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  • 1. Fixed Wireless Broadband Solutions :Competitor or Compliment to Mobile Wireless Broadband? Oct 2012

2. Wireless Broadband What does Wireless Broadbandmean to you?Copyright 2012Cambium Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. 2 3. Outdoor Wireless BroadbandConnect ConnectConnectConnectConnect People Vehicles Buildings EquipmentPeopleMobileMobile Fixed FixedFixed 3 4. Fixed Wireless and Mobile Wireless ApplicationMobileFixed Subscriber mobile access Residential access (data, voice video) Enterprise connectivity (data, voice, video) Video Surveillance Machine to Machine (M2M) data transfer Additional Cost of Mobility Base Station Equipment room at base of tower Operations Support Gateway1. Maximize Subscribers, Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with the appropriate technology2. Spectrum available for Mobile Broadband is generally different and more valuable than thespectrum allocated to Fixed Wireless Access.4 5. Comparison of Solution TechnologyTypical Cambium Networks Cambium NetworksMobileFixed Fixed NetworkService Provider Network Enterprise Network O&M CSN O&MCSN NTP PDFNetworkE2E QoSTime Server Controller DMS DHCP HADHCP Device IP AddressManagerIP AddressServer HomeServer Agent NMS DNS AAA NMSAAADNS AAAAAA Element ElementManagement Name ManagementNameAuthentication Authentica AuthenticationSystem ServerServer SystemServerServer tion Server SERFAL2SService EdgeForeignLayer 2 RouterAgent SwitchReqd for Mobility only ASN Gateway Backhaul R6 APAP APAP AP AP AP AP AP APAP AP IDU CMM4CMM4 5 6. Fixed Wireless Broadband ApplicationsCanopy Point-to-Multipoint Orthogon Point-to-Point (PTP)(PMP) Access Networks Access and Backhaul Links Residential Access Leased Line Replacement Video & VoIP Services 4G/LTE Infrastructure Leased Line Replacement Cellular/Public Safety Video Surveillance backhaul M2M Infrastructure CCTV 6 7. Fixed Wireless Access Architecture BENEFITSCAMBIUM SOLUTIONS Consistent coverage across large PMP and PTP product portfolios which service areas and long distancesmeet all budgets and bandwidth needs Supports voice, video, and data Incredibly reliable field-proven technology No trenching, boring, or physical Can support VoIP, VoD/nVoD, and IPTV plant work Can be deployed NOW! Can be installed rapidly7 8. Fixed Wireless Broadband EconomicsLeverage Backbone: Expand Coverage Towers are available toThroughput540 Mbps per towerService Providers and are located where neededRange 8 kmCoverage283 sq km Capacity can be addedSubscribers 1200based on demandApplicationsStreaming video, VoIP,cloud access, camerasurveillance, other M2MCreate new revenueapplications streams in days CAPEX/OPEX for equipping a single existing tower with540 Mbps of fixed capacity provides for ROI in months!* * Assumes adequate backhaul capacity exists. If not, Cambium can provide multiple PTP Solutions.8 9. Deployment StrategiesMaximize Value of Available SpectrumMaximize Customers and Customer SatisfactionGreenfieldRapidly enter new markets and serve customersWithin Existing Footprint Recover capacity on mobile broadband network bytransferring customers and adding customers with fixedbroadbandNetwork EdgeExtend coverage into outlying areas and serve customersbeyond the reach of mobile broadband 9 10. Access Network Key System FeaturesRadio PerformanceAdvantageFeaturesPurpose-built protocol enhances payloadHigh Efficiency MAC capacity while efficiently utilizing availablespectrum.Higher initial throughputs and link budgets with2x2 MIMO with Migrationplanned migration to MU-MIMO using existingto MU-MIMOSMs.Network loading has minimal effect onConsistent very lowperformance. Effectively supports voice andLatency Performancevideo solutions.Timing synchronization to GPS pulse allowsGPS Synchronization extensive scalability while minimizing self-interference.Copyright 2012 Cambium Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. 10 11. Spectral EfficiencyService Provider Goal:Maximum USABLE THROUGHPUT in the smallest amount of SPECTRUM90 Mbps 90 Mbps in 20 MHz channel = 4.5 bits/Hz20 MHz 5.470 GHz 5.875 GHz Spectrum is scarce High throughput that requires wide spectrum is not feasible to deploy Cambium PMP 450 offers the highest spectral efficiency 12. Access Network GPS SynchronizationWe found that the carrier-to-interference ratio on the Cambium system is so small that thesystem can operate with substantial interference and still maintain higher-quality of servicethan alternative equipment. Even in congested bands, the Cambium equipment gives usgreat penetration in the high foliage areas and mitigates interference amazingly well.Mark NoveyDirector of ITTelpage 13. Wireless Backhaul Architecture High-capacity dedicated links required Spatial diversity and OFDM for enterprise customers MIMO and intelligent dynamic Economical backhaul for Wirelessfrequency selection (iDFS) Service Providers Licensed or Unlicensed products Non-Line-of-Sight paths Ruggedized equipment Harsh environmentsCopyright 2012 Cambium Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. 