54,056My point! That's my point!H for heart and for hurt.61601:06:54,390 --> 01:06:57,359And the two are relatedso closely my friend, oh-so-closely.61701:06:57,694 --> 01:07:00,356Hindustan or English-stan,everywhere it's all the same.61801:07:00,697 --> 01:07:07,694H for heart and for hurt.- Have you suffered no pain?61901:07:08,404 --> 01:07:13,273Ask not of one if time has weatheredwhat pain each nuance hides...62001:07:13,710 --> 01:07:16,474for men may see but no morethan a smiling face.62101:07:16,846 --> 01:07:22,284You know what I make family with.Just me and my wealth.62201:07:22,719 --> 01:07:26,052And therefore it wasthat I adopted music.62301:07:26,522 --> 01:07:31,721The Thumri for my daughter,and the Dadra, my son.62401:07:33,730 --> 01:07:43,230The w in words is tricky, making forwarmth, worn, wealth, worlds, wisdom...62501:07:43,740 --> 01:07:51,738Wastrels and wishes. Worship too.A well-wisher and your waywardness.62601:07:54,250 --> 01:08:01,486Get over this insanity and let'sgo away. Way away. I feel walled-in.62701:08:04,694 --> 01:08:11,691But Chuni Babu, where to?- Wherever you wish.62801:08:12,268 --> 01:08:14,259Where you go every night.62901:08:17,507 --> 01:08:21,375There, where the anklets tinkle?63001:08:58,815 --> 01:09:02,376How are you ladies?Look, whom I've brought to you.63101:09:02,618 --> 01:09:06,611Who is it?- My classmate from London.63201:09:07,089 --> 01:09:11,617Where are you lost Dev Babu?Come, here too I hold court.63301:09:12,328 --> 01:09:14,853Welcome my friend, enter.63401:09:56,939 --> 01:09:58,497Chandramukhi.63501:09:59,775 --> 01:10:05,338Your mirror couldn't bear to seemy face. I'm sorry for your loss.63601:10:06,616 --> 01:10:14,022If sorrow be joy's harbinger, everyloss signals what gain shall be?63701:10:14,657 --> 01:10:19,617Wonderful Chandramukhi!Even your words are so seductive.63801:10:21,931 --> 01:10:27,096But do use the kohl, to ward offthe stranger's evil eye.63901:10:29,805 --> 01:10:32,638You are much amused?- Naturally.64001:10:33,876 --> 01:10:36,436I see someone tryingto ward off the evil eye...64101:10:36,646 --> 01:10:39,342While womenon the marketplace...64201:10:39,649 --> 01:10:42,641vie to be seen.64301:10:44,654 --> 01:10:49,387You touch upon eyespeakand you have stolen my heart.64401:10:50,026 --> 01:10:54,588What I took for stone,breathes the life into me.64501:10:57,600 --> 01:11:00,501So you see Dev Babu?On c and Chandramukhi...64601:11:00,603 --> 01:11:03,333didn't I warn you she'scause of such amazement?64701:11:03,606 --> 01:11:06,598Chuni Babu also begins with a c.64801:11:10,613 --> 01:11:13,411Of c's and cause celebresand Chandramukhi...64901:11:13,716 --> 01:11:16,617you saw how clumsyshe made me look?65001:11:53,656 --> 01:11:56,591Jasmine makes fragrant...65101:11:56,826 --> 01:11:59,989her lovely dark tresses.65201:12:01,230 --> 01:12:04,996Radha's face is aglow, electric.65301:12:05,601 --> 01:12:08,593Her gait, seductive.65401:12:51,647 --> 01:12:54,980Krishna stopped her.65501:12:57,186 --> 01:12:59,313He surprised Radha with a kiss.65601:12:59,588 --> 01:13:01,579Surprised Radha with a kiss...65701:13:01,757 --> 01:13:02,917With a kiss.65801:13:02,992 --> 01:13:08,794Radha's veil was slipping away.65901:13:15,071 --> 01:13:21,408Do not tease me,Radha pleaded.66001:13:22,611 --> 01:13:26,604Why are you teasing me?66101:13:42,064 --> 01:13:45,625But Krishna was obstinate.66201:13:45,968 --> 01:13:49,631He shamed Radha.66301:14:01,584 --> 01:14:04,917That night,Krishna wouldn't listen.66401:14:05,221 --> 01:14:10,989But whom could Radha complain to?Krishna wouldn't listen.66501:14:12,862 --> 01:14:16,821Oh, why are you teasing me?66601:14:42,024 --> 01:14:45,391A pot of milk...66701:14:45,561 --> 01:14:47,620Radha carried on her head...66801:14:47,797 --> 01:14:49,628When she heard...66901:14:49,698 --> 01:14:51,529Krishna's footsteps...67001:14:51,634 --> 01:14:53,534and her heart...67101:14:53,636 --> 01:14:56,901skipped a beat.67201:15:07,349 --> 01:15:12,912Radha pleaded, don't hold my armsso hard, then her bangles broke.67301:15:34,643 --> 01:15:37,407But that night...67401:15:37,613 --> 01:15:41,606Whom could Radha complain to?Krishna wouldn't listen.67501:15:42,017 --> 01:15:45,418Oh stop teasing me.67601:16:32,468 --> 01:16:34,595Mesmeric.67701:16:35,137 --> 01:16:41,770Where are you off to? Tarry,the night has just come of age.67801:16:42,278 --> 01:16:47,409I made a big mistake! I shouldn'thave written that letter to Paro.67901:16:49,618 --> 01:16:54,487I want to go to Paro.- Who's Paro? Wait, wait for me.68001:16:58,360 --> 01:17:00,794Bad manners, walking outon a performance.68101:17:00,963 --> 01:17:03,625Dancing to an audienceof drunken men...68201:17:04,033 --> 01:17:06,024is shamelessness.68301:17:10,639 --> 01:17:14,632You are a woman, Chandramukhi.Realise who you are.68401:17:15,110 --> 01:17:19,444Woman, mother, sister,wife, friend.68501:17:20,649 --> 01:17:22,913When she is none...68601:17:23,052 --> 01:17:25,043she is whore.68701:17:25,654 --> 01:17:27,952Could you be some else,Chandramukhi?68801:17:31,060 --> 01:17:33,460Price. For our time together.68901:17:33,996 --> 01:17:36,464Keep it.69001:17:42,171 --> 01:17:43,661Friend...69101:17:44,673 --> 01:17:48,473See? Someone I wantedto stay on, is gone.69201:17:51,080 --> 01:17:56,609In what are you lost?