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Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Administration)

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  • Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Administration)
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  • Benefits 1) burial allowance 2) flag 3) headstone/marker 4) burial in National cemetery 5) Presidential Memorial Certificate 6) military honors
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  • Burial Allowance COD is not service-related (active duty) 2 payments: burial & funeral expense plot interment allowance plot interment allowance conditions must be met $2000: service-related death $300: non-service related death VA Form 21-530 2 year time limit for non-service related death
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  • Flag honorable discharge Former Members of Selected Reserve presented to spouse, next of kin, friend, close associate obtained at VA regional offices, national cemeteries and most post offices protocol for display VA Form 2008
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  • Headstone/Marker must be inscribed with name of deceased, branch of service, and year of birth and death no graphics, only approved emblems spouse or non-veteran dependent is not eligible placement costs are at private expense VA Form 40-1330 (headstone) VA Form 21-8834 (marker) VA Form 40-1330 (memorial marker)
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  • Burial in National Cemetery no charge for burial graveliner supplied (family may upgrade) flag (obtained by FD) no reservations Dependents buried based on eligibility of veteran DD214 determines eligibility; 20 year letter
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  • Presidential Memorial Certificate honorable discharge bears the Presidents signature multiple copies can be issued DD214 will prove eligibility
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  • Military Honors Effective Jan. 1,2000 Must be requested. Consist of at least 2 members of the Armed Forces. 1 member a representative of parent Service Folding and presenting flag and playing taps. At least 48 hours notice. 1-877-645-4667 (access code: 33634)
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  • Eligibility for Military Honors Active Duty Military Military Retirees Members and Former Members of the Selected Reserve Eligible US Veterans of Any War Other US Veterans Who Serve at Least 1 Term of Enlistment and Honorably Discharged
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  • Active Duty Deaths Funeral/Burial Costs: same for active and reserve members of the Armed Forces and for the National Guard Do not include transportation of the body from an airport or other terminal. $4325$3000$600
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  • Life Insurance Servicemens Group Life Insurance Death Gratuity H.R. 3365 Military Family Tax Relief Act $12,000
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  • Final Payment SF1174 Claim for Unpaid Compensation Government Housing
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  • Verifying Discharge Status If no DD214 call the VA Regional Office Records Management Center in St. Louis
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  • Acquiring a DD214 Funeral Honors Coordinator: Army: (703)325-5305 Army: (703)325-5305 Marine Corps: (703)784-9580 Marine Corps: (703)784-9580 Navy: (901)874-4299 Navy: (901)874-4299 Air Force: (703)604-4937 Air Force: (703)604-4937 Coast Guard: (202)267-1648 Coast Guard: (202)267-1648
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  • Arlington Cemetery 612 acres over 245,000 buried Department of the Army 1864: Civil War, 200 acres of Robert E. Lee family property was taken to establish the cemetery Tomb of the Unknowns: Third U.S. Infantry
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  • Arlington Cemetery Requirements Active duty deaths Retired Honorable discharge 30% or greater disability Military decorations POWs Spouse/unmarried minor or dependent Also: elected officials of U.S. Govt, members of the U.S. Supreme Court, other govt officials
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  • Burial Benefits Gravesite Opening and Closing Government Headstone/Marker Burial Flag Presidential Memorial Certificate
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  • Arlington Columbarium One niche that accommodates 2 urns. No charge for the niche or for the inscribed marble plaque.