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Designing Environments Portfolio

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Designing Environments Portfolio Robert Pitman

ID: 835547 ENVS 10004

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Site – Union Lawn

Investigating the Union Lawn, I explored the changes in

Climate on the Site. Climate factors such as Temperature

and Shade were taken into account and measured

through observation and being on the Site.

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Spatial Composition - Model

My first design project allowed me to explore the

usage of materials to aid in the project, and to

construct a model associated with it. Spatial

compositions such as Framework was

experimented on.

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Land forming - Model

Exploring Landforms helped me to

understand it’s techniques of

Extrusion and Subtraction with

different forms of them such as

stepping and cutting which I used in

my Model.

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Assemblage - Model

Assemblage involves using strategies such as Disjunction, Grafting and Smoothing to bring both Spatial

Composition and Landforming techniques together. My use of Smoothing in my model allows for a pattern

combination of the two techniques but in a smooth bendable shape where they are incorporated without

resistances from either technique.

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Narrative Collage


In the far future, Mankind has

managed to traverse and

conquer the majority of the

Milky Way. Situated throughout

the galaxy are countless hubs

and relay stations, areas of rest

and relaxation for the countless

travellers among the stars. Such

stations exist to allow for the

interaction between mankind,

robots and aliens, coexisting in

harmony. Space for interaction

may exist on the exterior, with

the floor electro-magnetised to

keep them from floating away

and there is space for

interaction on the interior,

where you can wander with

helmets off, both areas allowing

everyone to observe the shared

starry darkness, the final


I created this collage to portray the experience and interaction of people that I want to put forth in my design. An unrealistic scenario involving my Program of Meeting

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Super Imposition Collage

The Collage involved super imposing the plans of my Spatial Composition, Landforming and Assemblage Models. Using tracing paper, I layered and drew parts from each plan onto it, having them drawn over

one another in order to produce the image that seems like a combination of shapes and patterns. On this cleaned up version of my sketch above, I represented the level of depth of imposition with different

shades of grey, the colours getting brighter as the different layers are placed on top of one another

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Experience Collage

My experience collage of

my place of meeting

situated in an unrealistic

situation. I also

experimented with the

impact of Metal material

and how it can be edited

for aesthetic such as

cutting into stripes,

facades and corten.

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Final Project – Plan

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Final Project - Sections

My Final design of my Sections included the section cut’s location on the plan and showed the thickness levels and usage of different types of my designated material - Metal. Along with the Section is a Part of a

Section as a 2D experience Collage showing the actual design in the unrealistic setting with Program and also a diagram representing the viewpoints and area of sight at certain points from users of the building.

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Final Project - Model

My model for a place of meeting on Union Lawn utilises and represents its use of Metal. The Model

material have been edited on in order to represent the Metal texture – for example the use of

metal coloured spray paint. Despite being built in layers, my model has somewhat bent and

diagonal parts to show the extent that metal can be warped. Levels also show area of enclosed and

open areas to provide different ways people can meet in the building.

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Final Project - Experience

The Metal itself shows it protective power by

showing how damaging the outside

atmosphere is, in order to make people feel

safe in and around the building. This is shown

in the Metal’s damage by weathering or a

‘corten’, the colour change from grey to

brown along with rust indicate what the

building is protecting people from.

The experience I wanted to portray

through my program and material is that

the Metal used is a representation of a

guardian, a being that protects those

around it, gathering them all together to

protect them, like how a building can

contain multiple people under its roof.