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  1. 1. daventer fine art london
  2. 2. Daventer Fine Art exclusively represent the artists that compliment your lifestyle. Russell Singler DirectorAs you live and breathe your extraordinary dream, our Daventer Fine Art specialists can help you select the finest pop artists to create a canvas of extraordinary art.Whether its for a single room or a complete apartment or home, we will ensure you realise an exquisite portfolio of highly collectable art by the worlds most renowned and important artists.
  3. 3. Paul Karslake Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts Self-confessed modern surrealist, award-winning artist and brother-in-law of Ronnie Wood, Paul Karslake can never be said to conform to the preconception of an artist struggling for inspiration and full of self-doubt, but instead brims with inspiration and enthusiasm. His studio is a realm of colourful works of art from many disciplines, which are indicative of the scope of talent, this one-man exudes. In 1990 Paul had the honour of being elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.From modern surrealism to photo-realism, Paul prides himself on being able to work in any style and any medium. Environmental issues, iconic heroes and human suffering are subjects which often feature in his art. Still life, animals and portraits are frequently interpreted with his own humour.Inspired by famous personalities whose imagery, persona or music has survived, often against the odds, his collection captures the first modern fashion icon of Audrey Hepburn, the dark fascination of the Kray Twins, the enigmatic stare of Davids Eye and the eternal survivor Keith Richards.Pauls original painting of Keith Richards commissioned by Keiths wife in 1998, was seen by Johnny Depp at Keiths home and quoted as the inspiration behind his Pirates of the Caribbeans character, Captain Jack Sparrow.
  4. 4. Paul Karslake Paul KarslakePRESStimeline 1958 bornThe Evening Standard Environmentalof direction and has seen him produc-Award.ing contemporary abstract paintings for 1966 Won his first County Art Prize. hotels, clubs and restaurants aroundElected as a Fellow of the Royal Societythe country. 1976 Joined his father to work onof Arts. design models for the Thames Flood 2003 Barrier. 1998he was awarded Most Exciting Work 1970s:Exhibition at Derek Johns Ltd., St. at the Essex Open Art Exhibition.Jamess, London Paul met Dali in Europe.Commissions for the Michelin starred2004 Within days of arriving in the States he Gordon Ramsay whose restaurant was working on interior of clubs, and, Petrus in St. Jamess is lined with large exhibiting at The Medici Galleries, as his talent was identified, for LosPaul Karslake Still Lifes.Grafton Street, London W1 Angeles Art Studios, CBS Television and Disney with whom, years later, he wasCommissions for The Turf Club and 2005 to work on the film The Black Caul- NABIM, both situated in London dron and the EuroDisney project.one man sell out show at the HollywoodExhibition at the Rupert Clevely ownedArms, Fulham attended by various 1980s:The Bear in Clerkenwell celebritiesPaul developed a cult following for his20012005 decorative designs and paintings on scooters, particularly Lambrettas. Two paintings nominated for hanging atPaul was granted the honour of hav-the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition ing an Arts Centre at The Cornelius The 1980s Vermuyden School and Arts CollageJohnny Depp sees Pauls paintings ofnamed The Karslake Centre. Paul formed The Art House to control Keith Richards dressed as a pirate, his Fine Art, teaching and Commercialbases his character in the Pirates of 2006 - 2009 art interests. the Caribbean on that painting.Focuses on new works, commissions 1990s around the world and joins Daventer2002Fine Art. Paul was commissioned by Wiggins Group Plc., to produce a 650 foot long Paul was invited to sign with The 2009 artwork hoarding to surround their Bridgeman Art Library in London for site at South Quay in London Dock- copyright and reproduction rights. HisExhibits at Top Marques Monaco lands and for which he was awarded most recent work has meant a change
  5. 5. Steve Kaufman Former Assistant to Andy WarholFormer assistant to renowned Pop Artist Andy Warhol,Steve Kaufman...aka SAK...is considered one of the mostimportant and talked-about Pop artists or our time. Hehad his first one-man show at the age of 8, received ascholarship to The Parsons School of Design at age 14, andby age 16, participated in his first group show at the WhitneyMuseum in New York. Kaufmans first one-man show wasat a bank in the Bronx. The paintings were donated to theJewish Holocaust Museum of Art in Brooklyn. In 1972,Kaufman was chosen along with nine other students fromNYC to participate in a cultural exchange between Japan andthe U.S., and was soon awarded a scholarship at ParsonsSchool of Design for fine art and design. Kaufman later enrolled in the School of Visual Arts in NewYork and soon met Andy Warhol. Kaufman became Warholsassistant at The Factory - Warhols famed fine art publishingstudio - Warhol was to have a profound influence over theartists later work. The impact of celebrity on contemporaryculture intrigues Kaufman, thus famed faces of art, musicand film are often the subject of his artwork. Kaufman seeksto discover societys common denominators in his artwork- the elements and individuals who generate an immediateresponse from the viewer. Kaufman is an artistic journalistcommenting on history, both past and present. His dynamicstyle often combines images of the worlds icons withvisual tapestries woven out of landmarks or other relatedreferences to their celebrity.
