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CV Content:Personal InfoSkills Level OverviewPersonal StatementRelevant Work Experience

LCE architectsAlrashid for Design ConsultantsMediterranean for Consulting Design works

Relevant Volunteer WorkVolunteer for Cloud Seller LtdVolunteer in MUF Architecture/ArtAltawfic school trip to historical cities

Education & QualificationsMSc BIM in Design Construction & OperationsBSc (Hons) Architectural Technology & DesignFoundation Course in Art & DesignFirst year completed in Civil Engineering studies

Other Work ExperienceInterests & Hobbies

Work Content:Samples of 3D Visualisation with different stylesMSc BIM Works

Muller Road ProjectMallard House Project

BSc Architectural Technology & Design WorksLaser Eye TreatmentMental Health Clinic Valentine BridgeHydrogen HouseBuilding Skins + Refurb

Volunteer worksCloud Seller Ltdmuf architecture/artMediterranean for Consulting Design Works

Samples of Construction DetailsSketches Architecture & Landscape of HistoricalSketches - Own Time

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Name Khaled Shakshuki

+44 77 66 76 46 96

[email protected]



Membership of Professional Bodies


Fluent English & Arabic

The Chartered Institute of Architectural TechnologistsThe Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors

Available Upon Request

Skills Level Overview

AutoCAD RevitNavisworks3DS MaxSketchUpV-rayArchiCAD

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe MuseMicrosoft OfficeUnreal EngineSketching/Hand drawing

N u m b e r o f C e r t i f i C a t e s f r o m L y N d a . C o m

C u r r e N t & f u t u r e t a r g e t L e v e L o u t o f 5

Both my current MSc in BIM, and BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology & Design, together with my work experience in live projects, I have developed managerial, technical and interpersonal skills to deliver better value through integrated design. I have also gained a strong understanding of the importance of place and context within a project, allowing me to see a project in its entirety and generate many ideas from a single brief. I am always looking for ways to improve the user experience, whether that is through traditional architectural methods or along with the use of BIM.

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reLevaNt WorK eXPer ieNCe

Feb 2015 – May 2015 LCE Architects, Brighton – BIM Level 2 AssistantThis placement was to produce a report to meet the following four key components: BIM Strategy; BIM Capability; Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR); BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

• Produced a reflective report to determine the organisation’s readiness, capability and maturity, along with its targeted level based on its ability to do so over a realistic period to adopt BIM.

• Discussed the importance and benefits to be BIM level 2 ready for 2016.• Evaluated processes of BIM, and the effective management, communication, and coordination

of BIM information.• Reviewed BIM level 2 standards, guides and protocols in order to give an up-to-date

recommendation.• Produced a BIM organisational strategic planning to ensure that BIM is aligned with the

business strategy.• Suggested a road map for each BIM uses, and to develop the company’s working process.• Put together EIR for the company’s current BIM project, and to be used later as a guide to

benefit when dealing with future BIM clients.• Created BEP to implement BIM in accordance with EIR, and also appropriate for the company’s

readiness and maturity in using BIM.• Identified the various BIM processes and tools to make informed decisions.• Analysed scenario situations and demonstrated an ability on the report to reflect on outcomes.• Successfully worked in team in a project on modelling a mix-used project using Autodesk Revit.• Explained the final report to the company and received positive feedback.

Mar 2014 – Sep 2014 Alrashid for Design Consultants, Tripoli – 3D Architectural Visualiser/Illustrator• Managed complex scenes and data-sets using SketchUp and AutoCAD to turn architectural

drawings into realistic renderings for print and multimedia presentations.• Worked accurately as well as quickly to ensure that the imagery produced met the demanding

expectations.• Created visuals mainly in housings and retails to be presented to clients.• Involved working with tools such as V-ray and Photoshop to make realistic exterior and

interior views.• Managed to maintain work from home using E-mail dialogue with the design team and

delivering visuals on time in high quality selling standard.• Even though it was a voluntary position, I contributed greatly in fulfilling relevant tasks at

Alrashid’s office.

Summer 2012 & 2013 Mediterranean for Consulting Design works, Tripoli - Architectural Assistant• Worked closely with the team and share ideas on design

developments to deliver excellent outputs on tight deadlines.• Communicated with other disciplines to ensure co-ordination

with existing service.• Engaged on creating 2D & 3D models on proposed villas from

architectural plans and rough sketches using AutoCad, SketchUp & V-ray.

• Presented views using different styles such as realistic and matte painting in Photoshop for post-production, which include applying textures and provide appropriate lighting techniques to models.

• Successfully participated in generating 3D animation for a villa as well having built physical models to present to clients.

• Shadowed professional architects in the office, and was invited to attend meetings with clients about architectural matters and implement their plans and goals in project.

Nov 2014 Volunteer for Cloud Seller Ltd, Bristol – Designer• Took a part with an Engineering student to come up with a structure

and layout for the warehouse to store a maximum tyre.

