Deira International School Dubai Jeff Smith Director

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  • Deira International School Dubai Jeff Smith Director
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  • Acceptable to Good to Outstanding more outstanding features
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  • first impressions on appointment What was good: standard of teaching focus on teaching & learning excellent facilities ( except no performance hall) well qualified teaching staff
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  • Why were we acceptable no real belief in our Vision, Mission statements no connection to policy and practice teachers did not relate vision and mission to what they did in the classroom confusion KHDA targets, CIS targets, School Improvement Plan targets student attitudes to learning, some teachers professional attitudes
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  • Why were we acceptable poor structure of school timetable in the Secondary School Year 6 students in Secondary School instead of Primary School & Middle School concept were not working Overall school grew too quickly in student numbers and staffing! This was not backed up by strong bedrock policies and procedures for: Assessment, Reporting and tracking School Improvement planning and Department Improvement Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy
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  • Quickly moving to good Immediate Actions required one timetable for Secondary School focus on staff professionalism raise students expectations on behaviour and attitudes ( Director controls behaviour not parents) Year 6 back into Primary School End the Middle School concept keep the focus on Teaching & Learning assessment -immediate plans to introduce CEMS across whole school all SMT teach - including the Director new management structure (21 new positions inc. CPD manager)
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  • One key change that had the biggest immediate impact a new style 1 -3 Year DIS Strategic plan and new 1 year action plan linked to the DIS Strategic Plan, that: everybody understood everybody believed in everybody understands and plays their part on the journey to outstanding
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  • Suddenly Everybody knew: where we were going how we would get there why we were making changes.
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  • Deira International School Dubai Thank You Jeff Smith Director At DIS the students are the most important people and the staff are our biggest asset.

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