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Text of CWS . 2019-04-02آ  12 ] Paradise Air Bar 13 ] Paradise Seatcleaner 14 ] Paradise Toiletpaper 15 ]...

  •   CWS ParadiseLine. 

    Exclusive Washroom Design.

  • Welcome to Paradise. At CWS we consider high-quality washroom equipment to not only be a sign of appreciation towards  

    customers and employees, but also your company’s “business card”. As the trendsetter in hygiene, design  

    and customised solutions, we are proud to present CWS ParadiseLine, our innovative line of dispensers. 

    Discover the endless possibilities!

    *  also available in the manual slim version **  also available in the manual version and floor-standing

    Our dispensers at a glance:

    1 ] Paradise Dry Non‑Touch

    2 ] Paradise Dry Slim

    3 ] Paradise DUO

    4 ] Paradise Paperroll

    5 ] Paradise Paper Slim

    6 ] Paradise Foam Universal*

    7 ] Paradise Foam Non‑Touch

    8 ] Paradise Cream Universal*

    9 ] Paradise Handlotion

    10 ] Paradise Antibact Slim

    11 ] Paradise Disinfect

    12 ] Paradise Air Bar

    13 ] Paradise Seatcleaner

    14 ] Paradise Toiletpaper

    15 ] Paradise Superroll

    16 ] Paradise Paper Bin

    17 ] Paradise Ladycare Non‑Touch **

    18 ] Paradise Cleanseat

    Power / Universal

    Paradise Paper Universal

    1 ] 2 ] 3 ]

    [  2  ]

  • 5 ] 4 ] 6 ] 7 ] 8 ] 9 ] 10 ]

    12 ] 13 ] 14 ] 15 ]

    17 ]

    18 ]

    11 ]

    16 ]

    [  3  ]

  • Active White. A high-tech and unique design paired with the elegance of white front panels 

    lend your washroom a cosmopolitan flair. As clean and pure as a washroom 

    should be; the ParadiseLine products, our premium Swiss brand, dovetail  

    discretely into any design. The unobtrusive exterior combined with clear lines 

    conveys the sophisticated look of our day.

    CWS Paradise Cleanseat is the convenient solution for regular professional 

    cleaning of the toilet: the toilet seat has a fully automatic self-cleaning function 

    after each use and fits onto any standard toilet.  

    [  4  ]

  • Royal Red. The passion and energy we invest in the development of our products is transported  

    directly to your washroom with the dispensers in red. Quality is reflected both intensely  

    and extraordinarily in the high-class surfaces of our front panels. 

    The non-touch versions offer an additional level of hygiene, and pre-set portions make  

    them particularly economical. Integrated sensors allow non-touch dispensing of the desired 

    portion of foam soap or towel. Moreover, thanks to the sensor, the used disposable hand 

    towel and end of the roll are automatically retracted.

  • [  7  ]

  • Black Pearl. Modern architecture paired with timeless elegance and classic  

    lines – front panels in black lend fascination to any washroom.  

    The striking look will have your customers and employees returning 

    time and time again.

    The Paradise Air Bar fragrance dispenser provides for lasting, 

    individual scenting and perceptible freshness in an environmentally-

    friendly way. Its functionality and look make Air Bar the intelligent 

    standard for your washroom.

    [  8  ]

  • Navy Blue. Immerse yourself in your own underwater world. Front panels in blue add a cool  

    and refreshing touch to your washroom and, at the same time, the room radiates 

    peace and calmness.

    Our CWS cotton towel dispenser systems are certified with the “Blue Angel”  

    ecolabel and protect valuable resources. With it you are sending a clear signal of 

    your commitment to the environment – with every portion of towel made from  

    pure cotton. Using the CWS cotton towel dispenser system means no waste is  

    generated and your washroom stays neat and tidy.

  • [  11  ]

  • Forest Green. At CWS we adapt to individual needs, set washroom trends and bring colour into  

    play. Why not design your washroom with front panels in green – a calming colour 

    which radiates security and harmony. Discover the CWS ParadiseLine products for  

    your washroom.

    With Paradise Foam Non-Touch by CWS, pleasant soap foam is always available. When  

    the hand approaches the dispenser, a portion of microfine foam is released with no  

    dripping. Together with the complementary care product Paradise Handlotion, you can 

    be sure that your hands are in the best possible hands.

    [  12  ]

  • Posh Purple. Be bold and strike the right note with front panels in purple. This expressive colour lends your 

    washroom a feeling of extravagance and uniqueness. Escape to an elegant, inspiring world and 

    let your imagination run free.

    High-quality CWS designer dispensers leave a lasting impression with their exciting, first-class 

    look. They are available in all versions as a complete dispenser family. In 2009, the entire line 

    of dispensers was awarded the “reddot design award” and the “CMS Purus Award”. In 2011, it  

    received the PLUS X Award in the categories “Innovation, High Quality, Design, Functionality 

    and Ecology” and for the “Best Product of the Year 2011”.

  • [  15  ]

  • Silversense. The products from CWS set the standard for immaculate hygiene and well-being in 

    the washroom. Front panels in silver express personality and glamour. A timeless 

    appearance in the glow of the lights, a sense of exclusive harmony in combination 

    with the architecture and fittings.

    The professional CWS service offers you all-round care. All dispensers are available  

    on a rental basis. This means customised consultation with concept solutions,  

    professional installation, regular maintenance on site and delivery of consumables.

    [  16  ]

  • IndividualLine. Unused advertising space? Not at CWS – use new platforms of communica-

    tion with the Paradise IndividualLine dispenser system. Thanks to custom- 

    isable front panels on the CWS dispensers, the dispenser can be used as a 

    direct line of communication with your guests or employees.

    Present your campaign images, pictures or company logos in the washroom 

    to open up unconventional paths of communication. The time used to dry 

    hands and eye-level positioning both ensure a high level of perception and 

    an unimagined quality of contact.

    [  18  ]

  • 01 | Comfort > Naturally at home – and the same sense of well‑being elsewhere too.

    02 | Hygiene > A fresh unused cotton towel portion for every single user.

    03 | Skin protection > Kind to the skin, made of soft cotton fibres.

    04 | High quality > Conveys your appreciation of staff and customers.

    05 | Efficiency > Excellent and quick‑drying effect.

    06 | Waste avoidance > No residual waste, no disposal costs, no waste problem.

    07 | Sustainability > State‑of‑the‑art cleaning technology re‑ quires only minimal amounts of detergent, water and energy.

    08 | Full-service > Professional cleaning of rolls in CWS laundries. 09 | Expert care > Individual consultations: optimal cost and

    ambience planning. 10 | Cost-saving rental service > No purchase costs for


    10 good reasons for choosing CWS cotton towels.

    [  19  ]

  • Paradise Dry Slim / Non-Touch Paradise DUO Paradise Paperroll Paradise Paper Slim Paradise Paper Universal


    Description Cotton towel dispenser | approx. 110 towel portions | ideal   hygiene thanks to separation of fresh and used towel portions  (2-chamber system) | used portion and end of towel are automati- cally retracted | easy