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An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory


Author of The New Pearl Harbor

Advance Praise for Debunking 9/11 Debunking"David Ray Griffin 's Debunking 9/11 Debunking is a superb compendium of the strong body of evidence showing the official U.S. Government story of what happened on September 11,2001 to be almost certainly a monstrous series of lies. Tragical1y, the entire course of U.S. foreign and dornestic policies sin ce that date has grown out of these almost certain falsehoods. This single book could (and should) provide the basis for the United Nations, International Court of Justice, or some special1y constituted global body (independent of the U.5.) to investigare with highest priority, and pu blicly report its findings about, the charge that unknown elements within the U.5. Government, and possibly some individuals elsewhere closely al1ied to the U.5., caused or contributed to causing the events of 5eptember 11 to happen." -Bill Christison, forrner senior official of the CIA "In this asronishiug and fearsome book, David Ray Griffin rigorously and brilliantly first dissects and rhen demolishes the recent published accounts that purport to debunk rhe critics of the Bush Adrninistration's official explanations of the evenrs of 9/11. Dr. Griffin reveals how the purported 'debunkings' ignore the blatant inconsistencies and obvious cover-ups in the official accounts. No amount of spin can honestly account for the pulverization and nearly free-fall collapse of the World Trade Center buildings by anything orher than pre-planned demolition. No amount of spin can realistically explain away the absence of commercial jetliner wreckage at the Pentagon. No amount of spin can logically explain away the miles-wide dispersion of airliner debris if Flight 93 was not blown up in the airo Dr. Griffin carefully delineares crucial questions that must be answered directly and honestly, without bias, spin or conflicts of interest, This book is a challenge to rhe mass media. If the trnth about the events of 9111 rernains concealed and ignored, it will be at our-e-and our nation's-peril." -Barry R. Komisaruk, Rutgers University Distinguished 5ervice Professor "David Ray Griffin hits another one orrt of the park by taking on the left gatekeepers and the rnass media for the lies and cover-up called 'the official story of 9/11/01,' which is the greatest conspiracy theory ever perpetrated on the American publico 1 highly recommend ths book for all thinking Arnericans. " - Meria HelIer, producer and host of the Mena Heller Shour



An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Oth er Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory

David Ray Griffin


PRESSAn rrnpr int of Intcrlink Grou p, lne.


Firsr publi shed in 2007 by

O LIVE BRA N CH PRESS An imp rin r of Inrerlink Pub lishing Gro up, Inc. 4 6 Cr osby Srreer, N or rharnp ro n, M assachus et ts 01060 www.interlin kboo

Co pyright David Ray Gri ffin, 2007

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Library o Congress Ca talogi ng-in-P ub licatio n Data Griffin, David Ray, 193 9 Deb unking 9/ 11 debnnking : an answ er t Pop ular mechan ics an d othe r defen ders of the officia l co nspieacy rheor y I Dav id Ray Griffin. p. cm . Includ es bibiiograp h ical referen ces and ind exo ISBN 978 -1-56656 -686 -5 (p bk.) 1. Sep tem ber 11 Terro risr Att acks, 2001 -Miscellanea . 2 . Co nspiracies. T, Popular mech ani cs. 11. Title. 1II. T itle: De bnnki ng nine/eleven debunking. H V6432.7 .G747 20 07 973 .93 1- dc22 200 70061 71Print ed a nd bo und in Canad a by Webco m 10 9 8 765 4 3 2 1

An error does not beaime truth by reason of multiplied propagation , nor does truth becom error because nob ody sees it. Truth stands, even if there no publ ic support. It is self sustained.

- Gandhi

Cons piracy theories are like mushrooms; they grow where there is no light. - Thomas H. Kean.and-Lee H. Hamilton, Precedent

To req uesr ou r co mplete 40 -pa ge full-colo r cat al og, plea se call us roll free a t r- 8o o-238-LINK, visit o ur websire a r www.inrerl inkh ook , o r write to Int erlink Publishin g 46 Cro sby Street, N o rt ham pton, MA 0 106 0 e-mail: in fo@in terlinkboo m

Also by David Ray GriffinThe N ew Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Q uestions A bout the Bush Administation and 9/11 The 9/11 Com m ission Report. Omissions and Distortions 9/11 and American Emp ire: Intellectuals Speak O ut (edired with Peter Dale Scott) Christian Faith and the Trutb Behind 9/11

ContentsAck nowledgmentsInrrodu ction: Conspiracy Th eories and Evidence 1 ON E 27 9/11 Live or Distorted: Do the NORAD Tapes Verify The 911 1 Comm ission Rep ort? TW O 95 The Real 9/11 Conspiracy Th eory: A Critique of Kean and Harnilton's Without Precedent THREE The Disintegration of the World Trad e Center: Ha s NIST Debunked the The ory of Conrrolled Dem olition ? FOUR 207 Debunking 9111 Myths: A Failed Attempt by Popu lar Mechanics Conclusion 309