- Such anguish in those eyes.69301:17:58,954 --> 01:18:02,856Does anguish make you anxious?69401:18:04,860 --> 01:18:10,423Have courtesans no hearts?Is she denied the right to love?69501:18:10,632 --> 01:18:14,966Of course! If there be amour,paramour there is too.69601:18:15,637 --> 01:18:17,969Will you do me a favour?- Say it.69701:18:18,307 --> 01:18:21,140For just once,will you bring him?69801:18:21,643 --> 01:18:26,637Promise, I cannot. But try, I shall.Only for you.69901:18:28,050 --> 01:18:32,646Look at her! Paro is as resplendentas the Moon tonight.70001:18:36,158 --> 01:18:40,857Had Devdas been here,he'd know what he has lost.70101:18:41,196 --> 01:18:43,130My Paro is lucky.70201:18:43,332 --> 01:18:45,562Her wedding procession is comingall the way from Manikpur...70301:18:45,667 --> 01:18:47,999like a train of lights.- You haven't seen it.70401:18:48,137 --> 01:18:51,538The bride's mother must not watchher daughter's wedding procession.70501:18:51,774 --> 01:18:54,402Lest the mother givesthe bride the evil eye.70601:18:54,710 --> 01:18:58,942And after tonight no one will evercall her Paro.70701:19:00,616 --> 01:19:02,345Just Parvati.70801:19:02,651 --> 01:19:04,414Kaki-Ma (Kaki Ma: Aunt).70901:19:06,121 --> 01:19:07,918Is Paro in?71001:19:13,362 --> 01:19:16,024The wedding processionis about to arrive.71101:19:16,632 --> 01:19:20,033You can see her.Let's go, Manorama.71201:19:28,777 --> 01:19:31,245I'm back Paro.71301:19:32,014 --> 01:19:35,643Why?- I've come back to you. Forever.71401:19:36,251 --> 01:19:38,651When my wedding processionis at my door?71501:19:40,722 --> 01:19:47,457There's still time. I'll convincemy parents. I'll tell them...71601:19:47,563 --> 01:19:53,331Your parents! Haven't I?If honour matters to your family...71701:19:53,569 --> 01:19:57,096doesn't honour matter to us?Your father may be a landlord.71801:19:57,606 --> 01:20:03,272Doesn't my father count? No matterhow lowly we bride-sellers are...71901:20:03,679 --> 01:20:07,615We never cheat anyone.- I never cheated you, Paro.72001:20:07,850 --> 01:20:11,115Then why did you leave me?And that letter?72101:20:11,386 --> 01:20:15,288Paro you know, your Dev never doesanything deliberately.72201:20:16,758 --> 01:20:18,623I was naive.72301:20:19,628 --> 01:20:25,294Naivete! How naive can you be Dev?On a whim, you give me a bracelet?72401:20:25,634 --> 01:20:28,899On a whim, you write sayingthere's no love lost! Naivete?72501:20:29,638 --> 01:20:34,371Paro forever... another whim?- Paro! Your wedding procession.72601:20:37,446 --> 01:20:39,437Time to part.72701:20:40,916 --> 01:20:44,181I don't accept this marriage!- What difference? I accept.72801:20:45,053 --> 01:20:51,458Then, I'm going to tell everyone...- I went to see you at 2 am.72901:20:52,394 --> 01:20:56,160You want to malign me?- I... malign you?73001:20:56,598 --> 01:21:00,090How could you think?If you ever say that again...73101:21:00,235 --> 01:21:03,500What will you do? Hit me?Ever since I was a child...73201:21:03,605 --> 01:21:07,268have you held me in fief?And when I ask for my right...73301:21:07,409 --> 01:21:11,209you do a volte face?- Enough! Stop it Paro.73401:21:12,781 --> 01:21:15,944Such vanity is no good.- Why should I not be vain?73501:21:16,618 --> 01:21:20,281What are you Dev,but wealthy and handsome?73601:21:21,023 --> 01:21:25,619I possess virtues, beauty.And after tonight, riches too.73701:21:26,161 --> 01:21:28,629From now on, I am morethan an equal to you.73801:21:29,031 --> 01:21:32,967If you be a landlord, I take pridein being an aristocrat.73901:21:39,908 --> 01:21:41,899Such vanity?74001:21:42,644 --> 01:21:48,640Not even the Moon is as vain.- But the Moon is scarred.74101:22:05,601 --> 01:22:07,592What have you done?74201:22:09,605 --> 01:22:16,408I have scarred you, like the Moon.With the mark of my love.74301:22:51,546 --> 01:22:55,983On joyous night...74401:22:57,019 --> 01:23:02,924When her bridal processionarrived...74501:23:03,725 --> 01:23:06,922slowly, a sea of sorrow...74601:23:07,296 --> 01:23:10,288rose, stilled in her eyes.74701:23:10,832 --> 01:23:13,596To lilting lutes...74801:23:14,202 --> 01:23:20,004her eyes told the tale.74901:23:25,714 --> 01:23:28,376AIways, it was you I loved...75001:23:28,617 --> 01:23:31,415and I loved and I loved...75101:23:31,620 --> 01:23:35,021and I loved forever.75201:23:41,129 --> 01:23:47,625Forever I have longed for youas I have longed for nothing else.75301:23:51,039 --> 01:23:53,837My heart has worshipped you...75401:23:54,576 --> 01:23:57,306Worshipped you and worshipped...75501:23:57,746 --> 01:24:00,977and worshipped but none else.75601:24:02,584 --> 01:24:05,382Never...75701:24:05,754 --> 01:24:10,589never, never, never...75801:24:10,759 --> 01:24:12,750and none else.75901:24:56,872 --> 01:25:00,035Sorrow clouds a joy...76001:25:00,575 --> 01:25:03,476shades of anguish darken her...76101:25:03,678 --> 01:25:06,738as she goes to tell her beloved...76201:25:06,982 --> 01:25:10,315only to tell her beloved.76301:25:13,522 --> 01:25:19,586The wound