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Customer service in 140 characters

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Customer service in 140 characters . Fish where the fish are The Carphone Warehouse ecosystem Twitter & blogs Future challenges and next steps. Agenda. ‘Fish where the fish are’. …understands the behaviors and locations of their own customers online… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Customer service in 140 characters

  • Customer service in 140 characters

  • AgendaFish where the fish areThe Carphone Warehouse ecosystemTwitter & blogsFuture challenges and next steps

  • Fish where the fish areunderstands the behaviors and locations of their own customers onlineas a result, they are more successful in connecting with customersJeremiah OwyangCustomers have created their own spaces, networks and ecosystems built on the sharing of information, help and trust

  • The Carphone Warehouse ecosystem

  • TweetdeckIf required the issue is then escalated through to resolution to Fanatical Support. Tweetdeck with searches set up for Carphone Warehouse, Carphone, Carphonewarehouse ; @stuartcarphone, @becksatcarphone1234

  • How we use TwitterProvide customer service alertsIdentify and resolve complaintsEarly warning systemAnswer queries about products and serviceProvide information: help tips, stock availability, store locationCarry out quick surveysMonitor / manage brand reputationLead generation / soft sellLet people know what were doing

  • Why we use TwitterBecause its there, its the futureOur customers are thereInformation is moving outwardsTalking in the language of our customersCost savings for low level queriesSpeeds up the identification of issues/complaintsListening empathetically and saying Im sorry worksSearch: The Carphone Warehouse help blog > KANA IQ

  • Why blog?Twitter and blogs naturally work together Extension of Twitter space

    Search Engine Optimisation Develop a personality

  • Extension of Twitter spaceTweets are only 140 characters but not every question can be answered in two sentences

    We write blogs about questions our customers are asking on Twitter, and then point them to the blog. For example Remote locking a Nokia N97

    It works the other way too. We write something we want people to know, and then Tweet it out

    There are lots of Twitter accounts who retweet our content to interested followers especially iPhone and BlackBerry

    Great for building our reputation as experts

  • Search Engine OptimisationWordpress is brilliant for getting to the top of search engines quickly

    Whether customers are asking Google or Twitter, our blog lets us answer the question for them

    For instance a Tech21 iPhone case featured on Dragons Den recently

  • Dragons Den blogOur blog is top of Google for dragons den phone case.Since Dragons Den: On Tour showed on 13 September:

    dragons den phone case - 31 visitorsdragons den phone cover - 24 visitors212 visitors all together75 people have clicked on the link to the sales page

  • Develop an online personalityTalk about how were using social media

    Post things that wouldnt work on the main Carphone Warehouse site

    Post fun things that are interesting but not necessarily useful!

    Be chatty and fun

  • Future challenges and next stepsInformation trust / integrity of mobile knowledgeKnowledge: harnessing, reusingKnowledge: local, at sourceScalability of serviceProving ROIIntegration of social media with traditional channelsBrand me vs The Carphone Warehouse brandThe power of hashtagsSilos vs collaborationSocial media exposes a companys heartbeat; everything is laid bare

  • A final wordin desperation - I turned to Twitter to try to penetrate what felt like the huge,uncaring behemoth of Carphone Warehouse. And I found Guy Stephens, the companysKnowledge and Online Help Manager, who appeared to be tackling customer rage inapassionately empathetic wayon Twitter. I tweeted him at 8pm; by 8.07pm, I had areply, rendering meunconditionallyblown away. Three months of periodic call centretorture hadgot me nowhere, butviasocial mediaI felt listened to withinminutesandmyproblem solved withina few days. True, I wasa departing customer, but not beforebeing turned from ahater to afanof what Carphone Warehouse isdoing to improve its customer experience via social media. From:

  • Guy StephensCustomer Knowledge Manager, The Carphone WarehouseTweet me: @guyatcarphoneEmail me: [email protected] me: 07515 034 622