April 2014 Volunteer in MUF Architecture/Art, Bristol - Team Assistant• Participated on being part of the team to build a temporary stage

for an event using recycled resources, then to use that experience to design and build a pavilion for the local community in the future.

Summer 2010 Altawfic school trip to historical cities, Libya - Tutor Assistant• Instructed daily architecture and landscape sketching session for

a group of 15 students in a school trip, to a number of historical cities in Libya.

reLevaNt voLuNteer WorK

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eduCat ioN & QuaL if iCat ioNs

Sep 2014 – Sep 2015 University of the West of England, Bristol – MSc BIM in Design Construction & OperationsDegree Modules: BIM in Design Coordination, BIM in Construction Operation, BIM in Business & Practice, Construction Contract Law, BIM in Operation & Maintenance, Construction Project Management Practice, Law/Zero Impact Buildings, Dissertation.

• Analysed the wider range of BIM processes and tools, and selected appropriate solutions, recognising the importance of communication, coordination of design information.

• Applied BIM tools such as Revit and Navisworks for generation, reviewing, analysis, simulating construction schedules & logistics, clash detection and coordination of design information, to provide efficiency and buildability.

• Recognised the benefits of BIM to support distribute work processes, with multiple team members working on the same project.

• Assisted in applying a work-share methods and techniques of design information.• Understood standards, guides, and protocols in order to achieve the required level by 2016.• Worked on real-life case study to provide the experience of using BIM in operation and maintenance, and

the challenges of BIM-Facilities Management (FM) integration.• Assessed the role of BIM in designing and operating comfortable buildings that significantly reduce or

eliminate energy use. • Analysed a project case study in relation to environment, client objectives, feasibility, strategy,

implementation, and commissioning.• Examined the allocation of risk in the context of the conditions of a standard JCT contract, and assessed the

roles of legal documents, including letters of intent and collateral warranties.

Sep 2010 – June 2014 University of the West of England, Bristol - BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology & DesignMain Degree Modules: Integrated Building Design, Technology Design & Environment, Digital Visualisation, Building Defects & Property Surveys, Professional Practice & Risk Management, Services & Structure Design.

• Final year Dissertation on the history behind the Iron ship “SS Great Britain” on its design performance and structure details. This has developed my attention to architecture detail in obtaining optimum solutions.

• Adaptable and flexible, developed a range of expertise working on diverse live projects to solve difficult issues and generate ideas across the course.

• Worked with engineers, surveyors, planners, construction managers and designers on projects as part of an Inter-professional Development program, allowing me to gain effective team working skills such as communication and verbal presentation.

• Effective at developing and communication designs using 3D physical models, created with a variety of scales and materials.

• Obtained a detailed knowledge of building standards.• Gained research and data collection techniques, and presenting information correctly in research projects.

Sep 2009 - June 2010 Bellerbys College, Brighton - Foundation Course in Art & Design• Practiced different types of hand drawings that

made me confident in sketching. • Learned the fundamental of photography to

produce photomontage.• Effectively managed my time to achieve quality

proposals on every project.

Sep 2007- June 2008 Tripoli University, Tripoli - First year completed in Civil Engineering studies• Shared the skills and the knowledge needed for

a building project to be completed.• Introduced me to a brief understanding of the

discipline on sound mathematical and scientific grounds to predict the potential performance of structures.

otHer WorK eXPer ieNCe

Nov 2012 – Aug 2013 crowdspring.com - Graphic Designer

Jan 2008 - Nov 2008 Mishmasha, Tripoli - Calligrapher Assistant

iNterests & Hobbies


Travelling & Photography

Reading BIM & architectural magazines such as AJ. Architects Journal

Taekwondo - Gold medal in the Impact Open Championships 2010 in Brighton

Boxing club at UWE, competing in the English University Championships.

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W o r k

S a m p l e 2013-2014Samples of 3D Visualisation with different styles

Page 7: CV BIM & Architectural Work Samples

W o r k

S a m p l e

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The initial brief was to design a business park for the greenfield site located at Muller Road, Bristol. This involved designing and modelling four contemporary buildings with sufficient parking that would fit into the overall scheme and area seamlessly, as well as designing the working site layout to ensure successful coordination and construction, whilst minimising traffic problems and health and safety issues. Drainage of the site also had to be factored in to the final design.

MSc BIM - Construction OperationsMuller Road ProjectW o r k

S a m p l e

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The existing building located in Frenchay Campus,it is poorly designed for both user navigation and air-circulation. It is too small for the activities it houses and has poor environmental performance. As group project, the task was to improve the building using BIM level 2.

MSc BIM - Design OperationsMallard House ProjectW o r k

S a m p l e

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The project was to design a specialist health clinic on the given site using one method of construction. The project has constraint site and need to be demonstrated clearly on how to respond to this situation in which the strategic design of the site layout, public access and routes, elevations and choice of materials will demonstrate the importance through site and context and how the design type operates and how it would be used.

