Damascus High School - Senior Portraits for the Yearbook Each senior needs to be photographed by Victor

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  • Damascus High School



  • Introductions

    ❖ Kevin Yates, Principal ❖ Monica Kellner, Assistant School Administrator

    ➢ Last Names A - F

    ❖ Adam Saltzman, Assistant Principal ➢ Last Names G - N

    ❖ Shannon Grigsby, Assistant Principal ➢ Last Names O - Z

  • Introductions

    ❖ Colleen Callis, Senior Class Sponsor ❖ Coleen Djouha, Senior Class Sponsor ❖ Kristy Poker, Resource Counselor ❖ Mark DeStefano, Yearbook Sponsor ❖ Catherine Ward, AP Coordinator

  • ❖ Class Sponsors: ➢ colleen_j_callis@mcpsmd.org

    coleen_m_djouha@mcpsmd.org ➢ 240-207-2400

    ❖ Class Officers ➢ President: Mackenzie Manzi ➢ Vice President: Mark Melvin ➢ Treasurer: Amanda Retherford ➢ Secretary: Rachel Willis ➢ Public Relations: Raegan Buzzard ➢ Councilwomen: Logyn Beckwith and Emily Violette

    Senior Event Information

  • Senior Panoramic Picture

    ❖ Friday, September 20th at 8:30AM ❖ Order from vosphoto.com/damascus

    ❖ Look under the Seniors or Misc. Events tab

    Damascus High School

  • Graduation


    May 29, 2020 at 9:00AM on DHS Stadium Field

  • Graduation Rehearsal Thursday, May 28, 2020

    Every graduate is REQUIRED to attend graduation rehearsal.

    Caps and Gowns will be distributed at the conclusion of rehearsal.

  • May 22, 2020

    Last Day for Seniors Seniors who have unfulfilled academic

    obligations will attend on May 25, 2019 and possibly beyond.

  • Caps and Gown Information

    ❖ Information was distributed to all seniors through English classes this week.

    ❖ Order online at Jostens.com or in person on Sept. 25th at 11:00AM by the auditorium.

    ❖ Order by January 3, 2020 for the best pricing ($39.70). After this date the price will increase to $65.00.

  • Dates to Note

    ❖ Senior Parent Meeting: 5/5/20 @ 6pm ➢ Distribution of indoor and VIP tickets ➢ Accessible seating forms distributed ➢ Graduation information

    ❖ Senior Awards Night: 5/5/20 @ 7pm

  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ❖ Senior Breakfast: 5/1/20 @ 7:45 am

    THANK S for

    helpin g mak


    this ye ar

    specia l for ou


    2020 G rads!

    ➢ Please contact Ashly Richardson if available to help urpconsultant@yahoo.com.

    ➢ There will also be a need for food donations.

    ➢ Finally, if you can make yourself available, your assistance will be greatly appreciated the day of the breakfast to help set-up, serve, and clean up afterwards.

  • Volunteers Needed

    Senior Picnic: Immediately follows graduation rehearsal (11:30-2:00 tentative).

    ❖ Please encourage your child to attend! ❖ Please contact Jennifer Bobys

    bobysandsuss@aol.com to help out! ❖ There may also be a need for food,

    drink, paper products donations.

  • Yearbook Information Sponsor: Mark DeStefano


  • Yearbooks ❖ On sale tonight! – Yearbook and Senior Ad order

    forms are available

    ➢ $75.00: Tonight – October 31

    ➢ $85.00: November 1 – December 31

    ➢ $100.00: January 1 – January 31

    OR order online at: www.yearbookforever.com

  • Senior Portraits for the Yearbook

    ❖ Each senior needs to be photographed by Victor O’Neill Studios for inclusion in the yearbook

    ❖ The last make up session will be October 22nd.

    ❖ You need to select the image that you would like to be included in the yearbook and make any requests for retouching BY December 1st in order to be included in the yearbook.

    Need an appointment? The BEST way to schedule is via EMAIL to:

    jr@vosphoto.com Or call (800) 320-2894 (press 1 for senior dept.)

  • Senior Ads for the Yearbook

    ***The early-bird catches the deal!!!***

    ❖ Cheapest price range runs NOW - Oct. 11 ❖ Mid price range runs Oct. 12 - Nov. 7 ❖ Regular price range runs Nov. 8 - Dec. 3

    **You must submit all photographs and text at the time you place your order**

    We offer this incentive to guarantee that our yearbook staff has enough time to create a high quality product!!

