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  • 1. DanceCece Shmyr, Kelsey Bunyak, Amanda Temple
  • 2. Classical Ballet
  • 3. Classical Ballet Created in Italy during Renaissance period(1500s) Characteristics: Structured positions and steps Tells a story Different styles Classical music
  • 4. Negative Aspects Eating disorders=very commonthe only way to succeed is to be thin Competitive Very large industry Only few make it to be very widely successful More successful if independent Low pay Doesnt even out to the amount of work put in
  • 5. Classical Ballet
  • 6. Modern Dance
  • 7. Modern DanceRefers to 20th century concertdanceCenters on a dancers owninterpretations instead ofstructured stepsEncourages dancers to useemotions and moods to designtheir own steps and routinesFocused on elements such as floorwork, fall and recovery, andimprovisation
  • 8. Isadora Duncan
  • 9. Isadora Duncan Mother of modern dance Started dancing at 6 years old Was taught to listen to themusic with her soul from hermother Her mother instilled Isadoraslove for the arts Dance took a priority overformal education
  • 10. Isadoras Dance Technique Did not believe in the formality ofconventional ballet Invented a more free form of dance Barefoot dance in simple Greek apparel Founded the new system of interpretivedance Blended together poetry, music, and therhythm of nature
  • 11. The dancer of the future will be one wholebody and soul grown so harmoniously togetherthat the natural language of that soul will havebecome the movement of the human body. Thedancer will not belong to any nation but to allhumanity. Isadora Duncan
  • 12. Isadora Duncan
  • 13. Martha Graham
  • 14. Martha Graham Born in Pennsylvania Influenced by father Specialized in physical movementsto remedy nervous disorders Believed body could express innersenses Illustrated visions throughjarring, violent, spastic &trembling movements Compared toPicasso, Stravinsky, and FrankLloyd Wrights
  • 15. Frontier 1976 Use of the floor as a planefor expressive movement Use of costume to evoke asetting, to imply acharacter Exploration of nationalidentity through the eyesof archetypal charactersfrom history
  • 16. Appalachian Spring- 1944
  • 17. Demonstrates the emotional part of Marthas work There is always one person who you truly peak toin the audience
  • 18. Merce Cunningham Began study at age 12 Born in Centralia Washington attended Martha Grahams dancecompany Influenced by partner- John Cage Intrigued by random phenomena asdeterminants of structure Dances vary greatly in mood butare frequently characterized byabrupt changes and contrast inmovement
  • 19. Merce Cunningham Neighbor Maude Barrett introduced dance to Merce Expanded the frontiers of dance Attended Cornish School of Fine and Applied Arts- 2 years Studied at Mills College Joined Marthas company (left 1945) Worked with John Cage- life partner (1940s) Extensive use of chance procedures, abandoned musicforms and narrative & other conventional elements ofdance Opened Merce Cunningham Dance company (1953) Invented dance on film (1970s) John died in (1992)
  • 20. Merce Cunningham Achievements National Medal of Arts (1990) Explored motion capture technology Japans Premium Imperiale (2005) Jacobs Pillow Dance Award (2009) Named Officer of the Legion dHonneur(2004)
  • 21. Alvin Ailey African American moderndance Made use of anycombination of dancetechniques that best suitedthe theatrical moment Kept his life as a dancer asecret from his mother forthe first two years
  • 22. Alvin Ailey Founded the Alvin Ailey American DanceTheatre in NYC Credited with popularizing modern dance Revolutionized African-American participationin modern dancing His company gained the nickname "CulturalAmbassador to the World
  • 23. Alvin Ailey Different types of movement More intense movements
  • 24. Todays Most Popular ChoreographersMia MichaelsLisa GiobbiVictor SmalleySonya Tayeh
  • 25. Mia Michaels3 Emmy NominationsI EmmyMost sought our choreographer worldwide
  • 26. Mia Michaels*Considered one of her top 10 choreographeddances
  • 27. Sonya Tayeh Born and raised inDetroit Michigan American dancer andchoreographer guest judge on thetelevision series So YouThink You Can Dancesince season four
  • 28. Sonya Tayeh
  • 29. Costume Changes Costumes have become much simpler
  • 30. A Revolution in MovementTraditional Ballet Modern Ballet
  • 31. Key Differences(between ballet and modern dance) Modern dance doesnt usually tell a story Ballet was created for aesthetic appeal Modern dance was created for emotional appeal Ballet costumes are more extravagant andelaborate