you have left me with...76401:25:20,829 --> 01:25:26,597only adds to my beauty.76501:25:27,335 --> 01:25:33,604My wound I will preserveas your mark...76601:25:33,942 --> 01:25:40,404that anoints my forehead.76701:25:40,782 --> 01:25:42,477My beloved...76801:25:42,617 --> 01:25:44,084oh beloved...76901:25:44,219 --> 01:25:46,210Without you...77001:25:46,421 --> 01:25:48,412my life is incomplete...77101:25:48,623 --> 01:25:50,420vacuous...77201:25:50,625 --> 01:25:52,422empty...77301:25:53,728 --> 01:25:55,992my life is empty...77401:26:08,743 --> 01:26:12,076Carrying memoriesof moments past...77501:26:12,314 --> 01:26:15,442With burdened stepsshe walks...77601:26:15,584 --> 01:26:18,382her heart cries...77701:26:18,653 --> 01:26:21,588her eyes weep...77801:26:21,957 --> 01:26:25,290her heart...77901:26:25,594 --> 01:26:28,085resonates.78001:26:29,130 --> 01:26:31,963Childhood memories...78101:26:35,937 --> 01:26:38,269of relationships...78201:26:38,473 --> 01:26:41,601swinging in the rain...78301:26:42,711 --> 01:26:44,201smiling...78401:26:44,346 --> 01:26:46,007drawing laughter...78501:26:46,114 --> 01:26:49,015annoyed, being placated.78601:26:49,351 --> 01:26:52,411Every moment...78701:26:52,721 --> 01:26:54,712etched into my heart...78801:26:54,823 --> 01:26:56,620in the flames of my lamp...78901:26:56,825 --> 01:27:02,957I am carrying...79001:27:03,298 --> 01:27:06,631away.79101:27:06,801 --> 01:27:09,634My beloved...79201:27:09,971 --> 01:27:11,632Without you...79301:27:11,740 --> 01:27:17,645my life is nothing...79401:27:19,648 --> 01:27:21,912nothing at all.79501:27:27,656 --> 01:27:30,454AIways, you I loved...79601:27:30,659 --> 01:27:32,650and I loved and I loved...79701:27:32,761 --> 01:27:34,422and I loved forever.79801:27:37,999 --> 01:27:41,332I loved, loved, loved.79901:27:44,673 --> 01:27:48,074You, I loved and loved.80001:27:51,513 --> 01:27:54,607I loved and loved.80101:27:58,620 --> 01:28:01,953Only loved and loved and loved.80201:28:27,148 --> 01:28:31,448Deva! Open up!What are you doing?80301:28:31,853 --> 01:28:36,187Open up! What madness is this?- For my sake! Open up.80401:28:36,458 --> 01:28:40,451I said it! Don't tear Deva and Paroapart! But who listens to me?80501:28:40,729 --> 01:28:43,391What's going on?- Look! Tell him something.80601:28:43,665 --> 01:28:47,658Narayan, tell him.- No point. Leave him alone.80701:28:48,069 --> 01:28:50,663The fire will die down on its own.- But look...80801:29:00,315 --> 01:29:02,977Time plays games with everyone.80901:29:04,619 --> 01:29:08,282My daughter treads upon silver now!But look...81001:29:08,690 --> 01:29:12,285Iook at your son. It's your pridethat he sets afire.81101:29:13,061 --> 01:29:15,291Two acts to the melodrama!81201:29:16,031 --> 01:29:18,625In Act Onemy daughter and I danced.81301:29:19,634 --> 01:29:23,229Act TwoNow you and your son will dance.81401:29:49,130 --> 01:29:51,928Why is the new bride so dejected?- Because last night...81501:29:52,033 --> 01:29:55,400husband and bride slept apart.- That's for the first night.81601:29:55,603 --> 01:29:57,594It's said to be ominous.But it's over.81701:29:57,772 --> 01:30:00,400From tonight, man and wifewill sleep together.81801:30:02,877 --> 01:30:04,868Are you harassing the bride?81901:30:05,080 --> 01:30:07,071Sit...sit Parvati.82001:30:07,682 --> 01:30:13,780You know, we had everything here,but the Moon. And now you're here.82101:30:16,324 --> 01:30:18,622Now you arethe lady of the manor.82201:30:18,993 --> 01:30:20,984Also a motherto these children.82301:30:23,164 --> 01:30:25,428From his first wife,Bhuvan has three children.82401:30:25,767 --> 01:30:29,635Your son, Mahendra.- Obeisances, Chhoti-Ma.82501:30:30,672 --> 01:30:34,631And our youngest, little Kalika.- My obeisances, Chhoti-Ma.82601:30:35,276 --> 01:30:37,267And Yashomati, the eldest.82701:30:37,946 --> 01:30:42,212She's angry. You must placate her.82801:30:42,784 --> 01:30:44,547And all of you...82901:30:44,652 --> 01:30:47,450you must adornthe bride exquisitely...83001:30:47,789 --> 01:30:50,053for her nuptial night.83101:30:54,395 --> 01:30:56,386Have you familiarised yourselfwith the manor?83201:30:56,598 --> 01:31:00,329Yes.- You have my word, Parvati...83301:31:00,668 --> 01:31:04,195in this manor, you will haveno problems about anything.83401:31:04,739 --> 01:31:06,934Except one.83501:31:07,475 --> 01:31:11,605It is difficult to bide time here.- Oh but time flies here.83601:31:12,046 --> 01:31:18,610I do not understand?