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Dane County CNG Efforts

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Dane County CNG Efforts. April 25, 2013. John Welch, PE Solid Waste Manager Dane County. Dane County’s CNG History. Experience with landfill gas and digesters Pipeline quality gas project Continued to evaluate options Pilot bioCNG project Funding from SEO and WCTP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Dane County CNG Efforts

CNG Infrastructure & Vehicle ROI

Dane County CNG EffortsJohn Welch, PESolid Waste ManagerDane CountyApril 25, 2013

Dane Countys CNG HistoryExperience with landfill gas and digestersPipeline quality gas projectContinued to evaluate optionsPilot bioCNG projectFunding from SEO and WCTPCNG station, bioCNG station, and vehiclesWhats Driving Fleet ConversionsFuel SavingsProven Technology enginesEmissions regulationsCapital CostO&M CostsPayloadAvailable Fuel Stations (Chicken & Egg)Contract RequirementsImage / MarketingEnvironmental BenefitsFuelCarbon Intensity (gCO2e/MJ)Gasoline95.86CNG from Pipeline68.00CNG from Digester13.45CNG from Landfill11.26 Conversion OptionsDedicated, bi-fuel, or dual fuelAvailable options & intended useRangeTypical route (return to shop?)

Direct from manufacturer or OEM conversionAvailable modelsWarranty / serviceCostVehicle ROIVariablesInitial Conversion CostDedicated or Dual-fuelMiles driven per yearMPGFuel Savings ~$2.00/gal

Vehicle ROI ExamplesVehicleConversion CostMPGMiles/yrGGE/yrPaybackSavings After PaybackCar$9,0002525,0001,0004.5 yrs$7,000Pickup$10,0001530,0002,0002.5 yrs$16,670Garbage Truck$50,000324,0008,0003.125 yrs

$62,000Delivery Van$30,000625,0004,2003.6 yrs$37,000Note: Does not include any grant funds or maintenance costsInfrastructure ROIComponents of CNG costSupply GasElectricityO&MCapital Ammortization (grants)Taxes and Tax CreditsOther incentives

Dane Countys CNG StationNatural gas only2 hosesFast-fill100 GGE storage30 GGE/hr from compressorFunding~$280,000 grant from SEO and WCTP~$42,000 from County funds

Fueling Station ROI ResultsStephe Yborra ValuesCNG w/ GrantCNG w/o GrantNatural Gas$0.81-$0.89$0.709$0.709Electricity$0.04-$0.30$0.376$0.376Capital$0.35-$0.65$0.129$0.987WI Taxes$0.247$0.247$0.247Federal Taxes$0.183$0.183$0.183Tax Credits-$0.50-$0.50-$0.50O&M$0.30-$0.65$0.60$0.60Total$1.24-$2.24$1.561$2.419*Based on 1600-2000 GGE/month

What if we increase CNG Usage?CNG w/o Grant2000 GGE/monthCNG w/o Grant5000 GGE/monthNatural Gas$0.709$0.70Electricity$0.376$0.22Capital$0.756$0.30WI Taxes$0.247$0.247Federal Taxes$0.183$0.183Tax Credits-$0.50-$0.50O&M$0.60$0.60Total$2.188$1.567Dane Countys BioCNG StationPilot SystemBiogas from landfill5 GGE/hr1 hoseFast-fill 40 GGE storageFundingAll Dane County

New SystemBiogas from landfill10 GGE/hrPipeline gas backup2 fast-fill hoses4 slow-fill hoses200 GGE storageFunding$150,000 from SEO

Old SystemNew SystemBioCNG DifferencesExtra CapitolExtra O&M CostsCheaper Gas?Other revenue potential for gas?RINsCNG vs BioCNG ROI ResultsCNG w/o GrantBioCNG w/o GrantNatural Gas / Biogas$0.709-Electricity$0.376$1.04Capital$0.987$1.974WI Taxes$0.247$0.247Federal Taxes$0.183$0.183Tax Credits-$0.50-$0.50RINs--$0.75O&M$0.60$0.91Total$2.419$2.921*2000 GGE/month. Breaks even at ~4000-5000 GGE/monthHurdlesVehicle Procurement EPA CertificationsLimited optionsDelaysFueling StationsTrainingInfrastructure & vehicle maintenanceLearning CurvePermitting, codes, regulatory agencies, taxes, maintenance, etc

Other ConsiderationsVehicle maintenanceLocal options?Tools and trainingBuilding ModificationsCode complianceTrainingTechnicians, drivers, Department heads, etc

Vehicle PerformanceDyno testingDriver experienceReliableMaintenance/Service

Future of CNG in Dane CountyDane County - 10 yr Strategic Plan

Convert most/entire fleet to CNG

Looking for partners fueling stations

Looking for bioCNG opportunities


John WelchSolid Waste [email protected]