BSc (Hons) ATD - 3rd YearHealth Clinic : Laser Eye Treatment W o r k

S a m p l e

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Page 14: CV BIM & Architectural Work Samples

Health Clinic : Mental Health

The project was to choose a branch of health care that can be suitable place for the site. The project was designed to help appreciate the uniqueness in approach and in construction techniques for design building in different location.

W o r k

S a m p l e

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Valentine Bridge in Bristol is relatively new foot bridge, which snakes its course over the Floating Harbour just north of Temple Meads Station, looking like the underbelly of a huge insect. The project tested skills of measuring the details of the bridge using sketches and note taking to understand materials more in depth on how its fixed together and how the overall structure works and been instructed to understand the forces acting upon the structure.

BSc (Hons) ATD - 3rd YearValentine BridgeW o r k

S a m p l e

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Page 18: CV BIM & Architectural Work Samples

This was a LIVE project which is to design an off-grid family home and associated external space, within the given site boundary. The building was to be designed for two adults and two children. The house does not rely on any service provider and utilises natural constraints by nurturing what the climate offer. The materiality of this house was to be equally important as the technology used with an environmental bias in its specification. The site is located at UWE Playing Field, however the site has a number of trees and there is more than one entrance onto the site. Hydrogen House has been developed in response to new technology and as sea levels rise and seasonal rains increase this mean that must look to other technologies for answers.

BSc (Hons) ATD - 2nd YearHydrogen HouseW o r k

S a m p l e

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Page 20: CV BIM & Architectural Work Samples

The project has its emphasis on refurbishment, technology and sustainability. The main idea of this project was to show the way of getting sustainable approach to building. Whilst it is best practice for a new build scheme to accommodate and integrate technology, this project aims to sensitively refurbish. The brief was to refurbish the south facing elevation of the university F Block. The existing elevation is old and reigns from a time where old materials and technology been used. But today the building has some issues; it suffers from overheating in the summer, excessive heat loss in the winter and noise transfer between floors. The aim of the project was to give the south facing elevation a new face whilst attempting to solve these issues.

BSc (Hons) ATD - 2nd YearBuilding Skins + RefurbW o r k

S a m p l e

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Nov 2014Volunteer - Cloud Seller Ltd

Assisted the company to produce a design option to store the maximum number of tyres inside the Warehouse and create an access to fire exist. As well worked with an engineering student to come up with a structure steel frame to aim in accommodate 3000 to 5000 tyres. With future increment plan of 1000 tyres per floor of design.

W o r k

S a m p l e

Page 23: CV BIM & Architectural Work Samples

W o r k

S a m p l eApril 2014Volunteer - muf architecture/art

muf architecture/art

The project was to build a temporary stage for an event on Gainsborough Square and then to use that experience to design and build a pavilion later. The aim of the project is to include the voices and skills of young people in order to balance the consultation to date which has focused on the older generation, and involve both people with design knowledge and young people from the area with no design knowledge & construction skills. The main question is how can the new park make space for young people to use.The stage was built with 14m long, 4m square at the end and 2m wide in the pier using recycle materials such as straw bales, palettes and white tarpaulins. As team we managed on levelling the structure to solve slope issue to be long standing and secured.

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Involve to assist in several projects to design villas in Tripoli for clients which have different thinking when considering the culture different. In addition to the hot weather that the city going through the year. Privacy has also big impact in the Muslim culture which made it different when it comes to arrange the space and solve various issues.

Summer 2012 & 2013Work Experience - Mediterranean for Consulting Design WorksW o r k

S a m p l e

Page 25: CV BIM & Architectural Work Samples

University 2010- 2013Samples of Construction Details

W o r k

S a m p l e

Metal rain screen principle is very effective and often economic. Typically, windows are sealed against the backing wall before the rain screen panels are set in place. An advantage of this is that the external wall can be made waterproof before the rain screen panels are fixed.

Terracotta is extruded nature of the material used for cladding allows it to be supported on clips from both behind and inside the material. Depending on panel size and thickness. The panel is then fixed back to support rails which are set either vertically or horizontally.

Timber cladding panels follow the principle of other forms of cladding, requiring pre-fabrication of panels and allow for structural movement in the supporting frame associated with larger scale structure.

Cavity wall uses two skins of brickwork separated by a ventilated air gap. The inner skin is increasingly formed in concrete block. Thermal insulation is usually set on the external face of the inner skin in order to keep the building structure insulated.

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In 2010, Altawfic school made a trip to historical cities in Libya, and as tutor assistance, I have managed a group of 15 students for three weeks to instruct daily, architecture and landscape sketching session to students, this enabled me to draw faster and to become a reflective practitioner both for others and myself, and gained confidence giving instructions, which made me well organised as I assisted on planning the school trips.

Summer 2010Sketches Architecture & Landscape of HistoricalW o r k

S a m p l e

Page 27: CV BIM & Architectural Work Samples

2013-2014Sketches - Drawings Own Time

W o r k

S a m p l e