- A while ago I was a new bride.83701:31:19,521 --> 01:31:22,285And in no time, I'm Chhoti-Ma(Chhoti-Ma: Little Mother).83801:31:22,690 --> 01:31:27,024From bride to little Mother,I'm transformed. In no time.83901:31:27,395 --> 01:31:32,094I wish to tell you something.I married because my Ma insisted.84001:31:33,067 --> 01:31:37,367My children needed a mother,and this manor needs a lady.84101:31:38,973 --> 01:31:40,964And you?84201:31:43,645 --> 01:31:47,172Subhadra... was my first wife.84301:31:48,650 --> 01:31:51,915You're now the lady of the manor,the mother of my children...84401:31:52,654 --> 01:31:57,591and my new bride, no doubt.But Subhadra, I can never forget.84501:31:58,593 --> 01:32:03,929The ominous first night may be over.But we will stay distanced, forever.84601:32:05,066 --> 01:32:09,264My mistake or my sin,call it what you may...84701:32:09,771 --> 01:32:11,762but do forgive me.84801:32:27,322 --> 01:32:31,019Good morning friend, good morning.You're lucky, my friend.84901:32:31,426 --> 01:32:34,293I ask help of the spiritsto knock me out of my senses.85001:32:34,529 --> 01:32:38,431You won't even touch the spiritsand yet you are inebriated?85101:32:39,167 --> 01:32:46,130You missed telling me? Or madea pariah of me? Paro and paramour.85201:32:47,842 --> 01:32:50,640Both spelt with p! Your stuporhas unravelled all your secrets.85301:32:52,080 --> 01:32:54,014Who brought me here?85401:32:54,582 --> 01:33:00,578My loveris so faithless.85501:33:02,290 --> 01:33:06,989How regrettable, to be rescuedoff the streets by a prostitute.85601:33:09,664 --> 01:33:15,330This one is an ingrate Chuni Babu!Bites me for the love I gave him.85701:33:15,603 --> 01:33:20,006My word! She helped you out ofhumane concern. You were sick.85801:33:20,174 --> 01:33:25,009She picked you up from the streets.You've come to, after two days.85901:33:25,613 --> 01:33:30,607She never slept a wink, nursed you,sat through your cries for Paro.86001:33:31,319 --> 01:33:34,186Insult instead of gratitude?86101:33:34,422 --> 01:33:41,294Let it pass. It's a landlord trait.Never mind their little trespasses.86201:33:42,797 --> 01:33:47,632You left as if, forever.But as luck would have it...86301:33:47,769 --> 01:33:51,034I find you once again.Medicine...86401:33:51,973 --> 01:33:54,373you need it. Now.86501:33:56,644 --> 01:34:00,171Your medicine, I don't need.I'd rather have lain there.86601:34:00,581 --> 01:34:05,985Just fall unconscious once again.I'll dump you where I found you.86701:34:06,254 --> 01:34:08,245Yes Chuni Babu?86801:34:12,927 --> 01:34:14,588What is this?- Chuni Babu says...86901:34:14,996 --> 01:34:19,262you've been here for two nights.Lamps in your boudoir went unlit.87001:34:20,068 --> 01:34:23,401This is price. For two nightsyou wasted on me.87101:34:28,609 --> 01:34:32,409Now I know,why Paro abandoned you.87201:34:33,614 --> 01:34:37,277Let alone love,you don't even deserve sympathy.87301:34:38,086 --> 01:34:42,420Hear Chuni Babu?A courtesan talking of romance.87401:34:43,624 --> 01:34:48,789Am I to learn of her what love is,what romance be? What is amour?87501:34:49,097 --> 01:34:54,899Love mirrored in your soul, amourGod's gift to life's design, romance.87601:34:57,672 --> 01:35:02,769How regrettable Chuni BabuYour friend possesses none...87701:35:03,111 --> 01:35:06,171of soul, or intent or purpose.87801:35:06,848 --> 01:35:10,579That thing you flashtime and again Dev Babu...87901:35:11,386 --> 01:35:14,116the money, it lies at the feetof harlots in brothels.88001:35:14,956 --> 01:35:20,588If you be so vain, return to mewhat I spent on you.88101:35:21,662 --> 01:35:23,323Two nights.88201:35:23,598 --> 01:35:28,399You owe me 2 nights, Dev Babu.No more shall I dance...88301:35:28,603 --> 01:35:33,597not until you come.These eyes will await you.88401:35:37,645 --> 01:35:44,608F for friendship, she came seeking,you found a foe. You owe two nights.88501:35:46,754 --> 01:35:49,951O'faithless lover.88601:35:58,266 --> 01:36:00,257Music plays.88701:36:01,169 --> 01:36:03,160Let slip the veil.88801:36:05,640 --> 01:36:08,165Let the revelry begin.88901:36:08,576 --> 01:36:16,574Revelry awaits you, Chandramukhi.- No, not until Dev Babu arrives.89001:36:20,288 --> 01:36:23,985Pure gold.Custom made, in Lucknow.89101:36:24,926 --> 01:36:26,860I also have a gold nose ring.89201:36:26,994 --> 01:36:29,929I wish to tie the dancing bellsto your feet.89301:36:31,599 --> 01:36:34,830Do wear the nose ring andallow me to unscrew it afterwards.89401:36:35,069 --> 01:36:41,065Desist from such ardour Kali Babu.Get too close and you will burn...89501:36:41,609 --> 01:36:44,407in the very lamps that light upnights of revelry.89601:36:45,012 --> 01:36:49,608At the next instance of insolenceI'll give you a nose ring and...89701:36:49,951 --> 01:36:52,852the rest of the revelersmay take pleasure in unscrewing.89801:36:53,020 --> 01:36:55,614In a marketplacefull of beauties...89901:36:55,723 --> 01:36:59,022such spiritis what draws me to you.90001:36:59,961 --> 01:37:03,294But the one youawait so eagerly...90101:37:03,698 --> 01:37:07,634has no interestin you or your music.90201:37:09,070 --> 01:37:15,634It was some Paro's firefly that raninto your fires crying Paro-Paro.90301:37:16,444 --> 01:37:22,644Never will he return, Chandramukhi.- He will come, he will Kali Babu.90401:37:24,652 --> 01:37:30,648You will see. That's from my heart.- Why not take on a bet?90501:37:32,827 --> 01:37:35,660If he doesn't come beforethe candle has burnt out...90601:37:36,063 --> 01:37:39,055then you will wear thesedancing bells...90701:37:39,667 --> 01:37:42,568only for my pleasure.