  6. 6. Steve Kaufman Steve KaufmanPRESS timeline April 1957 - bornthe icons. Hires more than 100 of Losand Caesars 35 Year History, aAngeles ex-gang kids from prison to commemorative for Caesars history, 1965 - First art show aged 8 assist him in the studio.both hung in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The Caesars 35 Year History, 1968 - Sponsored by a Jewish temple1995 - Creates portraits of Muhammad is a 3D, 500-foot x 25-foot, painted in the Bronx, creates HolocaustAli and John Travolta, who autographed canvas on the wall. paintings, later donated the paintings their editions. First artist to form a to the Jewish holocaust museum inbridge between Marvel Comics (Spider-April 2003 - has a stroke, with Brooklyn.Man) and DC Comics (Superman). cholesterol of 576. Told he flat lineWorks with Stan Lee, who autographed died. 1978-81 - Enrolls in the School of the edition. Visual Arts. Meets Andy Warhol, 2007 - Steve to create paintings becomes his assistant at the Factory.1996 - Contacted by the Sinatra Family wall of fame at MGM & the Hoya vs Designs theme parties at Studio 54,about painting Mr. Sinatras portrait. Mayweather fight. Mud Club, Underground, Magique. SellsCampbells Soup asks Steve to paint his art to Calvin Klein and Steve Rubell.a limited edition to mark Campbells Nov 2007 - Five Europe art gallery Meets Keith Haring at School of Visual Soups 100th Year Anniversary. Paintsshows, London, Dublin Ireland, Basel Arts (SVA) show. Participates in group Alis face on 500 boxing gloves, proving and Zurich Switzerland, Germany. show at Club 57 with Haring. that art doesnt have to be on canvas.Creates Ali portrait for the 19962008 - Caesar Palace casino asked 1982 - Creates graphics for NBCsOlympics. Ali signs the edition for theSteve to paint portraits of Cher, Bette Saturday Night Live. Graduates fromfirst time with both his Muslim name,Midler and Elton John, a sold out Japan School of Visual Arts (SVA) with a BFA.Muhammad Ali, and his birth name,show, Las Vegas July 4 show whereCassius Clay.Steve unveil his Stained glass art. 1986-88 - Forms SAK Studio.1997-98 - Tina Sinatra features portrait Jan 2009 - Art exhibit at Sundance. 1989-1990 - Hires New York Cityof Frank Sinatra on Larry Kings CNN 100 kids help paint the floor of the homeless. Paints portraits of threeshow. Holds art shows in Japan and art gallery with a pop art theme, and homeless people for Transportation Amsterdam. By now, has hired 546 400 kids received 8x8 paintings as Display, Inc.; portraits are shown in 46 ex-gang kids and homeless. Supportsfree gifts, which was all filmed for a cities on bus billboards, helping to raise more than 176 charities. independent film for Sundance 2010. $4.72 million to benefit the homeless. Completes unfinished portraits for Andy1999-2000 - Has a cardiac episodeFeb 2009 - 2nd Major Stroke Warhol clients.and a motorcycle accident. April 2009 - Exhibits at Top Marques 1993-94 - Art Studio moves to Los2001 - 2002 - His new Museum Art Monaco Angeles, California. Starts a new stylepaintings are his September 11th called Comic Book Pop Art. UsesMemorial, a tribute to the heroes original paintings of super heroes - asof the World Trade Center attack,
  7. 7. daventerfine art County Hall London t: +44 203 287 7136 www.daventerfineart.com