Describing rooms

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Have your EFL/ESL elementary students revise furniture vocabulary and practice describing rooms (there's/there are/some/many) and comparatives.


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Teachers Guide

A. Use slide #1 to elicit furniture vocab and pre-teach vase. You can turn into a competition, asking pairs to write down the names of the pieces. Possible follow-up: test your partner. B. Sts describe the room on slide #3. Insist on theres/are. Teach also this room is white. [PW] Slide #5. Sts describe their favourite living room for one minute and their partner guesses it at the end. D. Slide #7. Elicit adjective meanings. Elicit some examples of comparisons as a model. [PW] Sts compare their favourites. Elicit feedback and point coincidences. E. Use coincidences as a model for superlatives. [PW] Sts write a sentence for each adjective using the superlative. You can make it into a competition.