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  • 1. Founded in 2007 Providing full-service media production Offering concept-to-product services A team of 20 full-time consultants and associates steeled in various project areas trade policy, child protection, public health, commercial promotion, environment Strong relationships with various members of the press in various categories health, society, economy, education Effective network of leading event/workshop and media production service providers

2. We are tagged in areas of expertise: Behaviour change communication in development and not-for-profit programs Building and generating awareness on brands and corporate image 3. Our services Communication Consutancy Public Relations SpecialEvents Design & Printing 4. Concept & idea development Objectives identifying Target audience segmenting Strategies setting up Target media snatching Key messages polishing Storylines developing Action plan arranging 5. Public relations and Media management Crisis management: crisis management planning, consultation on crisis handling and crisis control Media Relation Services: strategic media relations counseling, media and market monitoring, analysis and reporting, all press activities handling. Corporate & Marketing Communications : media relations, company/spoke person profiling, corporate & marketing collateral; customers and internal newsletter 6. Media monitoring & news digest service Daily reading, scanning, and translation of print and online articles Daily e-mail updates and reporting of print and online articles. This includes the scanned/digitized news and a summary report. Daily TV channels monitoring and recording Reporting of TV news/segments/specials within 3-5 days Delivery of month-end reports. All will be downloaded onto CDs - (1) VCD (TV news) & (1) CD-ROM (print & online news), and will be forwarded to you. Service components: Pack 1: Press (print and online) clippings service Pack 2: Daily News Digest Pack 3: TV broadcast news monitoring service Pack 4: Comprehensive media (nationwide print, online and TV broadcast news) monitoring service Or the combination of above 4 packages 7. Media review and analysis This service is fully customised to provide our customers with in- depth evaluation of their media exposure by: Tracking and measuring the perception of target audience, the value of communication efforts Comparing with similar activities implemented by other organizations or competitors in the industry Post-campaign analysis and evaluation 8. Special events Launching ceremony Press conference and briefing Seminars and conferences Corporate and Business Ceremonies Promotion and Sales activities Community activities 9. Design and productions Corporate logo and identity Campaign identity Company Brochure (flyers, brochures, leaflets) Newspapers, books, newsletters Calendars, notepads, catalogues Gift sets CDs, audio and visual products etc 10. Publications Production and management of publications from concept to design, from design to production and development 11. Tran Lan Anh Managing Director Overall Strategic Directions Strategy Planning Team Supervision Doan Thanh Huong Press Relations Manager Media relations Media implementation Le Thuy Chi Production Project Manager Project activity management Project leader Tank of technical advisors in comprehensive areas High profile advisors in government relations, media relations Other press team members: PR executives and Media monitoring executive Account team: Team leader and executives Plus executive and administrative support 12. Sample works VEF Interview Mission 2009 (higher education area) Raising public awareness on Anti-competitive practices (economic policy area) Learn Without Fear launching (child protection area) Cigarettes are eating you alive (public health area) Providing information on HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment via public buses (public health area) 13. VEF Interview Mission 2009 Developing a publicity plan and organizing a press conference for Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF an independent federal agency created by the U.S. Congress and funded annually by the U.S. Government) on the event of Interview Mission August 2009 developed and executed a successful PR plan guaranteed of the attendance of the countrys key media outlets to the press conference releasing news, feature articles coordinating fruitful interviews between VEF spokespeople and local long-lead newspapers organizing talkshow at national TV station studio 14. Raising public awareness on Anti-competitive practices Developing a publicity plan and organizing a press conference for EU Vietnam Multilateral Trade Assistance Project (MUTRAP III a project established from an agreement between European Union and Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade) on the event of Raising awareness on Anti-competitive practices campaign (September 2009) A detailed PR plan has been developed to ensure press coverage of 5 workshops in 5 cities a final press conference to recap the campaign in Hanoi The press conference, chaired by the Vice Minister of Industry and Trade and other experts took place as planned with the attendance of 25 journalists, 5 TV crews. 46 special articles, 40 brief news were monitored from key publications of the country, 9 TV news and 3 TV features were broadcasted to make this campaign of MUTRAP III reach much more audience than expected 15. Learn Without Fear launching Developing PR and event plan for PLAN International in Vietnam on the Launching of Learn Without Fear in consistency with PLANs global campaign Danson Media played the role as both the event organizer and the PR implementer An outdoor event for 400 primary school children was held and attended by high level government officers and the media Danson Media also designed and produced all the thematic Information, Education and Communication materials based on the core concept learn without fear Together with print IEC materials, a campaign song was also produced by Danson Media 16. Cigarettes are eating you alive Developing PR campaign for World Lung Foundation and Ministry of Health on the Launching of Cigarettes are eating you alive mass media campaign Danson Media provided public relations services to promote the launch of the ad campaign in Vietnam and coordinate press and media agencies to ensure their attention, participation and information dissemination. A full and comprehensive package was provided including pre-launch, launching and post-launch activities. Technical guidance on tobacco control was supported by World Lung Foundation and MOH, VINACOSH and Health Bridge 17. Providing information on HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment via public buses project in Hanoi supported by PEPFAR (U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) (2008) This project contributed an effective action to achieve overall objectives to combat HIV/AIDS and associated stigmas, and to increase awareness of prevention, and treatment in Vietnam. Public buses were used to send information on HIV/AIDS prevention to young people in Hanoi. Thousands of people from target groups were reached each day. Though media was not a target of the project, it attracted many news agencies and was broadcasted in 01 television program (VTV 1 national television) and 08 online newspapers Providing information on HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment via public buses 18. Thank you!


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