  • Why take AP Exams? ❖ Build Skills and Confidence: students learn time

    management and skills needed for college

    ❖ Getting into College: 85% of selective colleges and universities report that a student’s AP experience favorably impacts admission decisions.

    ❖ College success: students who score a 3 or higher have higher academic success than their peers who didn’t take an AP class

    ❖ Save time and money: more likely than their peers to complete a college degree on time

    Advanced Placement Classes

  • AP Exam Information Changes to AP in 2019-20

    (from the college board) 1. Exam registration is moving from spring

    to fall. 2. AP teachers will have access to

    year-round, new instructional resources that measure student progress. These resources will help students master the content and skills needed for success in the course and on the exam.

  • AP Exam Information Important dates for DHS

    1. October 18th - Fall AP Exam decision and registration deadline. Students need class join code from teacher.

    2. November 1st - Fall AP Exam payment deadline

    3. Exams: Monday May 4, 2020 - Friday May 15, 2020

  • AP Exam Information Payment & fees

    1. MCPS will no longer use Total Registration. 2. Parents will use the OSP (online school payment)

    the same way they pay an obligation. Small processing fee TBD.

    3. Standard exam prices have stayed the same. Financial aid qualifiers: the price has decreased from $20 to $15 (except Capstone exams).

    4. Late registration and no show fees have increased from $15 to $40.

  • AP Exam Information Payment & fees

    Type Description Cost per exam On time order Exam ordered by

    November 15 $94+ processing fee

    Late order Exam ordered between Nov 16 and March 13

    $94 + processing fee + $40 fee

    Unused/ canceled exam

    Exam canceled or not taken by the student

    $40 fee

  • Counseling Office

    ❖ S’mores Newsletter ❖ Senior Meetings

    ❖ College Planning Video

    ❖ College Planning/Application information

    ❖ Test Prep Support

  • Senior Individual Meetings

    ❖ Counselors are meeting with seniors individually to review their post-high school plans.

    ❖ Some students and parents met with their counselors over the summer.

    ❖ Counselors want to make sure that all students have a post high school plan in place and that they have done what they need to achieve their goal.

    ❖ Close monitoring throughout senior year.

    ❖ Open lab in the career center during lunch to get help with college applications

  • College Planning Video ❖ In June, students watched a video highlighting the

    college application process. ❖ Students received folders with useful resources and

    documents (extras are available, if needed). ❖ Video is on the DHS website under Counseling

    ❖ See counselor with questions.

  • ❖ Students complete their applications online. ❖ Students need to meet with Mrs. Carey(Registrar) three

    weeks prior to their deadline (see list of dates in folder). Mrs. Carey meets with students before school, during lunch, or after school.

    ❖ Mrs. Carey sends the official transcript, school profile, counselor recommendation, and any other forms required by the college.

    ❖ Test scores should be sent directly from the test provider (College Board or ACT).

    College Application Information

  • College Testing

    ❖ SAT/ACT/Accuplacer

    ❖ SAT II Subject Tests: ➢ Many four year colleges require SAT II Subject Tests. ➢ Last testing dates for these tests are in October.

    ❖ Test Prep Help: ➢ SAT and ACT review booklets are available in the Career

    Center, as well as online. ➢ Khan Academy: Everyone has access for free! ➢ Private companies

  • Senior Year Matters ❖ A Year of Lasts, so take advantage:

    ➢ Last year to take a wide variety of classes for FREE! ➢ Last chance to obtain College and Career Readiness. ➢ Last chance to make a good impression on colleges or

    future employers. ■ Colleges can request quarter grades, semester grades,

    and final grades. ➢ Last Musical ➢ Last Concerts

  • Attendance Matters

    ❖ Seniors are expected to attend all classes….every day!

    ❖ Attendance rates drop as senior year progresses ❖ No make-up work if a class is skipped ❖ Excessive absences can result in course failure

    regardless of grade earned in the course

    ❖ Encourage your senior to complete the school journey through the very last day!

  • Senior Year Matters

    ❖ With Many Lasting Memories: ➢ Homecoming ➢ Prom ➢ Graduation

    ❖ So make good choices and enjoy your final year: ➢ Students who have fulfilled their graduation