- I accept.90801:37:45,373 --> 01:37:47,364And if he comes...90901:37:47,675 --> 01:37:53,477then you shall leavewearing these very dancing bells.91001:37:58,686 --> 01:38:00,119Agreed.91101:38:30,117 --> 01:38:32,551Whose footfall?91201:38:33,521 --> 01:38:35,648Whose shadow?91301:38:36,824 --> 01:38:39,156Who knocks at my heart?91401:38:40,161 --> 01:38:42,652Who is come?91501:38:53,841 --> 01:38:59,609Who paints me this emerald?91601:39:00,248 --> 01:39:04,241My joy...91701:39:06,053 --> 01:39:08,044is killing me.91801:40:08,916 --> 01:40:15,617No Moon I ever desired...91901:40:18,659 --> 01:40:22,993nor stars I ever seeked...92001:40:23,364 --> 01:40:26,629complaints I have none...92101:40:29,937 --> 01:40:33,634every sorrow I have hidden...92201:40:34,375 --> 01:40:38,368every taunt I laughed off...92301:40:39,647 --> 01:40:45,313thorns I embraced...92401:40:45,753 --> 01:40:51,658their blossoms have wounded me.92501:40:58,599 --> 01:41:04,595But whenever I have prayed...92601:41:05,139 --> 01:41:07,403of The Lord...92701:41:07,608 --> 01:41:10,600I have always seeked you.92801:41:24,625 --> 01:41:27,287Who paints me this emerald?92901:41:27,528 --> 01:41:30,429Is killing me.93001:41:30,631 --> 01:41:33,623I'm slain.93101:43:12,600 --> 01:43:18,004You aren't accustomed to the drink.Why drink beyond your limits?93201:43:22,142 --> 01:43:24,610What fool drinksto stay within limits?93301:43:26,046 --> 01:43:28,947I drink that I may force myselfto stay on...93401:43:30,885 --> 01:43:36,152looking at you,tolerating you...93501:43:37,791 --> 01:43:40,851that I may lose my senses,to help me forget Paro.93601:43:41,195 --> 01:43:42,457But Chandramukhi...93701:43:42,630 --> 01:43:45,622such are memories of Paro, theywon't even let me lose my senses.93801:43:48,636 --> 01:43:53,164Why, after all I drink, do memoriesof her haunt me day and night?93901:43:54,775 --> 01:43:56,367Why...94001:43:57,578 --> 01:43:59,569oh why?94101:44:02,983 --> 01:44:05,577Why, does man become so naive?94201:44:08,589 --> 01:44:10,580Why make mistakes?94301:44:11,592 --> 01:44:16,393Why... for foible...so harsh a punishment?94401:44:19,600 --> 01:44:21,591As to be rent asunder?94501:44:23,370 --> 01:44:26,601One enters matrimony,and the other?94601:44:38,619 --> 01:44:40,917Slain.94701:44:54,635 --> 01:44:57,763In what fain folly...94801:44:58,038 --> 01:45:00,131he forsakes the lotus?94901:45:00,574 --> 01:45:02,804For a paper flower?95001:45:08,048 --> 01:45:10,039I fall...95101:45:13,621 --> 01:45:17,057Touch me not!I despise you!95201:45:18,058 --> 01:45:21,926I can't bear to see womancome to this. Begone.95301:45:25,399 --> 01:45:28,163Never again shallI stand at this door.95401:45:31,105 --> 01:45:33,869But yes, wheneverI come to think of Paro, I shall.95501:45:34,775 --> 01:45:38,267And come the guilt pangs,I shall come.95601:45:41,415 --> 01:45:44,179For where else can I go?95701:45:46,620 --> 01:45:51,319There... I have sentenced myself.- Why punish yourself so?95801:45:52,960 --> 01:45:56,157Because every day,my heart is put to trial.95901:46:09,777 --> 01:46:12,245Every day,this romance is tried.96001:46:16,583 --> 01:46:19,108But every day,the verdict is the same.96101:46:30,764 --> 01:46:32,527You are convicted.96201:47:11,638 --> 01:47:13,037Paro.96301:47:16,877 --> 01:47:21,075Our Parvati decides whateverhappens in the manor.96401:47:21,949 --> 01:47:25,942The new bride has laid to restall my worries.96501:47:26,720 --> 01:47:30,656With Parvati's arrival ourlost days of joys are here again.96601:47:31,658 --> 01:47:35,992Meet Yashomati's mother-in-lawThis is Parvati.96701:47:36,663 --> 01:47:39,154To Bhuvan Chaudhary,you'd more likely be...96801:47:39,399 --> 01:47:43,460a daughter than his wife.- Whatever I am to him...96901:47:43,871 --> 01:47:48,672you and I are like sisters.We should be embracing each other.97001:47:48,876 --> 01:47:51,868But you are many yearsmy elder.97101:47:52,179 --> 01:47:58,345From what I see, in Manikpur, wivesare better endowed than daughters.97201:47:58,619 --> 01:48:03,022No Badi-Ma?- Our daughters, we send away...97301:48:03,323 --> 01:48:09,023in hope that they will be cared for,but we're disappointed. No, Badi-Ma?97401:48:11,331 --> 01:48:14,630Yashomati.I was eager to meet you.97501:48:15,035 --> 01:48:19,972We ought not to be cross with kin.You and I are of the same age.97601:48:20,307 --> 01:48:23,299So you decide,how we will relate to each other.97701:48:23,510 --> 01:48:26,172Mother and daughter?Or friends?97801:48:28,048 --> 01:48:30,039Ma.97901:48:34,521 --> 01:48:38,924What's this, Ma? All this?- Gifts, from your Ma.98001:48:39,459 --> 01:48:41,359You'll look great.98101:48:43,330 --> 01:48:47,266Will you keep to your daughter?Won't you give us company?98201:48:47,568 --> 01:48:53,564I do not like the smoking pot.- The smoking pot has pride of place.98301:48:53,774 --> 01:48:58,211I don't think so, no pride in whatgoes up in smoke.98401:48:58,412 --> 01:49:01,609Wonderful, mother-in-law!I delight in your words.98501:49:02,716 --> 01:49:07,619I have been so eager to see you.We missed each other's weddings.98601:49:08,322 --> 01:49:09,880My obeisances.98701:49:14,828 --> 01:49:19,197Touching your feet was a pleasure.I have been given my wish.98801:49:20,634 --> 01:49:23,296How I wish I had attendedyour wedding...98901:49:23,704 --> 01:49:26,901if only to have my wish ofpulling you up by your ear.99001:49:28,208 --> 01:49:31,302Pulling you up by the earwas a pleasure.99101:49:33,447 --> 01:49:36,314This first acquaintance, I shallalways remember, mother-in-law.99201:49:37,117 --> 01:49:39,449Remember the relationship too.99301:50:06,280 --> 01:50:12,150Mr Landlord! Hurry up!Look, Paro is here.99401:50:12,619 --> 01:50:14,610Paro! How have you been?99501:50:14,688 --> 01:50:16,679I've been expecting you for days.