Dalziel - Information Literacy via Collaborate (teachmeet abstract)

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<ol><li> 1. Information Literacy via CollaboratePaula Dalziel, Edge Hill University, dalzielp@edgehill.ac.ukI would like to offer Teachmeet presentations on the value of Blackboard Collaboratefor delivering information literacy sessions. Collaborate offers the opportunity toreach distance learners, part-time learners, learners on placement and learners whofor whatever reason are unable to attend the university. I am part of a pilot scheme atEdge Hill University delivering Learning Service Inductions and information literacysessions to outreach students using Collaborate. The outreach and distance learnersbenefit from the live sessions with the tutor/facilitator. This medium is not areplacement for face to face sessions but rather complimentary to, andsupplementary to, those sessions.Collaborate allows the facilitator to deliver a PowerPoint presentation, a liveinteractive information literacy session, or any type of combination which would beused in the university setting. The minimum level of technology support required forsetting up and delivering the sessions enables both the facilitator and students toengage with the experience and soon become adept at using the technology.Collaborate is part of a digital future that needs to be embraced by all sectors ofinformation professionals as an additional means for delivering information literacy inthe twenty-first century. Therefore I think my experience of using the technologywould be valuable for other professionals to hear about and see being demonstratedduring Teachmeet presentations.</li></ol>