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This is Bhumi. A

world where the silhouettes of colossal beasts can be seen rs of legend command stalking across the horizon; where Gods, Daemons and Warrio terrifying magic, capable of devastating entire armies. race inhabiting an unnamed A war is coming. Foretold by the Darkseers - a reclusive Shallows. Moreover, to that region of Bhumi, their focuses have been turned to The t darkness that threatens which lies deep within The Shallows to an unyielding, ferven to extinguish the life of all it envelops. by a 5-tailed Daemon-King. Between Bhumi and The Shallows, stands a single army, led surable personal sacrifice. Sworn to protect the world of men, his is an almost immea in turn stirring treacherous Whispers of the coming war bring unrest to Bhumi, t one another behind closed thoughts that corrupt Kingdoms. Provinces conspire agains doors. Bhumi is crumbling from within. of provinces, a forsaken son Far away, in Eathaar the largest and perhaps most tranquil learn that his destiny has will find his home in a humble, idyllic village. There he will he must find within himself been bound to the struggle surrounding The Shallows, that perhaps most importantly, the strength to fight on when those he relies on cannot and from. that some fights, no matter how unjust cannot be walked away ts to a chance meeting Abandoned as a newborn to a river and carried by her curren first chapter of this story will with an Assassin, a Charioteer, a Daemon and her son. The d in one of them a seed of explore the events that intertwined their fates and plante ten; never diminishing, it hatred. One so pure that it can be neither denied nor forgot nts - yearning for something burns furiously, searing the heart of the individual it torme capable of turning even the purest of hearts wicked Revenge.

and wide, hailing from countries far vibrant heart of Hong in theFluid Frictions international in-house team is based Kong. Working on each step of the creative process, from the very first conceptual discussions to the moment each book goes to print our mission is to create graphic novels of the highest calibre. Combining rich storylines with outstanding artwork to create dynamic, emotive and engaging stories. With DevaShard we want to create a world so vast that it stretches far beyond the confines of the page. Borrowing heavily from the Mahabharata, an existing historic text - every effort was made to create a narrative that is both fresh and consistent to the original. Think of each graphic novel as a brief glimpse into this vibrant, living world - with each story that unfolds offering a little insight into the lives of those it portrays. Its only when youre totally immersed in a story that you can fully appreciate the escapism it provides. Our aim is simple - we want you to escape; from the moment you eye the first page of a Fluid Friction graphic novel to the last panel of each closing chapter. Whether its a white knuckle, action packed page-turner, or a profoundly moving, weighty drama; your pure, unadulterated enjoyment is our goal. www.fluidfriction.com

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