- Why the crowd next-door?99601:50:16,790 --> 01:50:19,281Is everything all right?- Narayan Mukherjee.99701:50:19,426 --> 01:50:23,294Breathing his last- Shouldn't we be there?99801:50:23,730 --> 01:50:25,721My heart won't let me.99901:50:26,099 --> 01:50:33,028Will you see the man who told youand your mother to run a brothel?100001:50:33,740 --> 01:50:38,643Let not mistaken vanitydestroy relationships.100101:50:40,747 --> 01:50:42,977I'm going over.100201:50:45,652 --> 01:50:48,177The entire village, all relativescame to pay their respects.100301:50:48,388 --> 01:50:54,384But no news of his dear son Devdas?How sad.100401:50:55,729 --> 01:50:58,596And here comes someonewho has nothing to do.100501:50:59,633 --> 01:51:02,397Look Babu-ji,who's here to see you.100601:51:03,603 --> 01:51:04,831Devdas?100701:51:05,005 --> 01:51:07,599Master, your Paro is here.100801:51:12,612 --> 01:51:14,944No, no Babu-ji.100901:51:17,084 --> 01:51:22,954When you were children, I'd ask youto find Dev whenever he was lost.101001:51:24,524 --> 01:51:28,858I've forfeited myself the right,haven't I, Sumitra?101101:51:30,097 --> 01:51:32,964All night, he was asking,"Where's Dev-where's Dev?"101201:51:34,434 --> 01:51:37,631Now where do I look for him,my tempest?101301:51:45,645 --> 01:51:47,442What happened?101401:51:53,253 --> 01:51:56,381If I am so despicable, if my touchbe so abhorrent, then why...101501:51:56,590 --> 01:51:58,581did you come into my life?101601:51:58,959 --> 01:52:03,225In my solitude I was content,why be my messiah of misery?101701:52:07,701 --> 01:52:11,694That stopped the spasm didn't it?Divert your attentions and...101801:52:11,838 --> 01:52:15,604the deepest wounds may be healed.- Which is what I am upto.101901:52:16,676 --> 01:52:19,611Stop it, you've had enough.102001:52:22,516 --> 01:52:28,614Why not say I've lived enough?- How could I?102101:52:30,157 --> 01:52:37,086You have Paro, memories of ParoAll I have is you, my Midas.102201:52:37,831 --> 01:52:40,425A touchand iron is made to gold.102301:52:41,902 --> 01:52:47,807Are you pricing yourself or me?- In a world of relationships...102401:52:47,941 --> 01:52:51,638What value a womanof easy virtue? Nothing.102501:52:52,045 --> 01:52:55,913Besides, you won't even give methe right to touch you.102601:52:59,586 --> 01:53:06,583Are you in love with me?- Or you could ask me if I breathe.102701:53:09,596 --> 01:53:11,996You breathe, Chandramukhi?102801:53:16,236 --> 01:53:19,603What will you get out of it?I have no home, no heart.102901:53:21,608 --> 01:53:28,070Loving isn't only about receiving.Love, I have traded many times.103001:53:28,982 --> 01:53:31,815But loved, I have but once.103101:53:36,957 --> 01:53:40,620Pour more into a chalice filled,and what happens?103201:53:42,896 --> 01:53:45,228It spills,to the ground.103301:53:48,635 --> 01:53:52,435So too my cup floweth over,with Paro.103401:53:54,274 --> 01:53:56,902More can only spill...103501:53:57,144 --> 01:54:03,913to fall, and in the falling,take you down too.103601:54:05,886 --> 01:54:13,122But in the spilling, the winemust've been caressed by the chalice.103701:54:24,004 --> 01:54:25,995Then spill...103801:54:27,607 --> 01:54:29,598some more.103901:54:40,954 --> 01:54:44,412Where is Devdas?I must see him.104001:54:45,025 --> 01:54:50,429Asleep. You can't see him now.- Can I not? I'm here to take him.104101:54:50,630 --> 01:54:52,621I'm not leaving himin this hell.104201:54:55,969 --> 01:54:58,563Master!- Who gave you my whereabouts?104301:54:58,905 --> 01:55:00,566Chuni Babu.104401:55:00,874 --> 01:55:01,863Babu-ji...104501:55:01,942 --> 01:55:05,571Babu-ji won't even see my facewhy has he sent you?104601:55:06,580 --> 01:55:10,914Anyway, he will be displeasedto see me as I am.104701:55:13,587 --> 01:55:17,580Sir Narayan Mukherjee will haveto hang his head in shame.104801:55:22,596 --> 01:55:26,589Go Dharamdas, go away.- Listen Deva...104901:55:30,136 --> 01:55:32,604Your father is no more.105001:56:35,602 --> 01:56:37,399Too bad.105101:56:40,674 --> 01:56:44,610All of a sudden... how?105201:56:47,614 --> 01:56:49,605He was a nice man.105301:56:51,418 --> 01:56:53,613Such men aren't born too often.105401:57:04,464 --> 01:57:06,625Babu-ji has earned...105501:57:10,303 --> 01:57:12,635another title, no?105601:57:13,740 --> 01:57:17,039Late Sir Narayan Mukherjee.105701:57:18,778 --> 01:57:21,042We loved each other dearly.105801:57:22,649 --> 01:57:26,050But too bad, this is too bad.105901:57:32,092 --> 01:57:34,652Late, Sir Mukherjee...106001:57:38,531 --> 01:57:40,999Was a good man.106101:57:45,071 --> 01:57:48,666Does Devdas drink every day?- When doesn't he drink?106201:57:49,075 --> 01:57:51,669Alcohol, day and night.Lives on it.106301:57:52,312 --> 01:57:55,941Why don't you stop him?