Designing and Printing Labels Presentation.  Largest North American Screen Ink manufacturer ◦ UV, water-base and solvent-based screen printing inks,

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  • Designing and Printing Labels Presentation
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  • Largest North American Screen Ink manufacturer UV, water-base and solvent-based screen printing inks, flexographic inks, and wide-format digital inks 87 Years of Inks and Coatings innovation 4 Manufacturing facilities 13 branch locations worldwide ISO9001:2000 Certified
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  • A support service concerned with safety, health, environmental, government regulations and transportation related affairs Consist of 3 individuals (over 43 years combined experience) Read, interpret and apply laws & regulations EH&S regulations far outweigh US Tax Code Incorporate legal and scientific knowledge to a business environment Communicate and provide guidance on legal and scientific matters
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  • Coordinate all EH&S programs Liaison between Nazdar and regulating agencies Develop MSDSs, labels and any other documents relating to current regulations Track all federal, state, local and provincial laws Control all hazardous waste operations Obtain all necessary regulatory permits Complete all regulatory reporting requirements Develop guidelines for shipment of all products from Nazdar Regulatory resource for new building development and company acquisitions Resource for all of our customers in addition to MSDS requests, answer any regulatory questions
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  • Legacy system outdated Needed flexibility Control over MSDS formats - no IT involvement Graphics Consistency Global compliance One system to handle everything Regulatory related MSDSs, Labels, supplemental documents
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  • Live in March 2008 1 st time attending Not purchased label designer yet Vendor booths Introduced to Brandywine Labels Contacts: Steve Donze / Chris Campbell Brandywine Label Booth See label technology first hand Live demonstrations with actual printer Unique Label technology Printed samples of drum labels to take back Nazdar + WERCS + Brandywine = Success
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  • Too many label stocks Preprinted labels Minimal control and flexibility Too many systems for doing labels Difficult to maintain Lengthy process to develop new label Immediate needs Color Graphics FLEXIBILITY Quick turn around time Control of label design Quality label stock
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  • Endless label possibilities Minimal effort Endless formatting abilities Minimal limitations Basically, if you can think it, you can do it in the WERCS.
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  • WYSIWYG WERCS data codes from Subformats Color Rotatable text Draw a Box / Elipses List components Different fonts 1 or multiple languages Graphics Copy / paste User entered data Barcodes Text fields Layering (send to front, send to back) Background shading Label history And more
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  • An example of just some of the things WERCS can do.
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  • Be open minded Change way of thinking Look at new ways to do old things List types of labels with text needed HMIS, EU, WHMIS, NAM, hazardous waste, etc List containers and sizes with possible label sizes Determine label stock available Existing label stock available from Brandywine Develop new label stock Start designing
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  • Select label stock size to be used Determine what content needed for label Graphics, text, data code fields, language, etc. Make sure subformat in WERCS includes all fields to be included on label (more on this later) Determine placement of text as it looks best on container 3 Panel format, 1 panel format Design label based on panel format Draft reviewed for changes by necessary departments Make any changes Label is considered complete Print completed file to PDF for archival Label available to production for printing and labeling product
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  • Same procedures as in previous slide but customer specific information is necessary Graphics, name, address, technical information, etc) Benefits both Nazdar and Customer Quick turn around time Impressive label designs Quality labels Compliant labels Immediate feedback and change requests Provide matching MSDSs with their name and logo Leaves positive impression with existing and potential new customers Confidence in our abilities Assurance of quality service
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  • Need easy way to identify labels and their content Created Label code system Length of code based on available space in legacy system Label Stock - Company.Format - Color.Layout Example: 2POR-X31-BL5519 Brandywine label stock (2POR, 3OUT, etc) Mfg, Toll, In house, Company, Branch, etc (X, R, G etc) Label format combination (21, 25, 31 etc) (US Only, EU only, US/EU, WHMIS only, etc) Color (GN = Green, BL = Blue, LY = Light Yellow, etc) Label code (####)
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  • Separate system houses all production related information Enter label code in system Batch ticket prints Label code shown on batch ticket Production prints matching label code Label applied to product Ability to automate with connection to ERP system
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  • Number of labels will increase Need easy retrieval system 2POR directory X / R / G directory 21 / 25 / 31 directory GN / BL / LY directory Label files For example: To find label 4DWN-Y26-GR1083 Label code directory would be: X:\4DWN\Y26\GR\4DWN-Y26-GR1083.wl
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  • Screen shot of label designer after NEW label button is clicked Only 1 label can be open at a time.
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  • Format Tab Set up page size and number of labels per page (based on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper) General Tab Internal comments (not seen on label), components DataSource Connect to your WERCS database NOTE: Subformat This determines what data code fields are available for you to select when adding a Text box
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  • Format Properties Example 1 2 labels per page Printed Landscape Example 2 4 labels per page Printed Portrait Set up is based on using an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper Format Properties
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  • Example 3 2 labels per page Printed Portrait Example 4 1 label per page Printed Landscape Set up is based on using an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper Format Properties
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  • Click NEW button on the Template Field Enter Name of field (whatever you want) Enter Description (max 32 characters) (this is what user will see in print station) Click OK Add as many as you want Only add if input needed at time of printing label (ie Lot number, date of mfg, etc). Template fields can appear on label. Otherwise appear when using the print station. Nazdars Label properties example: Designed LAB Subformat for label content.
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  • Screen shot of label designer after NEW label button is clicked
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  • Example of text properties Click on Properties tab to access more options Turn text outline on or off Turn on fill (background color) Auto-shrink limit - text shrinks to no smaller than point size entered STEP 2 Either begin typing or Click on P to access data codes (see next slide) Use formatting buttons to change appearance of text (ie color, bold, center) STEP 1 Add text box Drag to desired size (always able to resize box) Double Click Text Box to open up Text Properties
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  • Data Codes box appears after clicking P on the Text Box (see previous slide) Select the Data Codes you want on the label Select the Language (if other than English) Data Code Examples {IFR} stands for French {IES} stands for Spanish All data codes after this will appear in that language.
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  • Text fields adjust the font sizes so the text fits within the size of the text box. Remember the Auto-Shrink Limit feature? This is how you use it. Different font sizes can be used within the same text box.
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  • The different letters in front indicate what type of variable it is. {t} is Text, {p} is User Entered, {none} is reserved, {v} is Value. There are many different bar codes available including Datamatrix (shown), EAN, UPC, Interleaved and others. The current accepted graphic files are: wmf, bmp, gif and jpg
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  • Only a few graphic files are required to create this label. The remaining is built from Fields from the WERCS and/or Text typed within a text box on the label. The typed text does not change and is the same for every product you select. After youre familiar with the WERCS Label Designer, it takes less and less time to design a label.
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  • The text is rotatable at 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees. The text box itself does not rotate like in Word (not yet). Use data codes from your WERCS database OR Type in any text
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  • Drag features to resize at any time (box, text box, rotatable text, graphic, barcode) Create specific text or variable fields to appear on label Copy and paste ability (within the label itself not between labels) List components - (works better for US labels than EU) Many other features to be discovered IDEA: Create fields for specific use on your labels For example, Nazdar has a Photochemically Reactive statement that appears as Yes or No on the MSDS (field code PCR). We created a field [c


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