Delorme and Oxfords Technique

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A basic and easy to understand presentation upon Delorme and Oxfords technique of muscle strengthning

Text of Delorme and Oxfords Technique

WHAT IS DELORME TECHNIQUE? IN BRIEF DeLorme technique is, a method of exercise with weights for the purpose of

strengthening muscles in which sets of repetitions are repeated with rests between sets. The technique involves isotonic exercise and determination of the maximum level of resistance.

Delorme Technique History Right after World War-II Dr. Thomas Delorme of

Harvard Medical School developed a technique that he called Progressive resistance exercise(PRE) to strengthen muscles.

10 REPITITION MAXIMUM or 10RM:- In PRE, thesubject is first tested to determine the max weight that he/she can lift 10 times, this is known as 10Repitition max or 10 RM.

HISTORY contd.. Delorme then would ask subject to lift various

percentages of 1oRM starting at 10%, 20%, 30%,etc, up to 100% (Later he modified to 50%, 75% & 100% of 10RM). Subject exercises daily and then retests to determine a

new 10RM each week. The progress of the subject is determined by increase in 10RM from week to week and not from 50%,75%, or 100% of 10RM

IMPORTANT: The progressive part in Progressive Resistance

Exercise refers to progression from week to week and not from 50%, to 75% to 100%.....

DeLormes Axiom DeLormes Axiom States that high intensity, low

repetition exercise builds strength and low intensity, high repetition builds enduarance. And that each of these two types of exercise is incapable of producing the result obtained by other type


First the 10RM of that muscle group is determined. Then three sets are made of 6 to 12 rep

eg:- 1st Set of 10 rep @ 50% of 10RM 2nd Set of 10 rep @ 75% of 10RM 3rd Set of 10 rep @ 100% of 10RM (ALL THE THREE SETS ARE TO BE WORKED OUT AT A SINGLE SESSION) after each set a little rest is given This is done everyday for a week until new 10RM is determined

On set 1 you perform 10 rep with 50% of 10RM. On set 2 you perform 10 rep with 75% of 10RM. On set 3 you perform 10 rep(or as many as it takes to reach fatigue) with actual 10RM IMPORTANT: The first two sets act as a warm up sets because the weight is relatively light given the no. of repetition you have to perform it. It is just the last set that actually can be considered as working set.


HISTORY Zinovieff, a physician who worked at England's United

Oxford Hospitals, published a revision of DeLormes program that he named Oxford technique(1951) Zinovieff found that in the DeLormes technique the

patient were too fatigued to complete the final set of 10RM exercise. He suggested reversing the system, starting with 10RM on the first set of 10 rep and progressively reducing to 75% and then to 50% on each successive set of rep.

Every thing else remains the same in Oxfords


DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DeLorme and OxfordDeLormes Technique@10 rep

Oxford technique@10 rep


set of 50% of 10RM

1st set of 100% of 10RM

2nd set of 75% of 10RM

2nd set of 75% of 1oRM 3rd set of 50% of 10RM

3rd set of 100% of 10RM