- But only if he'd stay at home.106401:57:56,282 --> 01:57:59,513Rarely does he come home.There he lies in Chitpore...106501:57:59,619 --> 01:58:01,985in Chandramukhi's brothel,all day.106601:58:02,422 --> 01:58:05,414The room upstairs is practicallyDeva's residence.106701:58:06,626 --> 01:58:09,288Devdas! He lives in a brothel?106801:58:11,498 --> 01:58:14,023Such days I have lived to see.106901:58:14,634 --> 01:58:18,502Have you seen Chandramukhi?- When I went to fetch Deva...107001:58:18,638 --> 01:58:21,630I saw her.- What is she like?107101:58:22,642 --> 01:58:28,638Sweet deceit, as they say.Famous courtesan, uses her charms.107201:58:28,882 --> 01:58:35,048She plunders, he squanders. We mustrescue our Deva from the hell, Paro.107301:58:35,655 --> 01:58:39,648I cannot tell him anything,but he'll surely listen to you.107401:58:40,059 --> 01:58:43,051He holds you in high esteem,he can't refuse you.107501:58:43,463 --> 01:58:45,454Please Didi, tell her.107601:58:45,665 --> 01:58:49,658Only you can stop him, Paro.Only you can stop him from drinking.107701:58:50,003 --> 01:58:54,269Dharamdas, get a hold on yourself.- You'll see him won't you?107801:59:00,513 --> 01:59:04,609Paro, do you want me to malign you,to give you a bad name?107901:59:05,051 --> 01:59:09,317Had we given ourselves a bad name,we might've ended up together.108001:59:13,893 --> 01:59:17,624You're happy, aren't you Paro?- Oh it's a different world, Dev.108101:59:18,631 --> 01:59:23,432Huge manor, vast estates,important people, great debates.108201:59:23,636 --> 01:59:29,040Great debates!You've matured Paro.108301:59:30,643 --> 01:59:35,637You even look like an aristocrat.Huge red dot, large eyes...108401:59:36,349 --> 01:59:38,647big dreams...108501:59:39,185 --> 01:59:41,449huge manors,vast estates...108601:59:41,654 --> 01:59:45,454and grown-up children.108701:59:54,400 --> 01:59:56,994Those large eyes,I can keep watching.108801:59:58,605 --> 02:00:01,938But I can't bear to seebig teardrops in those eyes.108902:00:04,611 --> 02:00:08,308Just as well that you came by.I got some things I wish to return.109002:00:08,915 --> 02:00:12,976Who knows, I might never return.109102:00:14,621 --> 02:00:16,612Come...109202:00:18,024 --> 02:00:20,015come with me.109302:00:22,629 --> 02:00:24,620Stand right here.109402:00:31,104 --> 02:00:32,628Look...109502:00:32,772 --> 02:00:35,639at yourself. Remember?109602:00:38,545 --> 02:00:40,445Arre O'Deva.109702:00:44,517 --> 02:00:46,644What happened Paro?109802:00:46,953 --> 02:00:49,444Deva, I lost my anklets.Have you seen them?109902:00:50,657 --> 02:00:53,148No Paro, not l.110002:00:54,594 --> 02:00:56,494I stole them.110102:00:56,663 --> 02:01:00,099And you knew I did itand why I did it.110202:01:03,603 --> 02:01:05,195All day, the chime of your anklets,and-Deva-this-and-Deva-that...110302:01:05,405 --> 02:01:07,600And your pot.110402:01:08,041 --> 02:01:10,942And here, the mementoof our love, our parting.110502:01:11,678 --> 02:01:14,613You just left, that was the endof the relationship.110602:01:15,148 --> 02:01:17,616But I'm still tiedto all these, Paro.110702:01:18,618 --> 02:01:20,609And I am tiedto memories of you.110802:01:20,820 --> 02:01:23,618What's that?- A few coins.110902:01:23,690 --> 02:01:26,625Three Rupees.- All they're worth are memories.111002:01:27,226 --> 02:01:29,888Mine, aren't they? You thief.111102:01:32,632 --> 02:01:36,193I'll take them back,but only with usury.111202:01:37,637 --> 02:01:40,970How much interest will you take?- Two percent.111302:01:42,642 --> 02:01:45,338At two percent...111402:01:46,045 --> 02:01:48,104six cents a month111502:01:48,348 --> 02:01:50,33972 cents a year.111602:01:51,050 --> 02:01:53,041For 13 years...111702:01:53,920 --> 02:01:55,91113 years, Paro111802:01:56,589 --> 02:01:58,5809.36.111902:01:59,926 --> 02:02:05,091You've become good at arithmetic.- Circumstance taught me, Paro.112002:02:05,932 --> 02:02:07,923Let's talk of something else.112102:02:09,836 --> 02:02:15,331Paro, why not turn matchmakerand find a bride for Devdas?112202:02:15,708 --> 02:02:23,274I hear Manikpur girls are nice?- Yes, but you want a beauty, no?112302:02:23,516 --> 02:02:26,781No, not a beauty.Just someone like you.112402:02:29,422 --> 02:02:32,949Someone who is pleasant?- No, must be a bit naughty.112502:02:33,059 --> 02:02:37,155Should be able to quarrel with me.Like I said, she should be like you.112602:02:37,864 --> 02:02:40,856You can find them by the thousands.- Spare me the thousands.112702:02:41,134 --> 02:02:43,625Just let me come to grips withonly one, of the likes you. Enough.112802:02:47,740 --> 02:02:51,642Give up drinking.- No.112902:02:51,911 --> 02:02:53,242Try.- No.113002:02:53,379 --> 02:02:56,576You can give it up. Promise methat you'll never drink again.113102:02:56,849 --> 02:02:59,579Can you promiseyou'll forget me?113202:03:03,589 --> 02:03:05,580It's rather late, Paro.113302:03:08,761 --> 02:03:10,991I'm not leavinguntil I have your word.113402:03:11,164 --> 02:03:12,597I can't.- You can.113502:03:12,765 --> 02:03:17,327One can do anything one wants.- Can you elope with me tonight?113602:03:17,603 --> 02:03:19,833What are you saying?- Can you elope with me?113702:03:19,939 --> 02:03:22,737You've no one to look after you.