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Day 26: Chapter 2 DOCUMENT PRESENTATION Chapter 3 - COLLABORATION AND RESEARCH. Akhila Kondai November 18, 2013. ANNOUNCEMENTs. MyITLab Lesson E is due today (11/18/2013). Cover Pages. Serve to add a more professional look to documents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Day 26:</p> <p>Chapter 2 DOCUMENT PRESENTATIONChapter 3 - COLLABORATION AND RESEARCH</p> <p>Akhila Kondaiakhila.kondai@mail.wvu.eduNovember 18, 2013ANNOUNCEMENTsMyITLab Lesson E is due today (11/18/2013)Cover PagesServe to add a more professional look to documentsAre often required later in your academic careerCan set your paper or document apart from othersAdding cover page and page numbersInserting a page number.Insert tab-&gt;Header and Footer group-&gt;Page NumberAdding a cover pageInsert tab-&gt;Pages group-&gt;Cover PageSelect a style and replace Type the document title with Floating Buffalo National RiverPress Tab and replace Type the document subtitle with First River OutfitterClick on the Author field and replace the content with your name</p> <p>Word optionsChanging word options.File tab-&gt;OptionsClick Save on the left of Word Options dialog box. Reduce the time that currently displays next to Save AutoRecover information every 10 minutes to 3Click Quick Access Toolbar. Click Print Preview and Print from the list of commands. Click Add and then OKHEADER AND FOOTERGo to Insert Tab -&gt; Header / FooterPAGE BREAKA soft page break is inserted when text fills an entire page, then continues onto the next page.A hard page break forces the next part of a document to begin on a new page.Ctrl + Enter Insert Tab -&gt; Page BreakShow/Hide will let you see these</p> <p>Check spelling and grammar</p> <p>Review Tab -&gt; Spelling and GrammarWATERMARKA watermark is a text or graphic that displays behind text.Often used to display a very light logo for a company, and also frequently used to indicate the status of a document.Page Layout -&gt; Watermark</p> <p>Document Presentation Change Text AppearanceNon-Breaking Spaces and HyphensHighlighting TextLine Spacing And JustificationTabs and Indent a ParagraphBorders and ShadingBulleting and NumberingCreate Columns</p> <p>Text FormattingFeaturesParagraph FormattingFeaturesDocument PresentationStyle PropertiesModify Heading StyleOutline ViewInsert PicturesText WrapPicture StylesGraphic Properties</p> <p>StylesGraphical ObjectsLine SpacingLets click our Line Spacing tool on the Home ribbon and set this to Double Spaced.</p> <p>INDENTATIONGo to View: Select RulerAdjust where the text has to start in paragraph.Bullets and NumbersType the followingApplesOrangesTomatoesHighlight them and click the Numbering button Try using the Bullets buttonAdd a subtype for Roma and Beefsteak under tomatoes.</p> <p>CREATING COLUMNSTo Display data in two or more columnsGo to Page Layout -&gt; Columns (Page Setup Section)</p> <p>BORDERS AND SHADINGHome tab -&gt; Borders arrow -&gt; Borders and Shading</p> <p>Tab StopsCan be set by clicking them into the ruler . . .</p> <p>Setting Tab StopsTo create new tabsUse Tab Alignment Selector to choose a typeUse Horizontal Ruler to set locationPress [Tab] key to move text to next tabLeft TabCreate a Left TabInsert a few blank linesSelect the left tab symbolClick to place the tab at 1.5 on the top rulerPress [Tab] to move over and type your last nameCenter TabCreate a Center Tab</p> <p>Insert blank lines after your last nameSelect the center tab symbolClick to place the tab at 2.5 on the top rulerPress tab to move over and type your first nameRight TabCreate a Right Tab</p> <p>Insert some blank lines after your first nameSelect the right tab symbolClick to place the tab at 4 on the top rulerPress [Tab] and type Your Major to the left of the tabDecimal TabCreate a Decimal Tab</p> <p>Insert some blank lines after MajorSelect the decimal tab symbolClick to place the tab at 5 on the top rulerTab as need and type the following on separate lines:3.14100.232.5stylesHome ribbon &gt; StylesYou can even modify StylesRight click NormalSelect ModifyChange font to Arial and 12</p> <p>All text that was in this style has changed!WordArtInsert ribbon &gt; WordArtSelect a styleEnter desired text Pictures and ClipartsPicturesInsert ribbon &gt; Picture &gt; Select one &gt; Resize</p> <p>Clip ArtInsert ribbon &gt; Clip Art &gt; Select one &gt; ResizeTEXT WRAPThe way text wraps around an image.Right click on a picture and go to Wrap Option or else go to Picture Tools Tab</p> <p>PICTURE STYLES AND FORMATTINGPicture stylesGo to Picture Tools Tab -&gt; Picture Styles sectionPicture formattingRight click on picture and select format picture or click </p> <p>Chapter-3 Collaboration And ResearchSet Username and customize the track Changes OptionsTrack Document ChangesView, Add, Delete CommentsAccept and Reject ChangesCreate and Search for a SourceBibliographyCreate and modify Footnotes</p> <p>Document RevisionsResearch Paper BasicsDOCUMENT REVISIONSChange username and track changes optionsGo to Review Tab -&gt; Tracking Section and Click on Track Changes (Markup, Balloons)View, Add, Delete commentsExample: Select word and write the correct word. Make Sure that Track Changes Option is selected.Accept and Reject ChangesOne can accept or reject changes made by some other. If accepted, it automatically replaces the correct word or modifications such as styles, font, color etc.</p> <p>RESEARCH PAPER BASICSCreate and Search for a sourceWhen writing research papers, You have to add Citations (Note recognizing a source of information or a quoted passage) for your work.Go to References Tab -&gt; Citations and Bibliography SectionBibliographyList of works cited or consulted by an author in a document. Choose any one Bibliography Style and insert Bibliography at the end of document.</p> <p>Footnotes/ EndnotesFootnotes put a superscripted symbol after a word and place the corresponding reference information at the bottom of that page.</p> <p>Endnotes do the same thing, but the information is placed on the last page of the document.Footnotes/ EndnotesClick to the right of your favorite fruit in the listReferences ribbon &gt; Insert Footnote</p> <p>Type what you like about this fruit in the footnote area</p> <p>Questions ?</p>