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<ol><li> 1. CONFIDENTIAL Resumes 1 Carlos Iver SaraviaVidal Curriculum Vitae Product Champion, SIGMA Instructor &amp; Production Enhancement Sand Control Support for Latin America DATE OF BIRTH: October 9, 1972 ADDRESS: Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico TELEPHONE: Bolivia 591 677 55555 E-MAIL: EDUCATION Petroleum Engineer (Universidad Gabriel Rene Moreno, Santa Cruz Bolivia). OTHER STUDIES English Institute (CBA-Bolivia_1989-1991) EXPERIENCE OF OIL &amp; GAS Currently: Product Champion Commuter Mexico. Additional responsibilities: Sand Control Support for Latin America Region. SIGMA/ATAC Instructor for Sand Control. 1st Sand Control Completions in Ultra Deep water Mexico, February 2014. Universidad Autonoma Gabriel Rene Moreno, Bolivia. Completions Seminars (March, 2014) Maturin, Venezuela as Country Sales Lead for Production Enhancement (2001 to 2014) Ciudad del Carmen as Sand Control Focal Point for MEXICO (2009 to 2011). Focal Point in Business Development for all Halliburton Services for San Jorge and Austral Basin (Argentina &amp; Chile) Internal Master Degree in Sales and Business Sales Certification Program Latin America November 2008. SPE Paper for Sand Control in Heavy Oil reservoir. CAPSA for Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut. March 2009. Account Representative, since August 2008 Business Development for Production Enhancement in Comodoro Rivadavia. Invited by Halliburton USA Conformance Solutions for Workshop in Austria and Egypt. Ausgust 2007. ACIPET paper, Conformance-Water Control in gas reservoir (Bolivia and Colombia experiences). March 2007. Engineering Leader for Patagonian Bases Argentina (Since August 2007). Halliburton Argentina, since April 2007 as support Field Engineer for Sand Control, Stimulations, and Water Control. </li><li> 2. CONFIDENTIAL Resumes 2 Halliburton Argentina, Cementing Engineer, since October 2006. Rotational Engineer in Comodoro/Argentina for Cementing Operations and Sand Control &amp; Conformance (Water Control). Instructor/Support for Latin America Region. Workshop given in Ecuador (SIPEC), Argentina (RepsolYPF), Colombia (Ecopetrol). 1996. 6 Conformance/Water Control jobs done in Bolivia (5 Waterweb-RPM and 1 Permseal-Sealant). 4 Pulsonix + N-Flow jobs done in Bolivia with coiled tubing. Experience in Peru, Argentina, USA, Mxico, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Trinidad &amp; Tobago and Suriname locations (Open Hole Gravel Packs, Cementing, Sand Control, Coil Tubing, Water Control - Conformance, Frac Pac, Stimulations, Work Over &amp; Completions fluids, Completions Tools in gas, condensate and oil reservoirs/ SandStone and carbonate pay zones). Horizontal gravel pack jobs, design and execution, with Chaco/BP-Amoco, Santa Cruz Bolivia. Senior technical professional since June-2003 Cementing/PE (Sand Control, Frac Pack, Coil Tubing, Acid Stimulation Nitrogen and Pipe Line Services). Halliburton Country Team Leader in Health &amp; Safety Team. Since December-2003. Internal Auditor for Certifications in ISO-14001 &amp; OHSAS-18001. Good performance in cementing job (Chaco-DRD1001 Liner at 6540 mts. - June , 99). Halliburton OTC Bolivia supervisor PEN (Process Expert Network) SAP program ( System , Applications , Productions in data processing ). Tesis-Consultor Estimulaciones Acidas en formaciones de Arenas , Bolivia June, 1999. Tesis-Consultor Gravel Pack , Bolivia July, 1999. Tesis-Consultor Cementaciones_Pozos de Abandono , Bolivia February 2002. Tesis-Consultor Cementaciones Primarias doble etapa , Bolivia August, 2007. 1st. Bolivia-Foam Cement Field Engineer ( MAXUS , March 99 ). International Champion SAFETY PROGRAM - STOP (Bolivia/Argentina, April 99). Field Engineer in Sand Control, Stimulation, Coil Tubing &amp; Nitrogen, Completions Products and Cementing (Halliburton Bolivia, since September 1997). Field engineer in cementing, gravel packs, stimulations, coiled tubing and slick line operations. NOC_YPFB Company Man Drilling and Work over Rigs. Bolivia (October, 1996 To July 1997). COURSES AND SEMINARS Oil production UAGRM. 1996 Metallic corrosion UAGRM. 1997 Industrial Water control UAGRM. 1997 Polymers UAGRM. 1997 STOP - Security (Halliburton-Bolivia. October 1997) Sand Control, Stimulation, Acid and Frac (Halliburton Argentina. April 1998) Nitrogen Applications (HalliburtonBolivia. May 1998) Coiled tubing and Nitrogen Applications (HalliburtonArgentina. June 1998). Cementing Technology (Halliburton Argentina. April, 1999). Member of Health and Safety Group (Halliburton - July, 1999). Safety driving (Santa Cruz - July, 1999). Training to reduce non schedule events in drilling, WCS (Santa Cruz August, 2000). Safety driving (Santa Cruz - January, 2001). SAP program (System, Applications, and Productions in data processing) Peru, august, 2001. Sand control &amp; frac design, USA April 2002. 2ns Halliburton Annual Meeting Health &amp; Safety Houston USA Feb-2004. Internal Audit for OHSAS-18001 (TUV/UPSA, Junio-2004, Bolivia). Stimulation. Brazil August-2005. Stim-2001, Stimulation Software. Brazil August-2005. Quicklook, Reservoir Analysis Software, Mxico September, 2006. FRACPRO Frac Design_ Neuqun Argentina_July-2007. </li><li> 3. CONFIDENTIAL Resumes 3 Sales Certification Program (Business High Level Program). Latin America. July October 2008. SPE Peru June 2013 as co-author and presenter Water Management SPE Mexico, November 2014 1st HRWP, Sand Control in Deep Water Mexico LAPEC Mexico, February 2015 SAS Stand Alone System for Cantarell Field Personal &amp; Professional References: Jose Suarez Senior Technical Advisor Latin America Bolivia Cell Phone +59167894570 Jose Suarez - TSS Luis Arandia Service Coordinator Halliburton Trinidad &amp; Tobago Coconut Drive Cross Crossing Post Office Box 57, Coconut Dr. Luis Arandia Cell Phone +18683257249 Ricardo Fernandez Halliburton Mexico Sr. Technical Advisor Wireline and Perforating Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche Office: 52 938 3811800 Ext 1724 Cell: +52 1 938 1048896 Ricardo Fernandez </li></ol>