Edan Carignan, Caroline Rashidi, Shane Nath Enterprise Resource Planning Computer System Upgrade Sponsor: Mr. Gary Radine

Delta Dental Analysis

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Page 1: Delta Dental Analysis

Edan Carignan, Caroline Rashidi, Shane Nath

Enterprise Resource Planning Computer System Upgrade

Sponsor: Mr. Gary Radine

Page 2: Delta Dental Analysis

Agenda❖ Company Summary

❖ Project Summary

❖ Project Constraints

❖ Financing The Project Using 100% Cash

❖ Maximum Debt

❖ Delayed Completion

❖ Delayed Layoffs

❖ Re-Upgrade of Project

❖ Possible Outcomes

❖ Recommendation

❖ Q&A

Page 3: Delta Dental Analysis

Company Summary❖ Non-profit organization founded in 1954

❖ Largest dental plan system in the US

❖ 39 members covering all 50 states

❖ Enrollment and gross revenues doubled by CEO Mr. Gary Radine

Page 4: Delta Dental Analysis

Project Summary❖ Best method of implementing ERP system

❖ 35 page report

❖ 5 detailed scenarios

❖ Possible outcomes of each scenario

❖ Recommendation to Delta Dental

Delay of ERP Implementation


All Cash Max Debt Delayed Layoffs


Re-Upgrade Possible Outcomes


Page 5: Delta Dental Analysis

Project Constraints❖ Cash surplus cannot go below $200


❖ Only method of raising capital is a 3-year loan

❖ Loan amount limited to $80 million

❖ $20 million annual cash inflow

❖ Management prefers the funding to be from cash flow from operations and borrowings from the bank

Page 6: Delta Dental Analysis

Financing using 100% Cash❖ Policy to not go below $200

million in cash reserves

❖ $106 million project cost

❖ Risks

❖ Leverage will decrease $75




Cash Su


Project C


Cash SurplusProject CostCash Reserve Limit

Page 7: Delta Dental Analysis

Financing using 100% Cash

Comparable Companies Leverage Ratio (L/A)United Healthcare (UNH) 0.61Wellpoint (WLP) [acquired by Anthem] 0.63Aetna (AET) 0.72CIGNA Corp. (CI) 0.80Humana (HUM) 0.60Centene Corp. (CNC) 0.70Health Net, Inc. (HNT) 0.71WellCare Health Plans (WCG) 0.67Healthspring (HS) [acquired by Cigna] 0.47Molina Healthcare (MOH) 0.77

Average 0.67





Delta Dental Top 10


Page 8: Delta Dental Analysis

Maximum DebtPros

❖ More Liquid Cash

❖ Current Low Interest Rates


❖ Risk of Default

❖ Drop in Credit Rating

Page 9: Delta Dental Analysis

Maximum Debt

A.M Bests’ BCAR Model

❖ Business Profile

❖ Operating Performance

❖ Balance Sheet Strength

Page 10: Delta Dental Analysis

Delayed Completion of Project


Exceed Budget

53% 47%

Take Longer

49% 51%

Receive Anticipated Benefits

Page 11: Delta Dental Analysis

Delayed Completion of Project

ERP Evaluation TeamPoorly Defined Requirements

Change in Management During Implementation

Choosing a Vendor Based Solely On Sales Pitch

Lack of Employee Training

Reason Solution

Involve more employees than ERP Evaluation Team

Spend time understanding your specific needs

Invest in comprehensive training programs

Page 12: Delta Dental Analysis

Delayed LayoffsScenario ❖ Originally 400 layoffs in

year 4❖ Delay of 200 employees

for 2 extra years

Reasons ❖ Project delayed❖ System is not as efficient

❖ Employee adjustment time

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6Cash Surplus $300,000 $397,850 $417,850 $369,500 $403,750 $433,250Cash from Operations $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000Borrowed Capital $33,216 -$33,216FTE Reductions $9,500 $14,250 $9,500 $4,750

Total $353,216 $417,850 $414,134 $403,750 $433,250 $458,000

Page 13: Delta Dental Analysis

Delayed LayoffsShort Term Effects ❖ Pay extra $28.5 million

Long Term Effects ❖ Fear of layoffs❖ Employee Morale

Decreases❖ Workplace Productivity


Outcome ❖ Layoffs are necessary❖ Extra money is spent❖ Fear within employees is set

$28.5 million

Page 14: Delta Dental Analysis

Re-Upgrade of ProjectTechnological Revolution ❖ Significant investments in computer upgrades ❖ Opportunities in infrastructure and application development

To Stay Competitive ❖ Keep and increase market share ❖ Appropriate response to competitors

Page 15: Delta Dental Analysis

Possible Outcomes❖ Invest in marketing❖ Invest in mobile platform❖ Invest in research and risk management❖ Lower insurance premiums❖ Invest in money-market securities

Page 16: Delta Dental Analysis

Recommendation❖ Balloon payment and FTE

layoffs happen concurrently

❖ Strict layoff policy

❖ ERP Evaluation Team

❖ After successful project, Delta Dental should invest in the previously mentioned possible outcomes



Debt Cash

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Page 18: Delta Dental Analysis

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