N otes 323 Index 386


Acknowledgm ents

Conspiracy Theories and Evid ence


he 9/11 truth rnovement is filled w ith remarka ble people, from aH wa lks of life, who are united by a passionat e commitment to exposing th e falsiry of th e officia l theory a bout 9/11. In writing this book , 1 have benefited fro m th e generous assis ta nce of a grea t num ber of these individ ua ls. My debt s to many of th em are indica ted by my references to their w ork in this book's end notes. But 1 have also received direct help fro m m any of them. Alrhough 1 wish 1 could write a paragrap h about each one of th em, 1 can here publicly exp ress my gra titude on ly by menti oning th eir names: Daniel Athe arn , Elias Davidsson , Kee Dewdney, Eric Do uglas, Ma rk Ga ffney, Ed H aas, Ian Hensha ll, J im H offman, Ken j enkins, Steven jones, M ichael Me yer, Rowl and M o rgan , Geo rge Nelson, Ra lph O mholt, Ma tthew O tt, Pat Patterson , Ru ssell Pickering, Kevin Ryan, and Ch uck Thurston. T here ar e, mo reover, four people 1 must lift up for special than ks because of th e extraordinary amo unt of time th ey devoted to th is project, going far beyond any reason abl e ca ll of d uty: M atthew Everett, Tod Fletcher, Ro bin H o rdon , and Eliza beth Woo dwo rth. 1 also wa nt to exp ress my ap preciation to Colin Scoggins . Although he is not a member of th e 9/11 truth movernent, his willingness to answer a grea t number of questio ns grea tly aided my und ersrandi ng of FAA air traffic contro l in general a nd the 9/11 ac tio ns of controllers at Bost on Ce nter in pa rticular. Wi tho ut his help , com bined with th at of former contro ller Robin H ordon , che first cha pter wo uld have made little advance on my previous discussions . In addition, 1wish to ackn owledge my debt, and th at of the 911 1 truth mo vernent in genera l, to Mi chel Mousha beck an d Pam ela T ho m pson, th e pu blisher a nd editor, resp ectively, of Olive Bran ch PresslIuterl ink Publishing Gro up. Witho ut th eir joint decision ba ck in 20 03 ro take a chance on a manuscript entitled The N ew Pearl Harbar, it might never have been pu blishe d, in w hich case my lat er 9111 bo oks wo uld never ha ve been w ritt en, One co uld not imagine, mor eover, anyo ne easier to wo rk with th an th em and th e rest of the team at Inte rlink. Finally,I wo uld like to express my inexpressible gra titude to my wife, Ann Jaqu a, who in co untless ways makes m y wo rk p ossible.


he evidence that 9/11 was an inside job is overw helming. Most peopl e who exa mine this evidence with an ope n mind find it con vincing, or a t lea st pro fouu dly unsettling. There are, h ow ever, seve ra l wide ly held beliefs rha t w ork to prevent people frorn examining thi s evidence with, in Richard Falk's phrase, "even just a 30 -perce nt open mind ."! These beliefs often keep people fro m exa mining th e evidence at all. 1 can use myself as a case in point.

My Own StoryUntil th e spring of 2003, I ha d not serio usly looked at a ny of the evidenc e. 1 was vaguely awa re th at th er e were peopl e, at least on th e Internet, wh o we re suggesting a revisioni st acco unt of 9/11, accord ing t o which US officia ls w ere complicit. But 1 did not t ak e the tim e to find th eir web sites. 1 was bu sy writing a hist ory of Ame rica n im periali sm , which I had begun th e d a y af ter 9/11. H aving acce pted th e official acco unt of th e 9/11 att acks, 1 had also accep ted th e liber al int erpr etati on th er eof, according to wh ich th ey we re " blowback" for US fore ign p olicy, especially in the Ara b and Muslim worlds. T his int er pr etati ori con vin ced me th at the lar ge book on globa l pr obl em s on which 1 had been wo rki ng for severa l yea rs wo uL be incornplete witho ut a sepa ra re d chapt er on America n imp eriali sm o Studying this hist ory probabl y helped me later cha nge my int erpre tation of 9/11, because 1learn ed th at severa l of our nati on 's wa rs, such as th ose aga inst M exico, th e Philippines, and Vietn am, h ad been justified by incid ents that, altho ugh th ey wer e ac tua lly cre at ed by our own armed for ces, were used to claim th at we had been attacked. But th is awareness did not lead me im mediately to co nc1ude th at 9/11 had also been orchestra ted as a pretex to Altho ugh th at possibility did cross my mind , 1 did not take it serio usly. I maiutained th is mindset even after being intr oduced, late in 2002, to a professor fro rn ano