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  • 1. Mission StatementTo spur and support innovation, for the economicbenefit of Alberta, through the provision ofcyberinfrastructureTo spur and support innovation, for the economicbenefit of Alberta, through the use ofcyberinfrastructure

2. Goal Sustainable operations Grant renewals Member support We can run that network ourselves 3. Revenue GenerationNon-revenueRevenue Network Memberships Routers Govt. Cash Staff Contractors 4. Best Practices Orion Education backup BCNet Peering Rocky Mountain Supercomputer Centers On-demand HPC 5. Best Practices - OrionBACKUP 6. Backup Partnered with commercial service 24/7 support Located in province Scalable Secure Affordable 7. Best Practices - BCNetPEERING & GROUP BUYING 8. Peering and Buying Network access cost reduction Peering Service improvement Network efficiency Academic cost reduction Commercial possibilities 9. The InternetGoogle$$ $$FacebookLarge ISP $$$$ Large LargeISP ISP $$$$ U of A 10. The InternetGoogle$$$$Facebook LargeISP $$ $$Large Large ISP ISP$$ $$ Cybera U of A U of Cetc, 11. What is Peering? is a voluntary interconnection ofadministratively separate Internet networks for thepurpose of exchanging traffic between thecustomers of each network Also known as settlement-free peering04-05-2010BCNET Peering in Seattle Slide 15 12. The Internet + Internet Exchanges Google$$$$Facebook LargeMicrosoftISP$$ $$ Large IX SwitchISPLargeISP$$ $$Akamai CyberaU of AU of C etc, 13. Private peering Google Google is the single largest content provider Many Google services, incl 1Gb/s private connection between BCNET and Google IPv6 and IPv404-05-2010 BCNET Peering in SeattleSlide 17 14. Best Practices - MontanaCOMMERCIAL HPC 15. Alberta Co.Cybera Pilot CommercialCloudCloud 16. College EducationCybera Pilot UtilityCloudCloud 17. 4,000,000 # of users$ / User 18. Population Density(Population / Sq Km)500450400350300250200150100 500 19. Alberta Population Distribution 20. Almost four in ve people around the world believe that access to the internet is a fundamental right, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests. 21. Governments must regard the internet as basic infrastructure - just like roads, waste and water - Dr Hamadoun Toure, Secretary-general of the InternaLonal TelecommunicaLon Union study ranks Canada 19th worldwide in overall Internet access. Harvard University Berkman Center Feb 2010 If we do not act with haste, the innova=ons that could employ our future work force could well pass us by Globe and Mail editorial Feb 2010 22. Cost to Connect ($/month) RuralUrbanSpeed (Mbps) Satellite Wireless Cable1.0 701.5100 493.0655.0891047267050 100 23. Federal Initiatives Canadas Economic Action Plan $225M Broadband Canada Connecting Rural Canadians $76.9M for first 52 projects16141210 8 6 4 2 0 24. Federal InitiativesCompany Region HomesCorridor Taber, Pincher Creek, Ranchland and Counties ofCommunica Cypress, Forty Mile, Warner, Lethbridge andtions Inc. Cardston5,577 Bighorn and Counties of Clearwater andCCIYellowhead 2,465CCICounties of Red Deer, Lacombe, and Ponoka1,867CCIAthabasca Region, Peace River Region11,335 Wood Buffalo, Bonnyville and counties ofCCILakeland, St. Paul, and Smoky Lake1,488PCCCommunica Forty Mile, Warner, Cypress, and extendedtions Inc. regions of Willow Creek 1,516PCCRegions of Crowfoot, Vegreville, and Wainwright 8,134PCCFoothills, Rocky View, and Mountain View2,475 Jasper, Kananakis, Bighorn and Counties ofPCCClearwater and Yellowhead436PCCNorth Central Region / Stony Plain District 1,817 Peace Region / Peace River & Grande PrairiePCCDistricts1,905 Total 39,015 25. Olds, Alberta4,000,0007,200 residents 3,200 Homes & Businesses College # of users CommunityLab$ / User 26. The Olds Ins=tute for Community and Regional Development Technology CommiIee has a vision to make Olds the small and medium enterprise capital of Alberta built on superior cyberinfrastructure. The OICRD is currently building a private ber network that will connect every home and business in the community. - Norman McInnis, Chief AdministraLve Ocer for Olds 27. Next Generation Needs Exascale computing 28. Next Generation Needs DIYBio 29. HomesBusinesses HomesBusinessesHomesBusinesses Homes Distribution SuperNet PointContent Satellite Co. FarmCybera Pilot SuperNetCloudCommercial Cloud 30. Projects Water & Environment Hub New hire Alex Joseph Excellent working relationship with WaterSmart Bow River basin first module 31. Current Projects GreenStar Network Sensor Networks MoboVivo Earth Observation Water Hub Space Weather ESRI / CSPG Radio Astronomy Medical Research Westgrid Data Gardens 32. Cloud Services for Water Management Explore use of cloud services to store, manipulate and expose data related to water management Link and correlate a wide variety of data from a large number of sources Cloud-based analysis and visualization tools