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Dagger Times October 2012

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Delta Company 1-167th Newsletter Vol 2

Text of Dagger Times October 2012

  • Above: 1LT David Graham 2nd

    PLT Platoon Leader.

    Kandahar Air Field,


    It was 0600 in the morning

    and it was already 80 de-

    grees. What a nice way to

    start the day! We get up,

    shave, shower, and prepare

    for a long mission. As we

    walk out to the motor pool,

    we see our armored chariots

    waiting on us in the morning

    light ready to cruise the

    streets of Afghanistan. We

    line our body armor up be-

    hind the vehicles so the truck

    commanders can check to

    make sure that all the soldiers

    have everything they need.

    While I walk up and down the

    line of body armor I see all of

    the soldiers laughing and jok-

    ing as they ready themselves

    for battle. Everyone is worry

    and stress free as we prepare

    the vehicles for the long jour-

    ney that awaits us.

    We all mount up in our

    vehicles and begin our radio

    checks. SGT Elson, in the first

    truck, sounds off with

    Blackbeard 1 is REDCON

    One, letting me know that

    he is ready to roll. Then I

    hear SGT Myrick in the third

    truck sound off with

    Blackbeard 2 is REDCON

    One. Then I hear the sound

    of SSG Burnetts voice calling

    out Blackbeard 7 is REDCON

    One; break; Blackbeard 6 all

    vehicles are REDCON One and

    ready to roll. We roll out of

    the gates and head out on

    our long journey. Cruising

    down the road we are all

    scanning for possible threats

    on the road and in the hills to

    our left and right. About 2

    hours after departure we

    finally arrive at our destina-

    A Day in the Life of 2nd Platoon

    Commanders Corner

    It seems like it has been for-

    ever since the wheels

    touched down on the C-17

    here in Afghanistan. As

    many of you know by now,

    we had to make a move from

    the original FOB that we

    were stationed at to another

    FOB in close proximity. I

    hope your Soldier was able

    to get the new address to

    you, however, if not it will be

    in this Newsletter for you.

    Your Soldiers are continu-

    ing to do great things. Mo-

    rale is high as we continue to

    lean forward in this deploy-

    ment accomplishing all the

    tasks put before us. We again

    thank you for your support and

    if there is anything that you

    need from us please contact

    our FRG chairperson:

    Mrs. Rebecca Milam

    [email protected]

    Dagger Times

    Special points of interest:

    Checkout TF Centurion FaceBook Page:


    Yellow Ribbon Event November 3, 2012 Bir-

    mingham, AL at the


    New address: (Soldiers Name)


    Bldg. 170

    Kandahar Air Field

    APO AE 09355

    Delta Company 1-167th Infantry 13 October 2012 Volume 2

    Inside this issue:

    FRG News and



    Soldier Photos 3-7

    William J. Hurd

    CPT, Infantry


    D Co 1-167th IN, TF Centurion Prime

    destination. The VIPs that

    we have been guarding are

    released from the security

    of our 15 ton fighting ma-

    chines to roam around the

    FOB conducting their busi-

    ness. Once they conclude

    their business they arrive

    back at our trucks and we

    begin the long trip back

    home. Continued on page 2 Story by 1LT David Graham2nd PLT PL

  • Once we have arrived back home and we have off-loaded the VIPS, we refuel our trucks and move to the motor pool. I can see the pride of another successful mission finished in their faces as we put our trucks to sleep for the night. The final part of our mission is to move back to the barracks and get online to let our families know that we are safe and that we are thinking of them.

    End of Story

    A Day in the Life of 2nd Platoon (continued)

    Delta Company 1-167th IN Soldiers Train Afghan Security

    Members of Delta Company

    were asked to train the security

    of the Kandahar Regional Medi-

    cal Center on how to properly

    search personnel and vehicles.

    Delta Companys Soldiers con-

    ducted the 4 hour block of in-

    structions flawlessly and were

    greatly appreciated not only by

    the US Forces mentors at the

    Hospital, but the Afghan Security

    Forces there as well.

    Page 2 Dagger Times

    FRG State Yellow Ribbon Event

    close out with an FRG Meet-

    ing. Classes will start

    promptly at 10 am. You must

    register by October 15th

    2012. You can register for the

    event by going online at

    http://www.jointservicessup Just like the last

    event, travel orders will be

    issued for 2 individuals to

    Include: Spouse, Parent or

    designated individual 13

    On November 3rd 2012 a

    Yellow Ribbon Event will be

    held for the Families of the 1-

    167th Infantry Battalion in

    Birmingham, Al. There will be

    FREE professional child care

    at this event so you dont

    have to stress over finding a

    sitter. Topics of discussion

    will be Money Management

    for Modern Times, Home-

    coming and Reunion and will

    SPC Merritt being searched by a

    Afghan Security Force Personnel

    years or older. One traveler

    will get POV milage and per

    diem and the other will just

    receive per diem. Please

    bring a voided check. Fami-

    lies traveling more than 150

    miles are authorized 1 room

    Friday night. POC for this is

    SGT Terry Hines @ 334-290-


  • Volume 2 Page 3

    Team DaggerArmy Ten Mile Shadow CPT Hurd and SPC Estes both Auburn

    Grads! War Eagle!!!

    SGT Saxon: commonly referred to as ghobil by

    the Afghans. (meaning pretty) SPC Reynolds re-enlisting while serving in combat

    SSG Jones chowing down on some cake!!! 3 peas in a pod! Those are 3 handsome men with

    those sexy haircuts!!

  • Random Dagger Pics

  • SSG Dennis: Im sexy and I know it

  • Special thanks to everyone that sent care packages to Delta

    Company 1-167th Infantry!!!!

    Thank You First Methodist Daycare Sylacauga Alabama!!!

    1LT Owens doing a little bit of splurging!!