Data Curation & Preservation

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Data Curation & Preservation. CSG Fall Meeting, Princeton Mairad Martin Penn State September, 2012. A couple of definitions . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Data Curation & PreservationCSG Fall Meeting, Princeton

Mairad MartinPenn StateSeptember, 2012A couple of definitions .Curation is the active management and appraisal of data over the lifecycle of scholarly and scientific interest; it is the key to reproducibility and reuse. This adds value through the provision of context and linkage: placing emphasis on 'publishing' data in ways that ease reuse, with implications for metadata and interoperability. (Digital Curation Centre, UK)

"Digital preservation combines policies, strategies and actions to ensure access to reformatted and born digital content regardless of the challenges of media failure and technological change. The goal of digital preservation is the accurate rendering of authenticated content over time." (American Library Association)

Curation Lifecycle Model

In this space NSF DataNet DataONEData ConservancyPreservation networks LOCKSS, MetaArchive, Chronopolis, DPNNational Digital Stewardship AllianceUniversity of California Curation Center (UC3)Johns Hopkins Sheridan Libraries Purdue University LibrariesCurateCAMPDigital Curation Center UKDLF/CLIR Postdoc Fellowships

So what does this mean for IT?Infrastructure provisioningStorage and archival StorageRepository/DB platformsAccess management

Coordinated service offering

Sustainable service models

Collaboration with libraries, archives, information managers


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