13 14. Wireless Backhaul Innovator and Leader2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 20082009 20102011 2012CERTs &VALIDsOS-Gemini first PTP 600 PTP 6004.5 / 4.9 FIPS 140-2unlicensed radio 2.5 GHz with MIMO &firstGHzMEF9PTP 810 iDFS - 5.8 GHzGPS sync licensedLicensedPTP 600 ATEX-unlicensed Microwave5.4 GHz PTP 500HAZLOC radioPTP 800i TDM/ETH5.8 GHzPTP 800 on oneLicensed OS-OS-Spectra 5.8 GHz 105 MpbsLicensed Platform Microwave Gemini - first 300 Mbps radio; Microwave 6-38 GHz All-Indoor 43 Mbpsexceed 10bps/Hz; 6-38 GHz700 Mbps 6 & 11 GHz260 Mbps 70km link368 Mbps 236 Mbps (Telmex) full duplex full duplexUC-APLQueens Award Enterprise: Innovation NXT Comm AwardsNetwork Computing Editors ChoiceAward For Best Fixed WirelessQueens Award Enterprise: International TradeWiMAX World - EuropeNetwork ComputingWell-Connected AwardCTIA Innovation Contest Runner-Up Links Shipped1K 10K50K Field Hours 100M1B2B14 15. Proven Reliable nLOS and NLOS Backhaul Industry leading technical feature set Highest system gain Best in class sensitivity and power output Highest Spectral Efficiency Unique Combination of MIMO, i-DFS, Adaptive Modulation Globally Popular and Demanded LINKPlanner Tool Ability to connect in nLOS and NLoS and extreme weather conditions Carrier Grade reliability - Up to 99.999% availability Rapid Deployment Supports Video, Data, Voice and Control Applications15 16. PTP 500 & 600 nLOS and NLOS TECHNOLOGY Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Only backhaul products leveraging MIMO Intelligent Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (i-OFDM) Resists interference and signal fading Adaptive Modulation Maximum throughput with highest link quality Advanced Spectrum Management with i-DFS Automatically switches to the clearest channel High Spectral Efficiency High throughput with minimal spectrum usage Best-in-Class Radios Highest system gain in the category16 17. Fixed Access Leader and Innovator250 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 20092010 2011 2012100 320430450200200 GPS synchronization OFDM 5 GHz Unlicensed spectrum 4.9 GHz150 LOS20 Mbps7 Mbps2.4 GHz 901005.4 GHz5.9 GHz5050 50 40 802.16e 90014 MHz 2121 OFDM MIMO7 714 40 Mbps 14 Mbps 50 Mbps90 Mbps0LicensedThroughputPart-15 Manufacturer of the YearGrowth TIA SuperQuest AwardRURALiTic Award(Mbps) Public Technology InstituteCTIA Innovation contest winnerWireless Broadband Innovation Award Modules shipped 1M2M3M 3.5M17 18. Service Providers Choose CambiumApplicationsResidential and Enterprise BroadbandCore Network backhaul and SpursCell Site on Wheels (COWS)Disaster Recovery / Rapid DeploymentNear/Non Line of Sight PathsLicensed and Unlicensed SolutionsTower Loading ConstraintsProven PerformanceHighly ReliableHigh Capacity over RangeEase of DeploymentNear/Non Line of Sight OperationInterference ToleranceGlobal HomologationsVery Secure 18 19. SMART, Philippines SMART Broadband is a wireless and wireline service provider. They wanted to reach new revenue opportunities and rapidly expandChallengetheir network to offer data and voice connectivity to locations wheredial up connectivity did not yet exist. They chose cost effective unlicensed solution for mass deployment.Cambium Networks They deployed Cambium wireless broadband point to pointSolution and point to multipoint solutions. Worlds largest unlicensed wireless broadband deployment. Reaching new revenue opportunities and breaking open new revenueCambium streams quicklySolution Value 25 cities installed in less than one year Serving hundreds of thousands of subscribers since 2005 (400k+) 20. Digicel Business Private Office Network PNGService Provider Papua New GuineaChallengeDigicel Business Private Office Networks VPN service was developed to meet the demands of large corporate customers having various branch offices around PNG; especially those that run business applications hosted centrally. This unique service has been tailored to provide secure VPN connectivity for branch office and low latency therefore fast keystroke response.Solution PMP 430 access network with omni directional antenna to provide connectivity to sparsely populated areas needing high speed broadbandResults Customers are now experiencing usable throughput levels at about 30 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up, getting what they need for high speed Internet access for data, voice and video applications 20 21. Oil & Gas, Indonesia Linking oil rigs to shoreChallenge Using radio over water, with radio interference from reflective fadeCambium Networks PTP 500 series back haul linksSolution Application for VoIP, Video, DataCambium Tested remotely through LinkPlannerSolution Value Achieving distance of 30 Km with data rates of 39.42 Mbps @ 99.96% 22. Who Is Cambium Networks?Industry leader in Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point IP Wireless Broadband SolutionsIndependent company since 2011(Formerly part of Motorola Solutions )More than 4 million n