Dates to Remember glockenspiel, egg shakers and drums. We enjoy playing egg shakers with the beat of,

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  • December 2019 Early Learning Center Where Families Connect to Learn, Grow and Play! Contact us at: 425-564-2240

    Bellevue College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, language, ethnicity, religion, veteran status, sex, sexual orienta-

    tion, including gender identity or expression, disability, or age in its programs and activities. Please see policy 4150 at

    policies/. The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies: Title IX Coordinator,

    425-564-2641, Office C227, and EEOC/504 Compliance Officer, 425-564-2178, Office R130.

    December 2019

    Dear ELC Families, As we wrap up Fall Quarter I look back on all the wonderful things that we have shared with the children and families:  Parent Conferences— Sharing memorable

    milestones and learning more about your child.

     Hay Ride— BC grounds crew set up a tractor pulled trailer and treated the preschoolers to a fun morning with a hayride and then some hot cocoa to warm our bodies up.

     ELC Fall Family Night— Sharing and visiting with families and teachers and eating some yummy spaghetti.

     Japanese Teachers— Visiting and learning about the American way of preschool and sharing their culture with us.

    I am happy to announce that we have New Teachers joining our team! Dee Sales has been working with Lisa-Ann in T2. Mackenzie Swenson will be teaching in the T-5 classroom with Delaney starting Dec. 9th. Our Assistant Teacher Wendy Wright has been promoted to a Lead Teacher in the infant room. Read more about their talents as well as the exciting activities that are going on in your child’s classroom. As we move into winter quarter, a reminder that in case of inclement weather the ELC will follow the closure status of Bellevue College. If the ELC closes due to the weather you can find out by calling the center, a recording will be on the ELC voicemail, you can check the BC website and watch the local news. Sign up for RAVE Alerts. (more info on pg. 3) We all have “break” calendars that are slightly different. However you spend the break you have, I hope you are safe, healthy and enjoying whatever time you have to share together.

    Warmly, Lisa Director, ELC

    Dates to Remember:

    12/6/19 Early closure at

    4:15pm Please be in the

    building by 4:00 to pick up your child.

    11/12—12/18/19 Preschool

    Conferences Sign-up in the front


    12/9/19 -1/1/20 Winter Break No BC Classes

    12/24/19- 1/1/20 ELC CLOSED

    1/2/2020 First Day of Winter Quarter ELC OPEN tel:(425)%20564-2641

  • December 2019

    Introducing New Toddler Teachers: Dee Sales Hello ELC Families, I have had the privilege of teaching in the T2 classroom. I have been teaching in Montessori and Immersion class- rooms for the past 30 years and have a specialty in music for children ages infants – 6 yrs old. My music certifica- tions and sources are Musikgarten and Feierabend, which introduce simple folk songs and folk tales to encourage sharing in the early joys of singing and playing instru- ments. I also have a music studio in Bothell, WA. My Bachelor Degree is from the University of North Texas, with past residences in Texas, Arkansas, California (Monterrey and LA) and finally here in beautiful Seattle, Washington, where we have lived for the past 18 years. We are also a previous Air Force family. Our extended family resides from Montreal to Costa Rica, so we enjoy travelling to visit all of them. I am enjoying getting to know your children and the fami- lies of the ELC and the great teachers I get to work with daily. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you!

    Mackenzie Swenson

    Dear Bellevue College, ELC Families, I am going to be teaching in the toddler room and I am de- lighted to be joining this amazing community. I’m originally from Spokane, Washington but lived in Indiana for 13 years where I earned my Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education from Ball State University. I am so excited to be moving back to Washington where I can continue working with children and developing young minds! I look forward to meeting you all and creating lasting relationships with you and your children. A few of my favorite things: Favorite Color: Yellow Favorite Animal: Moose and English Bulldog Favorite Children’s Book: If You Give a Moose a Muffin and Chrysanthemum Favorite Hobbies: Hiking and reading Favorite Sport: Football (Go Seahawks!) Favorite Treat: Black Raspberry Chip Ice cream

  • December 2019

    For the last three years I served as a teacher of infants and young toddlers at an Army Child Development Center where I earned a Child Development Associate credential. I recently moved back to my hometown of Issaquah to be near friends and family. I have been an assistant teacher at the ELC in the infant room for the past 3 months and have enjoyed every minute of it. I realize that everything infants and toddlers do is a learning experience, so it is my heartfelt desire to make a lasting contribution towards each child’s future learning success. My intention is to be here for a long time, so I look forward to getting to know all of you.

    Introducing New Infant Teacher: Wendy Wright

    If you do not have a Bellevue College e-mail address, you are not able to complete this process independently. There is a sign up at the ELC front desk so that we can submit this list to the College’s Public Safety office and they can add your information manually into the RAVE system.

  • December 2019

    Infant 1 & 2 Teachers: Mahboobeh, Brian, Tiffany & Wendy

    What's New in the Infant Room?

    Mahboobeh - *Brian - Tiffany -

    Specialist for Infants and T1 : Linda Boyd

    There is constant exploration and discovery going on in the infant rooms. We setup the environment so that the infants can safely investigate with new materials rotated in and out. This keeps up the discovery and interest of finding something new and different things in the classroom.

    Sound discovery happens all the time as the children test different objects with slaps and claps to create different noises. The drum and xylophone are very popular instruments. For the fall season, we brought some gourds and a pumpkin into the classroom. This brings in some nature and science discovery (they are cleaned everyday). The children are constantly discovering their increased mobility and are always practicing, whether it be crawling through a tunnel, pulling themselves up into a standing position, or exploring around the playground. Come discover with us!

  • December 2019

    What's New in the T-1 Classroom?

    T-1 Teachers: Liliana, Marina & Wendy

    Marina - *Liliana -

    Specialist for Infant and T1 : Linda Boyd

    We have been bringing more sensory activities in the classroom this month. We

    set up the sensory table in the classroom and put in some fun objects for the

    children to explore.

    Recently, we put pinecones and leaves in the sensory table . The children used

    shovels to scoop them up and drop them in the box. Some children stirred

    leaves and others scooped them up and put them in a bowl. They grabbed

    dried leaves with their hands and squished them to feel the crispness of the


    We noticed that the children enjoy pulling tape

    and papers off the wall so we started an activity of peeling paper off the

    wall. For this activity we attached contact paper to the wall, sticky side

    facing out. The children stuck pieces of tissue paper to the contact

    paper and then peeled it off of the sticky paper. It is amazing to see the

    amount of concentration that sticking and peeling paper requires.

    Well we provided the children with an opportunity to explore the stickiness of contact paper and the

    texture of tissue paper it also encouraged the children to practice their hand-eye coordination and fine

    motor skills.

  • December 2019

    What have the T2 Toddlers been learning?

    Teachers: Lisa-Ann, Dee & Joshua

    Lisa-Ann - & Dee -

    Specialist for Toddler Rooms: Vanessa Von Papp

    We are enjoying the excitement of the Fall season! We have been exploring leaves: coloring them, crunching them, and observing the differences between leaves. We made a big leaf picture that we hung on the wall between our classroom wall trees. We even danced, “Dance of the Leaves” using scarves. The song musically depicts the wind blowing leaves off trees and onto the ground. We are very good at flowing with the music and lying still on the ground during the slow music. That’s pretty amazing since we do not move slowly or stay s