D-Day By: Stephen Ambrose

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D-Day By: Stephen Ambrose. Power point by: Austin Butterfield Reading, 6 th period, Mrs. Hall. Graphic Organizer. This book is a time order/Sequence type book, thanks to such signal words as: next, following Hitler’s decision, The Allied commanders then chose to …, Here is a time order thing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of D-Day By: Stephen Ambrose

D-Day By: Stephen Ambrose

D-DayBy: Stephen AmbrosePower point by: Austin ButterfieldReading, 6th period, Mrs. Hall

Graphic OrganizerThis book is a time order/Sequence type book, thanks to such signal words as: next, following Hitlers decision, The Allied commanders then chose to, Here is a time order thing#1. 1940, France is Conquered by Hitler.#2. 1942-1944, British and American troops liberate Frances Colonial holdings, now they must liberate France Itself.#3. 1943-1944, Allied forces use FORTITUDE system to fool the Nazis into thinking an allied landing will come at the Pas-De-Calais or Norway.#4. 1944, Decision made to invade on the Normandy beaches, Americans at Omaha and Utah, British at Juno, Gold, and Sword.#5. June 6th, 1944, D-Day, British forces have unusually easy beach landings, while the American landings (especially at Omaha) had very High Casualties, 2/5 of total D-Day Casualties at Omaha.#6. June 7th, 1944, The landings were accomplished and the total death toll was discovered, 4,900 to 5,000 total allied casualties.The book begins with the first Allied and German casualties. It then proceeds to discussing Hitler and Rommel building the defenses of their Atlantic Wall, and how the Allies tricked them into thinking where they would invade. It then shows how the Americans fought at Omaha and Utah beaches, and the British fought at Sword, Gold, and Juno beaches. Omaha was the hardest beach to take, resulting in massive allied casualties. It then ends with the Eisenhower quote:I think it is just overwhelming. To think of the lives that were given for that principle, paying a terrible price on this beach alone, on that one day, 2,000 casualties. But they did it so that the world could be free. It just shows what free men will do rather than be slaves.SummaryGraphicsFirst: Erwin Rommel (Desert Fox)Second: Gen. MontgomeryThird: Gen. Eisenhower (Ike)

Hail the Fuhrer!

Not ReallyOne Last Thing

When you have to struggle against overwhelming odds, remember D-Day and Remember,

Go Get EmRemember this! (For real this time)