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<p>PURSUITS IN THE OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENT</p> <p>PURSUITSTHE FINELY BALANCED JUDGEMENT!DCC ANDY HOLT QPMSOUTH YORKSHIRENATIONAL LEAD FOR PURSUITS</p> <p>Civilian fatalities following police related road traffic incidents - England &amp; Wales</p> <p>YearPursuit related Emergency response'Other incidents' Total fatalities 2004/05 23615442005/06 32412482006/07 19314362007/08 1725242008/09 22612402009/101937292010/111349262011/121225192012/13272231</p> <p>2013/14100212</p> <p>2ASSUMPTIONSBACKGROUND AWARENESS OF WHY PURSUITS AND RESPONSE DRIVING CAN CHALLENGE LEGAL BOUNDARIES.</p> <p>RECOGNITION THAT PROPORTIONALITY, JUSTIFICATION AND NECESSITY ARE KEY ELEMENTS TO DEPARTURE FROM STANDARDS SET IN LAW.</p> <p>RECOGNISE THAT TO ENSURE HIGH PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS - TRAINING AND SKILLS ARE PARAMOUNT.</p> <p>ABOUT THIS SESSIONUPDATE ON PROGRESS WITH LEGAL ISSUES RELATING TO PURSUIT CASESUPDATE ON REVIEW OF TACTICAL AND OPERATIONAL AREAS.UPDATE ON NEW LEARNING MATERIALS BEING DEVELOPEDTO RECEIVE FEEDBACK AND COMMENT</p> <p> last 12 months positive progress ...?Agreement reached with CPS.All forces should be aware of the services available through the national review group to provide guidance to investigators.13 files reviewed or guidance offered during the last 12 months .Review process can identify significant areas of improvement or learning which help develop national practice.Number of pursuit incidents resulting in casualties declining.College of policing produced national training standards for pursuits.New NCALT learning material commissioned should be completed April 2015Review of pursuits tactics guidance and Authorised Professional Practice.</p> <p>ChallengesStaffing levels to support pursuit contingency and tacticsMaintaining a pursuit capability in future modelsCriminals getting smarter Enhancing tactical optionsKeeping all personnel involved in pursuits and pursuit management up to a high standard of performance.Developing alternative technologies using approved scientific methods for stopping vehicles.Maintaining training standards - cross force boundaries.Vehicles and equipment suitability to meet varying roles without compromising tactical resolutions or safety.</p> <p>IPCC bulletin 22 - Nov 2014Key questions for policy makers/managers: What steps does your police force take to make sure that all control room staff have received relevant training, including completion of relevant NCALT packages, and that their skills remain up-to-date? </p> <p>What steps has your police force taken to make officers and staff aware of the general principles contained in the Authorised Professional Practice (APP) on Police Pursuits (2013)? </p> <p>What guidance or training have you given your control room/communications officers and staff to make them aware of their specific responsibilities during a pursuit as outlined in the APP? </p> <p>What steps has your police force taken to make officers and staff aware of the general principles contained in the Authorised Professional Practice (APP) on Police Pursuits (2013)? 7What next?Enhance recording and details of all pursuits. Still too many gaps in this area.Review of tactics directory ongoing.Staff development and training standards - develop comms staff, tactical advisors and Force Incident ManagersWork to improve resolution capabilities Enhance pre emptive tactical awarenessTry to minimise risk and reduce threat and harm pursuits createMaintain relationship with the IPCC and CPS.Legislative structure - unfinished business. </p> <p>ANY QUESTIONS..??Contact details: Insp Craig Clifton Staff Officercraigclifton@southyorks.pnn.police.uk</p>


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