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Deep Voice Mastery 2nd Editon

By Rudy Haynes


Table of Contents 1 - About the Author 2 2 - Introduction..6 3 - Anatomy..8 4 - Achieving a Deeper Voice..10 5 - Training Your Voice..16 6 - Vocal Awareness.19 7 Voice Care........22 8 - Testosterone Buccal..26 9 - Thyroplasty.29 10 - Conclusion...32 11 - Resources.....33


1 - About The Author My name is Rudy Haynes. Im a 32 year old straight male from Chicago, Illinois. Im not a doctor or voice specialist Im simply a normal guy who was sick of his pathetic high pitched voice, but decided to do something about it. And I did! I was probably in the exact same situation as your currently are, and I decided that I wasnt going to let it ruing my life any longer. Now I want to share what I learned with you, so you dont have to suffer any longer. I am going to tell you all of the exact techniques I used to


transform my voice, and am confident that if you follow them diligently you will be amazed at the results. Now here is a little more about my story Growing up, I was always teased. Perhaps it was the combination of my scrawny body, or my meager highpitched voice. It never really bothered me until I hit puberty, because I had a couple of good buddies throughout high school my problem was with the ladies. There was this one girl, though, let's call her "Courtney," and for some wild reason, she took a liking towards me in my senior year. I don't know if it was because she pitied me for being the kid in Mr. Czudner's math class who constantly had spit balls blown at the back of his head with a straw, but the day Courtney sat behind me, was the day God answered my prayers. Sort of... Courtney and I started talking, and eventually she asked me if I could tutor her in algebra. I really got to know her when she started periodically calling me whenever her and her boyfriend were in argument. We'd talk for hours on


When she and her boyfriend broke up during the springtime, my buddy Carl managed to convince me to work up the courage to ask her to prom. He used the reasoning that if I didn't ask, I'd always regret it, and I would never get laid, which I guess, in retrospect, was pretty good reasoning. So Courtney said yes, and I thought, "Sweet. Maybe this chick actually digs me!" Oh, and she liked me, alright like a brother. That's probably the worst compliment you can get from a girl you're crushing on. When I finally grew the guts to kiss her at the end of the night, she was literally appalled. But here's the best part: she thought I was gay. Gay. I was shocked and humiliated. I mustered up the words to ask her why, and she said something along the lines of, "You sort of talk like you are... your voice is really high-pitched." And there it is. My breakthrough. A blessing in disguise. That summer before I took off for college, I knew I had to make a change. I wanted a deeper voice. Someone had suggested performing certain neck and voice exercises in order to achieve a deeper voice. After a few


of exercising my neck muscles, my neck looked noticeably thicker. I always thought I had a bad case of pencil neck, so a thicker neck boosted my self-confidence and gave me the motivation I needed to work on the rest of my body. After about a week, I woke up to a nice, deep, masculine voice one morning. My voice felt powerful, and nearly lasted all day, until my old, squeaky voice crept back throughout the evening. By day's end, my voice was disappointingly back to normal. Nevertheless, I kept up the exercises and about two days later, the deep, crisp voice returned. I was determined to keep the depth this time, so I used my voice sparingly. It held. I was careful at first. I was conscious of my posture, and talked with a measured response around people until my deep voice became second nature. I practiced everyday, morning and night talking to myself in a deep, loud voice while shaving, getting dressed, making food, and so on. Remembering to keep good posture really aided the transition from my high-pitched, squeaky voice to my new deep, masculine voice. It was a constant cue in my


to access the low voice that I desired and had perfected through much practice. If you can relate to my experience, you too, can have a deeper voice. There is hope. I can guarantee you that if you do the exercises outlined in this ebook, drink plenty of water, and practice, your body will learn to adapt to a deeper voice. My deep voice gave me the confidence I needed. I went off to college as a man, not the boy I once was, and let me tell you my new found confidence and hard work paid off in the female department.

2 - Introduction What defines a man? (Aside from the biological factor thats not much of a secret)


In todays society, being a man can be tough. The web of stereotypes the media has sewn has clouded society, and the pressures of the past and present have collided, blurring our view of masculinity. Nowadays, it is not unusual to have a man stay at home while his wife goes off to work, or to come across a man that enjoys being in the kitchen; some professions are no longer female dominated, such as teachers and nurses. But with no clear definition of masculinity, the only characteristics that define a man are physical attributes characteristics that not all men are blessed with due to a little thing we call genetics. You wish you were a little bit taller. You wish your physique were more toned and muscular. You wish your voice were deeper. This is where the media has constructed a physical fallacy of the ideal male. You may not be able to change your height, or your bone structure, but there is one thing you can change, and that is your voice. For whatever reason, whether youre trying to attract the woman of your dreams, or impress a boss at work a deep voice can help you achieve your goal. Because if you can deliver a deep, clear, masculine voice, you may not need to worry about all


other expectations that are placed on the male gender. If you can talk the talk, you can walk the walk.

3 - Anatomy A weak voice is not the result of a small voice box, or tiny vocal chords. The vocal chords are a muscle group, and like any other muscle in our body, they have the ability to stretch, grow and strengthen. The vocal chords are responsible for the tone and pitch a person speaks. They form the raw sound, while the mouth and tongue form each specific word. Conditioning the vocal chords to become relaxed and supple is the secret to getting the deep, masculine voice that youve always wanted. If your voice box is stressed, the muscles are too tight causing your voice to have a higher pitch. The key is to train


your vocal chords to be loose and supple, in order to produce lower and deeper tones. Try it yourself: Create a humming sound. Notice the sound change as you tilt your head up, and then tilt it down with your chin close to your chest. The results indicate that as you tilt your head up, the humming has a higher pitch, and once you tilt your head down, the humming has a much lower sound. The reasoning is simple: when you tilt your head up, you are stretching the vocal chords, tightening them. This test proves that if your vocal chords are tight, they cannot produce a deep, low voice.

KeyPoints: The vocal chords are a muscle group that is responsible for the pitch and tone of our voice. When vocal chords are tense, they will produce a voice with a higher pitch. In order to produce a deep, low, masculine voice, the vocal chords must be relaxed and limber.


4 - How to Achieve a Deep Voice: Step 1 Heres the meat of it people what you really want to hear, so pay close attention. Here we go What happens when we develop and tone a muscle? Thats right, the muscle itself becomes thicker and enlarged. A strong muscle is able to do more work with less effort. If we strengthen our neck muscles, the vocal chords are able to relax within the toned group of muscles, holding up our neck and head.


As an example, a pot belly occurs when the abdominal wall is not strong enough to hold in your stomach. In order to get rid of it, you have to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Lets say you did sit-ups everyday for one month you would definitely have more defined, toned abs as a result. Even if you still have a layer of fat covering your abs, and you cant see the definition, you will notice when your stomach is relaxed, that your potbelly is gone. This is because the toned abdominals are holding their shape, resisting the push of your organs even when relaxed. The abdominals are thicker, and you no longer need to consciously tense them. The sternocleidomastoids are the neck muscles that will strengthen and enlarge as a result of the following exercises.


By performing these exercises, you will achieve a deeper voice in a matter of days. On your bed, lay vertically on your back with your head and shoulders hanging off the edge. Tilt your head back and forth, up and down, tensing your neck muscles with each movement. Hold your head in each position for 10 seconds, and slowly release your head back to its original position. Repeat each of these movements 15 times, or until you can feel a burn in your neck. Switch sides, and repeat. Do 3-5 sets 3 times a day.


Make sure to really tense your muscles as you perform each movement. Below is a chart that outlines the best exercises to help