- Can you elope with me?113802:03:22,942 --> 02:03:27,402I had only one dream. To serve you.- If there's love, there's no fear.113902:03:27,613 --> 02:03:31,413One chance to fulfill my dream?- Can you elope with me? Can you?114002:03:31,617 --> 02:03:34,415Come with me. I'll care for you.- Can you elope with me, Paro?114102:03:34,554 --> 02:03:37,614I can't bear to see you like this!I feel like dying, Dev.114202:03:38,825 --> 02:03:41,157I feel like dying.114302:03:42,628 --> 02:03:49,192If serving me makes you happy,then so be it.114402:03:51,637 --> 02:03:57,576I promise you, before I dieI'll surely come to your doorstep.114502:04:01,481 --> 02:04:04,177Swear that, by me.114602:04:27,974 --> 02:04:29,771Heartless.114702:04:37,817 --> 02:04:41,378Your mother is squandering money.Given so charitable a disposition...114802:04:41,521 --> 02:04:45,958soon the coffers will be empty.- Absolutely right, Kumud.114902:04:46,626 --> 02:04:52,622But how can I stop Ma?- You're such a complete fool.115002:04:53,866 --> 02:05:00,101You can't. But I can stop her.- You will stop her? But how?115102:05:02,642 --> 02:05:06,578The keys to the vault? With you?Ma has been looking for them.115202:05:10,983 --> 02:05:15,784I've hidden the keys.You will say that the keys are lost.115302:05:15,955 --> 02:05:19,152What?- The vault keys are lost.115402:05:20,593 --> 02:05:24,393And the vault has been robbed.115502:05:29,602 --> 02:05:31,399The key...115602:05:31,604 --> 02:05:33,265to the money.115702:05:35,608 --> 02:05:38,600Brother-in-law! You?So early? In the offices?115802:05:39,178 --> 02:05:43,342And alcohol? Without as muchas a care for the family prestige?115902:05:43,749 --> 02:05:46,946What will people say?What will your mother think?116002:05:47,620 --> 02:05:50,418You didn't consider thatwhen you were stealing the keys?116102:05:50,690 --> 02:05:55,354What will people say?What will your Chhoto-Ma think?116202:05:55,561 --> 02:05:59,088The wealth of our forefathersmay not be squandered over alcohol.116302:06:00,266 --> 02:06:04,259The keys left by our forefathersmay not be stolen like this.116402:06:04,604 --> 02:06:08,438I'm making this clear.Under no circumstance...116502:06:08,574 --> 02:06:12,738am I parting with the keys.- You will turn in the keys.116602:06:13,980 --> 02:06:16,915Today and now.116702:06:19,318 --> 02:06:20,979Right here.116802:06:22,588 --> 02:06:24,488To my mother.116902:06:24,690 --> 02:06:29,457Do not think I am so weak. I toohail from a family of landlords.117002:06:29,795 --> 02:06:32,389I have seen money by the chestfulsin my father's house.117102:06:33,866 --> 02:06:36,858Have you seen the streak of madnessthat runs in the family?117202:06:45,745 --> 02:06:48,407What are you upto, Dev?- Brother you surely agree that...117302:06:48,614 --> 02:06:55,417I have as much right as you to thewealth that our forefathers left us.117402:06:55,855 --> 02:06:58,346Yes. Why are youpouring alcohol?117502:07:03,629 --> 02:07:09,499I'm putting on fire my share.Save your share if you can.117602:07:11,637 --> 02:07:16,631I'll give you anything you want!- As of now...117702:07:17,543 --> 02:07:20,444only the keys.- Which you will never have.117802:07:26,919 --> 02:07:29,717Kumud! Give him the keys.Else, he'll burn down the office.117902:07:29,922 --> 02:07:33,380Let him do whatever he wants.I'm not scared of empty threats.118002:07:40,666 --> 02:07:43,567He's actually burning the place down!Call Chhoto-Ma.118102:07:43,703 --> 02:07:45,796Give him the keys, Kumud.- No.118202:07:45,938 --> 02:07:47,929He's crazy!Are you out of your mind too?118302:07:48,007 --> 02:07:49,736No!- Give him the keys.118402:07:50,176 --> 02:07:52,167What's up Kumud?118502:07:52,845 --> 02:07:55,609What's happening in this house?118602:08:02,621 --> 02:08:05,954You were looking for the keysto the vault, weren't you?118702:08:06,425 --> 02:08:10,623I caught him with the keysand he threatened me.118802:08:11,030 --> 02:08:15,296He won't part with the keysand he wants his share.118902:08:15,634 --> 02:08:21,630Else, he'll burn the house down.I pleaded with him...119002:08:24,643 --> 02:08:27,441You want your share?119102:08:31,650 --> 02:08:33,641That is your only share.119202:08:36,088 --> 02:08:38,318No one in this houseever understood you.119302:08:38,758 --> 02:08:41,454All of us are responsiblefor your ruination.119402:08:41,861 --> 02:08:46,992Before we lead youto worse, leave this house.119502:08:47,666 --> 02:08:51,466Babu-ji said leave the village.Everyone said, leave Paro.119602:08:51,737 --> 02:08:56,401Paro said, leave drinking.Now you say, leave this house.119702:08:56,709 --> 02:08:59,041One day, He will say...119802:09:00,012 --> 02:09:02,606leave this world.119902:09:04,350 --> 02:09:07,615Hereby I rescind all my rightsto everything in this house.120002:09:11,624 --> 02:09:16,425But I am part of you. That rightno one takes away from me.120102:09:17,096 --> 02:09:19,087Not even you.120202:10:15,521 --> 02:10:17,819It's no easy undertaking,it's an ancient ritual.120302:10:18,190 --> 02:10:24,186For the ritual, one must fetchthe soil from a courtesan's doorstep.120402:10:24,830 --> 02:10:27,958In that soil, is builtthe i